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July 14, 1999. Hello David, I really enjoyed the Matrix as you may have guessed. Upon really listening to the dialogue intently it becomes obvious the movie is christian and very cleverly done, nearly everything the characters speak of had a literal meaning and a deeper spiritual meaning I thought.
     I would like to see that overlay of Neo on Morpheus again (you know just after he breaks free of the chains, just to convince myself it wasn't imagined) but I'll have to wait for video because I don't have a lot of money being a student (and also not working).
     Yeah, I first heard about links to Christianity in the movie from my youth minister at church before that I hadn't really noticed anything, as soon as he spoke of a few things (he told me about John the Baptist, the resurrection etc) I could see very clearly the real genius in the film - I had to see it again (a fourth time!). After that I came up with a few things which I jotted down (2 sides worth) but was surprised to find very little on the internet, few sites and most had just the obvious things.
     I would really like to know more about the Wachoski brothers or however you spell it. Christians?
Btw, I like your site idea, (amazing how specialized the world is becoming), has pretty good traffic to it seems.
Bit about me, I'm a student, only became a Christian early this year, so i'm interested in finding out things about the faith and also about other things in life, I reckon there's so much out there in the world and with the internet, knowledge has potential to boom along with technology - it's
     I've read a bit about the bible codes and a bit about how they ain't true. What do you think? Also I like asking people how they have experienced god in their lives, how about you?
Anyway, the normality of life beckons -Cya :)
Toosh, Christchurch, New Zealand.
My response: Congratulations on your new found faith! Also, I would love to see all the connections you made in the Matrix. Could you e-mail it? Bible codes? Interesting, but no truth to them, as far as I know. Read more about my faith in About Us. Thanks for asking. Warmly, David.

July 22, 1999. I have seen the Matrix 8 times. And I WILL own this movie when it becomes available for sale on video. Two teenagers in our youth ministry have been led to the Lord by this film, and it has given me an incredibly visual and logical way to explain the "matrix" of sin in our present world, and the "real world" of Jesus' love, grace, and mercy to many seeking and hungry students.
     While I realize that the taking of the Lord's name a few times, combined with some violence would cause many Christians to shy away from a film like this, I am amazed at how genius my God is that He used something right out of Hollywood to communicate His truth! Just like recent contemporary Christian artists that have "crossed over" musically in order to minister to the lost in their own backyard, sometimes it takes a few flaws in something great to make it available to the unsaved crowd. Christians do an awesome job at taking care of their own, but sometimes, unfortunately, we aren't so sharp on evangelism.
     It has been my experience that the number one reason for most unbelievers being unwilling to sell out to Jesus is due to the fact that they are "unaware" that there is more to life than what we as humans can make of it. They are afraid to sell out because they are afraid of trusting that their "world" is not necessarily the end of the rainbow, so to speak - that Jesus just might be an option after all.
     I'm happy that the makers of the Matrix, whether on purpose or by accident, have stumbled upon a truth that has been around for over 2000 years: a NEW LIFE in Christ Jesus is possible for everyone who wants "to believe".
     So...jump off that building that you call "reality", and believe! The best is yet to come!!
My response: Good news there are two more Matrix movies in the works!

