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Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000
From: Adam

Hello There! I stubled onto your site this evening and was glad many people have also seen the significance of the matrix and its biblical overtones. I did not have to read anything before I knew what I would hear. I was sure I was going to hear two different sides of a story. There are always 2 sides to every story. What do you want to see? If you go looking foir something, will you find it? Will you find more of what you expected too? When we read the bible do we have our own ideas of what it is we want to hear? The biblical overtones are obvious.

I also like the Cypher character. If you do some research on what a Cypher (or cipher) is you will be pleasantly surprised. I will just say that most of us experience ciphers everyday. (I am not talking about the person now). Yet Cypher displayed every part of a self fulfilling prophecy. There is no end to deception. In fact deception and lies build up on top of each other until it becomes one big circle. Hence cipher. Some may still believe the world is one big cipher. In fact Yin and Yang is probably one of the most well known ciphers! It is hard for me to explain what I feel inside. Do some research on cipher and see what you come up with.
OneLove in Christ, Adam

Subject: Explains conversion to a "T"
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000
From: Larry

The Matrix is one of the best examples of the kind of philosophical change a person goes through in conversion. "Eat the Red Pill" and you dive off the deceptive merry-go-round "Eat the Blue Pill" and you keep on riding. Some wish to "turn back" after putting their hand to the plow, as in the character that wishes to return to the lie. I like it when Neo touches the mirror, it's just like when you become a Christian, except the ultimate realization is not the same (negative robot controlled slavery instead of love salvation and eternal life.) However, it's a scary "jump" just the same. The Matrix depicts a radical philosophical paradigm shift using the best special effects Hollywood has to offer, it's a great teaching tool. When someone repents and believes they go through a shift in outlook and worldview on the same order of magnitude. Look at it this way, if the God who spoke reality into existence revealed some truth to you, wouldn't that be tantamount to "eating the red pill"? Thanks, Larry

Subject: Interpreting Religious Symbolism
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000
From: Jeff Arnold

Firstly: I am not a Socialist nor an Anti-Christian, although I am classified as Egnostic in that I believe in a single God and an Afterlife, though not necessarily the Christian interpretation of either. Secondly: As pathetic an insight to my life as this may be I have seen the Matrix 4 times in theaters and 12 times on home video. I believe that Paul Atreides makes several very good points in that there is deeper meaning to the Christian symbolism in the Matrix. However I would not say that is Socialist at heart.

I believe the Matrix encourages self-realization and finding your own spiritual path. This encompasses all religions, not just Christianity or Socialism. There are numerous pathes to the same end, in this case personal Ascension (Neo believing in himself as being the One). Whether or not the Wachoski brothers -intended- to include these deeper meanings is highly debatable. In truth they may have intended for this to be just as it looks on the surface: a parallel to the Bible. Yet even if they did not intend for there to be any other meaning than that seen on the surface, there certainly -is- more meaning to be found within the Matrix.

No one religion is "better" than another in my eyes; all are paths on the road to enlightenment and peace. The ideals in the Matrix (faith, believing in yourself, self-empowerment) can be applied to virtually any religion. The fact that there are strong ties to Christianity woven in does not have to be taken literally, but rather broadly. The beauty of the Matrix is it's ability to be interpreted in any number of ways (proven by the many varied responses on this board). Also: In reference to the music choice for the sound track: all of the songs pertain to fighting injustice, oppression, and the "system". The system (in the case of Rage Against The Machine--"Wake Up") being the government and organized religion.

Yet it is not religion or the government that we are fighting but our own doubts. The songs on the s-track do not stand for Anarchy, but again for self-enlightenment and spirituality. How does this relate to the rest of the theme of the Matrix? Simple: Find yourself--free yourself.
Jeff Arnold, 15 years old jeffnet2@yahoo.com
P.S. Feel free to e-mail any questions or comments you have for me.

Subject: The Matrix? Wow!
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000
From: Pandu

You know... I'm a Christian, yet I really didn't realize the biblical parallels... until people start talking about it heh heh. Well actually I saw it, but not that many. And I think I see the Believers becoming polarized into two camps: Those who take the film as blasphemy, and those who took it as a blessing. Let's grow up! God's given us a very beautiful tool to testify... why don't we use it?
-- Pandu E Poluan

Subject: The Matrix
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000
From: Thomas

Thoughts on The Matrix featured on this page are excellent, there are obvious parallels between the movie and the life of Jesus. I'm sure the Easter weekend release was not an "accident"; what does that really mean anyway? One thing missing interpretation is the message of the movie. It was a mythical portrayal of Jesus and the metaphysics around him, but what is being conveyed here is "be your own, personal Jesus" (ref to DM notwithstanding). Direct mentions of this at the beginning, and of course at the end when Keanu phones YOU on the telephone. Mythology is inherently participatory - you have to live out the message.
Tom realmyth.net (check out my page!)

Subject: Matrix
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000
From: "Al Milligan" chmouse@netins.net

I am a pastor in the United Methodist Church. I had no idea of what I would be seeing when I first saw The Matrix. It is nothing less than biblical allegory of the Christian faith: There is birth out of the matrix, baptism as Neo is flushed away, communion in the oracle, resurrection of Neo by no less that Trinity (Holy Spirit since the father and son are Morpheus and Neo?), Judas (Cypher), and ascendsion at the very end. I really like this picture because it tells the story in a new way, but it's the same story. No Christian hype or mea copa either. The thing we might miss in SF is that it talks about something absolutely real. The question of being caught in the matrix is something we all have to deal with whether it's the matrix of sexual steotyping or economic slavery. I loved the line where one of the characters says "Jesus!" and Trinity's next line is "What?"
Al, Odebolt, IA chmouse@netins.net
You may include my e-mail address if you post this.

Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000
From: Thomas

Thoughts on The Matrix featured on this page are excellent, there are obvious parallels between the movie and the life of Jesus. I'm sure the Easter weekend release was not an "accident"; what does that really mean anyway? One thing missing interpretation is the message of the movie. It was a mythical portrayal of Jesus and the metaphysics around him, but what is being conveyed here is "be your own, personal Jesus" (ref to DM notwithstanding). Direct mentions of this at the beginning, and of course at the end when Keanu phones YOU on the telephone. Mythology is inherently participatory - you have to live out the message.
Tom realmyth.net (check out my page!)

Subject: The Matrix
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000
From: "Pete"

The Matrix I am glad to find you have spotted the themes running through this movie. Just a thought I had was concerning the ending of the movie when Neo tells the 'bad guys' (who, incidentally, can 'possess' anyone who is in the matrix, kind of like Satan who enters Judas in the bible) that he is going to show everyone in the matrix what their reality is (slavery, that their eyes have been blinded etc. It reminded me of a few biblical phrases that our Lord used - 'the truth shall set you free', 'I am the light of the world' and so on. I think this is a great film that displays how humanity is still longing for a Jesus-like saviour who will help us escape our 'reality' and find the truth, even after 2000 years and even in 'post-modern' sophisticated western society!! Thanks for the site in general, a real example of 'salt and light'
love from Pete Jackson (UK - yes, we have discovered 'hollywoodjesus' over here to)

Response: I always did like a little salt with my light! -David

Subject: "You pay your taxes...go to church..."
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000
From: Darren