July 10, 1999. The Matrix is overflowing with Christian analogies like no movie I've seen. I'll start with some of the less obvious similarities. When Neo is taken to see the oracle, the women who shows him in says "Here are all the other potentials" (and you see the boy with the spoon.) The other potentials represent the other religions of the world, which is why the boy who represents Buddhism maybe? is dressed as he is and believes it is not the spoon that bends but the observer. The whole idea of Morpheus saying "I can show you the door, I can't make you step through it" is similar to Jesus who stands at the door of our lives and knocks, he never forces his way in. I counted 4 times in the movie where juxtaposition occurs e.g Cypher taking of Jesus Christ right after or before talking of Neo signifying that Neo (One _ anagram "The One") is Jesus "So, your here to save the world" _ direct reference. The "Jump program" is almost certainly portraying that leap of faith Christians undertake. Really cool thing I noticed... Just after Morpheus breaks free from his chains (while in the building in captivity _ Neo in helicopter) there is an instant when the image of Christ (Neo) like a reflection or something is imposed over the shot. (Look for it again its there!). Really cool line is when Neo and Trinity are fighting agents on the building, you know where Trinity pulls of the classic line "Dodge this" well just before that the agent said to Neo "Only human" but was the shot by trinity _ idea that Jesus wasn't human else he would have been shot. Some of the more obvious references: Morpheus being God/John the Baptist I am unsure of which as near the end Tank proclaims "He was like a father to us" and you get this idea that he was the father, Neo the son and Trinity the spirit. (Those 3 are the only ones to survive till the end of the movie) and at least 2x once on the roof top are portrayed in a Triangular position sort of like the trinity. Although true Morpheus did believe in the coming of a messiah like John the Baptist. You've got, the crew members being the disciples with Judas _ Cypher _ well know, Resurrection when love prevails _ important although there is a lot of violence the film must speak to a non_believing youth generation to get a message across but Ultimately love prevails. The ascension of Jesus to heaven at the very end _ last shot of Neo Flying us into the screen. The whole idea of everyone being blinded from the truth of Christianity by the "System" is exactly how it is in the world I feel. So true look around you in everyday life. Trapped. Other things _ Woman in red representing temptation and if Neo was tempted then he would have been killed by the agent just as if we stray "The wages of sin is death". The idea of the Cypher complaining about the same old muck that he has to eat everyday is like the manna the Israelites had to eat in the Sinai desert in the to. The idea of trusting god also supports God = Morpheus, i.e when Neo was in his office and the agents were after him he followed the instructions of the voice on the cell phone. He heard although he did not see. Just as God speaks to us although we cannot see him. I personally think the oracle represented the OT prophets, as everything she said came true even the "One of you is going to die" because Neo did die but was resurrected. One last thing I'll leave you with (because I think I’ve written enough for a lifetime) is Morpheus _ "Time is always against us" _ I'll leave the reader to guess what event that may be referring to.–Toosharn

July 5, 1999. This is my favorite movie of all time. Definetly buy or rent it if it isnt in theatres. -Phil

June 22, 1999. Definitely one of the best films I've ever seen. I really liked the Messianic touched and story line. I also liked to inferences to other films, e.g.. Wizard of oz. I feel sorry for those out there who feel that films like this are anything but relevant in some way to the gospel - when will people realize that "the earth is the Lords" (the Bible) and he can make Himself known through anything.

June 16, 1999. To those mentioning the Buddhist/Eastern mysticism ideas portrayed in this film: I agree that this film contains some ideas of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Post Modernism. However, I agree with Chuck Colson in his commentary of the film (see link to RealAudio file below). To paraphrase Colson, "The Matrix" contains some elements that draw off of Buddhist ideas, but on a deeper level it uses Biblical themes. Yes, there are other religious influences beside the Bible in this film. However, they are not the over-arching idea. What ties the plot elements, symbolism, and character names together are the ideas from Christianity. Christians also need to understand the difference between Biblical allusions/themes and a retelling the story of Christ. The novel "A Thousand Acres" is a retelling of Shakespeare's "King Leare" in a different setting. "The Matrix" is not a retelling of the New Testament in a science fiction motif. Thus, there is a limit to which the analogy of the Christ-figure extends. It does employ Christian themes and alludes to certain Biblical passages. There is a significant difference. I don't think all Christians should see this movie. However, if they can get past the surface of the violence and special effects to see the Biblical themes, "The Matrix" is a movie that will cause them to think about their faith and their need for a savior. To download a RealAudio sound file of Chuck Colson's commentary on "The Matrix," go to the site below. http://www.icrn.com/playit.asp?sc=pf&sid=5&d=19990409 Please feel free to e-mail me at johmatk@bethel.edu .

June 12, 1999. I was not expecting to like this movie much (not a Keanu fan). But with the first conversation between Morpheus and Neo I literally SAT UP in my seat! One thing that I haven't noticed anyone mention is the fact that with the knowledge of the Truth (what the Matrix is), there is a choice to be made. Anyone who chooses to join the "good guys" must die to the old self and be "born again". I guess you could also say that for Neo, the Christ figure, this process was like the baptism before starting his "ministry".-Paula

June 10, l999. I would agree that the Matrix has some commonality with Biblical themes but there was definitely an Eastern spiritualism flowing throughout the storyline - capped of by kung-fu (fighting and philosophy). To fit this story into a Biblical mold is wrong. It is a new age "mish mash" of ideologies borrowed from Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism etc. Add to this the obviously questionable soundtrack (featuring bands such as Marilyn Manson!). As a movie it was good, as a Biblical ananology is very poor. --Bradley (1356@bigfoot.com)

June 4, 1999. My only real complaints are that the creator of the world is viewed as evil, and that the comes to do away with the law, not to fulfill it. Otherwise, it was a brilliant retelling of the gospel. To call it predictable standard Hollywood fare is to make the best the enemy of the good. The greatest moral failings of the film are the blasphemies, and the way it brings the blood up. I can easily see how the glorification of violence could damage susceptible individuals. Oh, and the usual glorification of rebellion occurs, but that's so commonplace in SciFi that one almost overlooks it. I'm surprised no one mentioned the obvious Judas/Cypher parallels.

June 3, 1999. Ditto to all the great comments re: the allusions, parallels, dichotomies, similes, and metaphores found in the film vis-a-vis christianity as a world view. I also noticed and appreciated the love with which you responded to your surly, angry detractor, who ironically missed the whole point you were trying to make. I expected no less of you, as you are actively demonstrating the effective fruits of the Spirit throughout your website. I couldn't help but notice, though, that even as recognition was given to Lewis Carrol's obvious influences by various contributors (e.g., the mirror, did anyone mention the the white rabbit? the phantasmogoric tunnel/rabbit hole leading ironically TO the real world FROM the wonderland of the Matrix), nothing has been said so far regarding the free will of the principals\ involved in fulfilling the prophecy. Everything the oracle told Trinity and Morpheus and Neo did come true--but the oracle did not tell them everything--just what each person needed to hear in order to make the proper "good" choice (as Morpheus told Neo when Neo expressed confusion at being the "one" after he had accepted the idea that he wasn't the one). Just as Alice had the freedom to follow the white rabbit, so too did Neo have the free will to decide to follow the white rabbit tattoo to meet with Trinity (the Holy Spirit) and discern the Father's will for Neo's next moves. Neo knew he was special--he just wasn't sure how that would play out. Even Jesus had to "learn obedience through suffering." Well, I won't beat it to death, as the parallels obviously break down when taken too far. After all, there is only "one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus." Thanks, David, for providing such a forum as HJ so that we may benefit from one another's various perspectives and insights. What is important is not that we even agree, but that we stimulate each others' thoughts, that we may "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."-- Paul in Pensacola

May 29, 1999. I would agree that the film had spiritual overtones, however, I believe they were an example of the reversals common in the satanic community. "Neo" and "Trinity" "Neo-Trinity"? New Trinity? Given the choices made in the musical groups (White Zombie and Marilyn Manson), I could think of more "Christian" movies. It was interesting, though. –Jeff

May 27, 1999. I enjoyed the movie a lot, but was disappointed by the standard shootout scene with the human guards. The reason being that humans are ignorant of reality when in the Matrix. Unfortunately, a person really dies in his little pod when killed in the Matrix since it is so real to the mind. Consequently, those who are saving humanity from the Matrix are essentially killing "innocent" people in the shootout. Here's the kicker. The Matrix represents sin, so people do evil; but they are blind to that evil. A Christian response therefore requires love. The movie got close to hammering that point home, but it didn't quite get it. Since a writer can make the outcome as he pleases, the heroes could have kicked all the cyber butt they wanted while preserving the human life they endeavored to liberate (i.e. tear gas, etc). Neo could have even "taught" this point to his friends. I thought the movie was both interesting and exciting enough without Neo and Trinity killing thirty or so people at one time. In a nutshell, they came close to expressing the Culture of Life but fell into the Culture of Death to boost excitement.
--Darin Colarusso

April 19,1999 You would not believe the number of moviegoers out there who did not catch even a whiff of all the biblical themes in this film. Our culture is sadly Bible-illiterate and it really shows when they can't even recognize a resurrection. On the other hand, this movie showed me that the gospel message can be translated into the postmodern context. It's a great example of thinking outside the box, even if they borrowed their material.

May 18, 1999. Christians should be stunned (and saddened) to find other self-professing Christians claiming this movie is anything more than a viscerally driven lie to drag our post-modern society a little closer to a greater amalgamation of wicked lies cleverly produced to confuse people like Mr. Bruce. Mr. Bruce you have shown yourself unable to decipher the danger in a medium that continues to lambaste the objective, revealed truth you claim to propose. This movie contain gnosticism, new-age propaganda, eastern philosophy, and Jungian archetypes that fly in the face of my world-view. And for you to fight the good fight on behalf of the Christian view-point for this movie is not laudable, but laughable. Now off you go to recommend thousands of people to see The Phantom Menace.
My response: Did you know God loves you and God even loves sinful problematic people like me? Hard to believe isn't it? Yet, true! My purpose in Hollywood Jesus is to engage the culture in a positive way, not to alienate it. I have spent too many years throwing rocks at things I don't like. BTW why didn't you include your name and e-mail? I really would like to know you better. You are a person of value and God loved. No need to be afraid.