First of all, I am thankful i have stumbled onto Hollywood Jesus. As a Christian and a film buff, it is a tough call for me when i defend certian aspects of film theory to my Christian friends and relatives. "the Matrix"-what can I say that already hasn't been said? All the biblical references, greek mythos, sci-fi & action picture homages were there. It seems that Matrix found an audience,while other related pictures around the film's theatrical release did not do that well. (such as the well done "eXistenZ") But there is an intersesting reference of dialogue said that your review-and other comments missed. When descibing everyday life (?) in the Matrix, Morpheus states to Neo that "you pay your taxes...go to church..." that said, there is no indication that "church" exists outside of the matrix, and as for Zion, its descrption is said to be at the heart of the earth's core. I'm not saying its so but the gist I got from this was A) Zion =underworld/hell B) Zion does not exist -thats how Morpheus could not be broken under the interrogation But more than likely, Zion does exist in the Matrix films-it simply has yet to be seen if at all. Also, I read some of the comments listed , and I think I can answer some questions,raise some points, and vise versa.Lets start with David Forsmark's comment about the R rating (interestingly enough, there is a reviewer for my local paper The Flint Journal by the same name....hmmmm) there are three reasons for this. First and foremost: any film that shows someone getting shot in the head is an automatic R,according to the MPAA. The lobby shootout alone could not get an R rating,although this is where the majority of onscreen violence occur. Other "deaths" have to do with ray guns/energy zaps,unplugging someone connected to the Matrix via the reality,and with the exception of Mouse, that's about it. Also contributing to the "R" rating= yes,Dave the F word WAS USED -its in the end credits, after Rage Against The Macine is over, "rock Is Dead" by Marlyn Manson kicks in. The F word is heard during this tune. Which brings us to the soundtrack. Not the well done score by Don Davis (which is also available on CD) but the music selections. Despite admiring the film, as a Christian,I too, dislike the majority of the music such as Manson,RATM, and Rob Zombie. I have "The Jackal" soundtrack; therefore I don't need Lunatic Calm's "leave You Far Behind" which appears on the s-track, but not the film,not to my knowledge. (IPersonal note:I detest this practice. Every snippet of music heard on a film's s-track should be heard in whole or in part in the running time of that film...) I can handle Prodigy and the Deftones if I really have to. Which leaves us with, oh, The Propellerheads "Spybreak Part One". This snippet of music is heard in the background of the lobby shoot out .If anyone likes this tune and DOES NOT want to get the s-track, look for "Deckdrumsandrockandroll" by this two-man tech/dance band. This CD also features "Take California" (the opening song in "Forces Of Nature") and "History Repeating " (some of you may have heard this tune while watching "Something About Mary"...if you eh,like that sort of movie) You can find this in the "dance"section of your local record store.Oh,one more thing.This version on the CD i mentioned is the LONG version. On another note,I too,caught some Buddism bits in this movie here and there,but reincarnaton is not one of them,since by this myth you come back as something organic,specifically a human being,not as a Duracell battery. A word about violence in films. This what I am about to say will be contreversial to most Christians who chance upon your site. Those of us who go to films/see videos do not really mind action pictures,esp.well done action pictures.Action/suspense pictures always have some kind of violence or description of violent acts.It is not Violence in films most people have a problem with.It is the EXCESSIVE violence with no remorse or without consequence. One final thought: demon possession parrells are not brung up in your comments or readers comments. An agent (such as Agent Smith) can possess spirit-like into the body of an unsuspecting, convienent, person. Darren J.Seeley darrenlives@AOL.com

Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2000

I did not read all messages which were posted about Matrix, and perhaps it is already said: the scene with the oracle remembers me of the holy communion: what does she give him?: small, round, thin pieces. the bread at the communion looks exactly the same. and the words she says to him....(I'm sure you have notices that I'm not a native speaker so it is very hard for me to translate them, but watch it again and it will remember you) anyway: in 4 months I will make my final exams, and one if my subjects is religion, special topic: What is reality, try to find a theological answer, connected with an example from the movie-branch: matrix
My response: Good insight! You have a keen eye and understanding.

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 13:34:02 -0800
From: Carol

The chiropractor, played by Danny Aiello, asks the Tim Robbins character if he has ever read Meister Eckhart, who believed (and I have to paraphrase) that what we perceive as demons may be angels in disguise helping us let go of this life. I've read some of Eckhart's sermons and I even contacted an Eckhart scholar; we'd both like to know the general and/or specific source in Eckhart for this idea. Thoughts and information appreciated.
-Carol in Cleveland
My response: Boy, you got me.

Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999
From: [Name removed at author's request]

Just seen it for the second time. Excellent and some observations as follows:- 1/ rise@obscurity.org - This guy wrote to your site & I observe that he claims to seek the truth, but doesn't acknowledge love as truth. Maybe he doesn't believe it exists, who's seen it anyway? He needs to know his ruler better, but I am sure he would claim not to have one. Conclusion: Great intellect lacks maturity.

2/ Neo is the savior. Faith and belief is the key to overcoming our adversary. The Father is represented by Morphious (? Spelling). Zion is the promised land. The Judas character sells out for material concerns. Love (the spirit of the Living God) resurrects the saviour. Death and the current state of the World is disarmed and faith perfected blocks the bullets of the enemy. The 1st can now open the eyes of all and show the way to salvation from slavery. Freedom is about losing the self and the ego. The matrix catered for the things the ego finds stimulus and comfort in. It's hard to accept the truth and walk out of the prison door, especially when one believes he has no right to leave. The savior of course shows the way.
Seasons Greetings,

P.S. I wrote to you a year or more ago and mentioned my experience before becoming a Christian, where Jesus (before I new His significance) came to me and overwhelmed my being with a Joy 1,000 times any other 'reality' I have ever known. It has not happened since, however, it happend once, it was a reality for 20 minutes, and logic suggests to me that it can and will happen again, but in the hidden realm, the one where we have shaken off our physical self and needs and fears... and at last know the God of life without all the things that get in the way of knowing Him. 'Lose your life and find it' Lose your 'self' and find your 'life'.

Date:Sat, 11 Dec 1999
From: "Marjolaine Bourget"

I refused to go see it at the theatre but I now regret. I have seen it 7 times so far at home and I plan on buying it. It is the best movie I have ever seen. The special effects are breathtaking and I liked their judicious use of scenes in slow motion. I rarely like movies as much as I liked this one. In fact, I have never liked a movie as much as this one. Upon seeeing the movie, I had seen a lot of biblical parallels but not as much as you. Thank you for that beautiful review. It helped me understand some of the christianity in it. I am 18 and I have been attending church since I am 3. Your site is the first time I hear of Christians trying to see the good in movies. Too often, christians reject movies, claiming they come from the Devil. Maybe it is true but I strongly believe that God is above all this and that he controls all thing. Most of all, he uses everything that Satan does for His GLORY. We see a lot of examples of this in the Bible and we see a lot of examples of this in the reviews you make of movies such as Dogma, The Sixth Sense, The Fifth Element, etc. I realized that more and more, people are searching for a purpose to their lives. They claim they don't believe in God but their life is a search for truth. They claim that God doesn't exist but they can't control their lives and they invent some gods to help them. Anyways, I'm out of the subject. I believe that movies can and will be used by God to bring people to him. I pray that a lot of people will come to know God better trhough such movies. Looking forward for other movies like that. Most of all, I look forward for Matrix 2 and 3.
God bless you

Subject: from Russia with love.
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999
From: Ilya

Greetings from your Russian Friend.
Two days ago watched Matrix on DVD for the very first time. Excellent movie. I was wondering if you saw the same allegory (parallel, analogy, symbolism) as I have seen. Thank God Bruce, YOU DID SEE WHAT I SAW!

You have a Russian fan of "Hollywoodjesus" now.

Few more things on Matrix that has not been said yet(i think):
The name of the hotel is "HEART"
Everything starts from the heart!!!
NEO - put "O" in the front. will be "ONE"
Room that he lives in is #101 (oNE-O-one) "NEO"
101 - computer code (digital)
Room that NEO opens at the end is #303!!! ONE BECOME THREE
Isn't it interesting?!
In the beginning of the movie(when he get chosen by Morph.) he is struggling with question "WHY ME?!" "...I am just an ordinary man... nobody..." (something like that) Then he is not able to take the step of faith. But Morph.(God) gives him another chance. He has to make a choice again.

Follow White Rabbit! Yes, it is from "Alice in WL" but think where Lewis Carrol (spelling?!) took this anology from. What do Americans have on Easter - THE BUNNY! WHITE RABBIT represents LIFE - EXODUS - resurrection (though some peganism is present, of course)