May 13, 1999. Here's a thought, How do you know the "reality" you live in is really, real? How do you know what has happened in the movie is not what's happening now? If what we percieve is what we accept as real and what we percieve is just a bunch of electrical signals, doesn't it follow that by sending the same stimuli to our brain the world we percieve is just as real? Just a thought.

May 12, 1999. Having watched the Matrix twice I must agree the Christian in me ranged bells to the theme of the whole movie. The things that striked me most is the way it portrayed the world from the Christian stand point. As the people in Matrix are not made known to their 'real' state of existence, so are our fellow human beings in this physical world. Some of our breathern knew about the existence of such a sinful world (vs the Matrix's world in the movie) but yet choose to be ignorant and in the process of it betray fellow Christians like one of the character in the movie. Another thing to note is that, the way NEO is dragged out of the virtual world somehow kinda reminds me of the coming Rapture to heaven. I wish Jesus give me the red pill NOW~~ –Wilson

May 10, 1999. I think all the parallels character-wise really blew past me -- even though they are cool another revelation was blowing my mind. I was wrapped up in the idea that the Matrix is the evil world we all live in without faith in God and His Word. There are so many references throughout the film that those who master or understand the power of words will triumph. The agent tells Neo he had no mouth. And Neo's mouth disappears. The oracle said that since Neo heeded her warning about the vase it fell. As he leaves the room she tells him what he'll remember, what he'll feel, what he'll do...she ordered his reality within the Matrix. Neo's stand off in the subway with the agent had them entangled with a gun to each others' heads. The agent says, "You are out of bullets." If Neo had believed the agents words he'd have been shot. But Neo replies, "So are you." Now they must then resort to hand to hand combat. As the train is coming and Neo is in the arms of the agent the agent says something to the effect of, "this is the end Mr. ANderson." If Neo had believed his words the train would have killed him. But he tells the agent, "My name is Neo." The truth of his own words prevails and Neo escapes. The bullets stop in midair when Neo finally says, "No." Those could easily represent the "fiery darts" of our enemy. As we understand who we are in Christ and believe the reality of the Word (our Bible), we can overcome the world the devil tries to pull over our eyes (the Matrix). The devil whispers, "You are sick." If we choose to believe his reality, indeed we show symptoms of sickness. But if we respond with God's Word, as Jesus did when tempted by Satan..."No evil shall befall me nor shall any plague come near my dwelling. God will give His angels charge over me...by His stripes I am healed..." Faith in the Word (God's reality) instead of unbelieving "anti-christ" words, breaks the power of "the Matrix" over us. If any of you can afford the time and money to see the movie again and to watch it from the perspective of spiritual warfare -- of prayer and believing -- it's a far better trip. –bruce

May 1, 1999. One of the most interesting biblical analogies in "The Matrix" was the suggestion that when we truly have faith we can overcome the deception of evil. Jesus said that with the faith of a mustard seed we can move mountains. This is clearly portrayed in the movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed the way the characters in the movie began to understand the power they had when they tapped into genuine faith. It's a good lesson for followers of Christ, who are constantly struggling with their perception of the physical world and the reality of the unseen spiritual world.

April 29, 1999. Missing the point. True, you can extract many Biblical parallels from "The Matrix". However, I would argue that most of the movie is communicating Eastern philosophy rather than Christian values. Remember that the best of lies are filled with truth. Look at the film again from a New Age angle. I think if you really know what to look for, The Matrix is almost "preachy". --Tim
My response: New Age? Well, maybe. Matrix is a lie? Hmm, I think not. I don't believe the Wachowski brothers have any sinister agenda. There are lots of elements in Matrix. Time magazine takes this view, "In the Matrix, the Wachowskis make a hit film out of the Bible, cyberpunk and higher math."
     Larry Wachowskis, the writer/director says, "We're interested in mythology, theology and, to a certain extent, higher level mathematics. All are ways human beings try to answer bigger questions, as well as The Big Question. If you're going to do epic stories, you should concern yourself with those issues. People might not understand all the allusions in the movie, but they understand the important ideas. We wanted to make people think, engage their minds a bit." Sounds very noble. Larry doesn't sound like a satanic liar to me.