Before NEO lived two lives when he was blind - "CRACKED MIRROR"
Two pills "BLUE" and "RED" Significance of colors.
Decision we have to make between GOD and WORLD. HEAVEN and HELL.
he makes the right but dangerous decision. and now he sees - "MIRROR's IMAGE CAME TOGETHER"
That's just like when we are seeking (as NEO seeked) then something happens, usually a miricale (God chooses us) and we accept God into our hearts (HEART hotel) and then getting a big picture (MATRIX).
Oracle (represents old propheses - Judaism) they get fulfilled. Indeed. However even the Oracle got mistaken. He didn't see the Saviour in NEO. Just like Judaism didn't accept Jesus Christ. "You have a good soul... and i hate to tell you a bad news..."
Not only LOVE(trinity) but also FAITH has saved us. Trinity believed that HE is the ONE! So as Morph., of course! And the miracle has happened... poor "Judas" (I don't remember movie character's name...)
And even THE ONE(Jesus) died by sacrafising himself for others he came back to life (resurrection) and now he has THE POWER! HE IS THE LION! HE IS THE LORD! AND... HE IS COMING BACK AGAIN!
There are more, much more things I saw in this movie...
So... (to be continued...)
your Russian friend - Ilya :)

PS: I need to watch this movie again.

Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999
From: Paul Atreides

Although I'd like to make clear that I'm ferverently socialist and anti-christian, I decided to see if the Christians were able to lift up their blindfolds and have a good long look at objective reality. Unfortuantely, I was somewhat dissapointed that you only went half the way. The religious metaphor has been completely examined and observed, but the question not asked was "How is this being used within the film?". My hypothesis is that of a Socialist Metaphor. This can be supported by several points. First off, it starts in the subconcious.. and the true battle is within ("reality is what we make of it"). This is profoundly anti-christian, in biblical mythology, reality is the dictum of saints and apostles, and if we do not follow their teachings we reside in a 'hell'. This movie views and uses christianity to communicate the socialist metaphor to the masses. The name of the rebel's ship is taken from a Babylonian King who conquered Israel (center of the religion being discussed here). Further more, Neo himself goes against the messianic theme in the battle rather cunningly without giving away from the underlying field of thought. Instead of being that of an omniscient diety, neo is your average human being with the power that *anyone* else has if he only realizes his own potential. This self-realization (which can be linked to daoist teachings) goes against the slave-society christianity presents. Notice as well the 'red dress' scene, where morpheus tells neo that some of the slaves (to the machine, or corporations, another link) "will even fight to protect this". There are further allusions to the corporate machine, the police enforcing the will of the social elite, exploiting the energy (literally in ths case) of the populace. The final episode in the anti-corporate sentiment is the final song by Rage Against The Machine, called 'wake up'. It should be noted RATM are a very anti-christian band, and as well anti-corporate (the theme of this movie suggests the line 'one corporate nation, one state religion'). The topic of 'wake up' (rack by RATM) is how corporations (as well as religion) control people and manipulate them, and attacks ignorance (christianity causing the greatest ignorance humanity has ever seen). This movie, is of course, subjective.. and people will make what they want out of it. The casual Nietzsche fan, for example, will say that this is both socialist *and* christian (a rather inane arguement), and use the movie to argue the messiah dominating sheep anti-christian anti-socialist metaphor (anti-christian being backed up with logical arguements, anti-socialism being mere ideological preference without reference to strong attacks). I would suggest that people examine how this metaphor is being used, because it sure isn't being used for christianity, but against it and capitalism (again, humans as a commodity). I would welcome you to e-mail me with your comments and criticisms (as i'm sure many of you will come out with as you try to contemplate the fact that your religion is only one subjective interpretation of objective reality).
I've decided to use an alias, also from another book with profound messianic themes.

Paul Atreides,

September 6, 1999. David,  I am hoping that the movies like the Matrix will help open the door for people to receive Jesus Christ. I hope some day to be able to  write some of those movies.
Robert McLin