April 23, 1999. From Read: WWW.CLEAVE.COM has a full-blown analysis of the film's reigious, cultural, and technological aspects.

April 21, 1999. I truly enjoyed the matrix and its underlying Biblical references. 1) The prophecy of a chosen one that will dawn the end of the (computer) world (Just as Jesus' 2nd coming in revelation, 2) The ships name was Nebachanezzer (A biblical king that is named in the book of Daniel as well as other places) 3) Neo (The hero) was killed around the end of the movie and rose again, just as the story of Christ's cruxifiction. 4) There were many times that they hinted at the bible, such as the amount that they kept saying Jesus Christ in the movie. (One character at the beginning stated: You're my savior...my own personal Jesus Christ...) I did not care for some of the violence in the movie however, and the amount of swearing. Several of the songs Ironically were Marylin Manson Songs, which are, to me, religious Blasphemy. I would say though, that for a good underlying hidden story from the Bible, that this is a good movie. If you don't care much for violence or swearing though, then perhaps this movie isn't for your tastes. Big James

April 19, 1999. Here's a small detail I noticed that I haven't heard anyone mention: When Agent Smith is interrogating Morpheus, Smith compares humans to dinosaurs. The analogy is far more relevant than it first seems, if you consider that we get most of our energy from fossil fuels -- much like the AI of  "The Matrix" uses humans as "batteries."

April 18, 1999. Haven't seen this movie yet, but I saw a review with a most interesting connection to be made: "...a prophesy says that just as one man started the Matrix, one will be born who will end the Matrix control." Wow! That sounds just like the imagery in Romans 5:12-21 and the following chapters. The Matrix sounds like a story about the control of sin, which started with Adam and ended with Jesus Christ! Romans 5:19 says that "For just as by the one man's disobedience the many were made sinners, so by the one man's obedience the many will be made righteous." Sounds like a film I'll have to get out and see. John Madvig

April 17, 1999.  Just came back from "The Matrix"  with a friend of mine. We got to talking about the spiritual layers of meaning in the film. Quite a number of themes to ruminate about: the Christian imagery, the man/machine/cyborg elements, the ultimate nature of reality. I thought a vaguely Force-ish Buddhist world view underlay much of the explicit action and dialogue (not to deny the presence of the Christian symbolism described on your webpage). Interesting: as I recall, reality was described as what we make it (there is no spoon; 'you' bend); yet underlying that is the inescapable rock bottom reality of the enslaved human race made to live in a false world from which Neo must release them. Even in a world where we construct our own reality, there is a larger "real reality" that is our ultimate goal and destiny. -Rich Robinson, San Francisco, CA rarob@aol.com

April 17, 1999. The movie had great ideas (although most were borrowed from other stories) and special effects, but the dialog was standard Hollywood cheese and the movie's plot was rather predictable. When I watched the movie, the parrallels to the story of Christ in the standard Gopels was so obvious it screamed at me. Extra Note: If you look closely at alot of movies you can find "hidden messages" that are often echoed in religious myths. I believe that is because all stories (either religious or secular) are creations of the subconscious coming to light. We want a saviour to save us from this messed-upworld we live in...

April 10, 1999. This movie was awesome! A great story and breath-taking special effects, but the deeper meaning behind it and the clever twists gives it more weight and enjoy-ability than your average sci-fi/action film.–Sue

April 10, 1999. The Matrix was an amazingly spiritual film, with such golden biblical truths that im sorry to say most Christians wont even recognize. I went to see the film with friends and was blown away by the parable. They (christians) liked the movie, but didn’t pick up on the underlying themes, such as the need for faith in the matrix (Matrix=deception of world) The need for Neo to go into the Matrix but not be of it etc.) and many more. I am a film maker and theorist and I will be writing an extensive essay on the spiritual themes, maybe Pastor Bruce would like to post it for reading. I have seen the film twice, and I am planning on seeing it again soon, one thing is certain you must pay close attention to detail to pick up every nuance. (just like when you read scripture.) --Danial Panzella
My Response: You write, I post! I would very much like to read what you discovered in the Matrix!

April 10, 1999. Just another biblical reference that I noticed: one of the "agents" stated that an earlier matrix was attempted, a perfect world (Eden). But the humans rejected it. His theory was that humans only thrive in the face of adversity. --Mark

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Matrix Visual Review (page 1)
More reviews and Bulletin Board (page 2)
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