August 28, 1999. Another perspective: The truth behind The Matrix. The Matrix is a story of modern spiritual initiation, which at its core is powerfully Christian, even in its Buddhist elements and its scientific and philosophic framework. What I have to offer is informed in part by my work in Anthroposophy, which is a Christ centered path and outlook that reaches into the deeper connections between the different spiritual disciplines and has its basis in modern scientific reasoning.
     What is reality and what is illusion? This is something we grapple with every day in our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. One main vehicle for the story of The Matrix is epistemology. This is the study that seeks to understand how a person comes to know something. What is reality? This question is at the center of any theory of knowledge or attempt to understand human thought. The answer might be found in the motto over the Oracle’s door: ‘Know Thyself’. Do you have free will to guide your own life and act as you see fit, or is your life formed for you without your being conscious of it? The answer that the film The Matrix shows us is nothing but a door; it is up to us to walk through it.
     But what does this have to do with Christianity? …..Everything. Let’s first look at Neo. In ancient Egypt the closely guarded process of initiation was offered to a chosen few. If you entered this process you were called a ‘Neophyte’. You were a potential initiate or seer. Neo was simply this at the start of the story: a potential. The symbology might have us think that he is a Christ figure and we are witnessing his second coming. I intend to show that this is not exactly the case. Yet, if this is a Christian story where is the Christ? To find the Christ we’ll have to change. First we’ll have to change our point of view, just as Neo did when he decided to take the red pill. To help loosen the fetters of our habits of thinking, I will say that in the story Neo is not the one, and at the same time he is the one. And, while you bake that noodle, would he have broken the vase if she hadn’t said anything? Now imagine for a moment that the Nebuchadnezzar is a ‘body’, and all the characters in the movie are part of one being; they are the different interweaving elements of a person’s inner life. So; Neo, Trinity and Morpheus are the three main elements of the human soul, trying to find harmony between themselves and trying to work together for a common goal. What are the main elements of the soul? Well, I can look at myself. For one thing I am a thinking being; I can abstract a part from the whole, evaluate it and try to reconnect it. And I have feelings that relate me to others, to my ideals. And, lastly I am an actor in the world, I effect change. We as human beings will, we feel, and we think. In the body, the thinking finds its reflection in the
head, the sense and nerve system. The feeling lives mostly in the rhythmic system –the heart and the breathing. The will is expressed through the limbs and the metabolism. Now, Neo lives in his head –an abstract world of computers. He is very able in this world, but he is very disconnected. “Why is this happening to me, I’m nobody”. He is the Thinking. Morpheus is action; the Will. It is his job to find the One, to train him, to bring him to the Oracle. He is the Captain, the
Father, direct intuition and link to Zion; the primal will substance that underlies all. “Without Morpheus we are lost”. To morph means to change. This Will force can only offer discipline and the possibility to change to the thinking and help it awaken to its true reality; “I can only show you the door.” Trinity is the link between the head and the will. She is Neo’s connection to Morpheus, and in a way his link to reality. She said, “You have to trust me” just as one has to trust one’s own heart. She is there when Neo is most alone. Trinity is Feeling. Let’s go now directly to sacrifice. This is a very Christian concept. In previous letters the sacrifice was pointed to where Neo died at the end and it was noted how it seemed like such a crucifixion and resurrection metaphor when he was brought back to life by Trinity’s act of love. Now let us look at this more carefully. Instead of one sacrifice in the story, there was actually three! The first was of course Morpheus when he went to sure death to save Neo. Remember we are still looking at the characters as the different aspects of the human soul. So Morpheus (the Will) sacrificed himself so that Neo (the Thinking) could realize his
own true nature. Then Neo had to decide. The Thinking can only decide out of itself when it is cut off from the divine Will (Morpheus). His decision, that he cares about something higher than himself and is willing to sacrifice himself for it, could only be made when completely alone with what the oracle had told him. But he could only decide to attempt the impossible with a new-found courage, which he had been learning all the while from the quiet guidance of Trinity (Feeling). This was his other training: to learn to follow his heart. So the
Thinking had to die to itself before it could realize its true nature. The third sacrifice, ‘In Christo Morimur’ –in Christ, Death becomes Life! Only by sacrificing all fear and doubt in the pure love of the heart can the Christ element resurrect the Ego –with the kiss of redemption. The Christ really only enters with Trinity’s kiss of higher love and complete acceptance. This brings the complete integration of the human soul, Thinking, Feeling, and Willing with the higher self. The soul spiritualized is:
The Father -through Morpheus (Higher Willing)
The Christ –through Trinity (Pure Love)
The Holy Spirit –through Neo (pure Thinking)
     To clarify: In modern America one finds the epitome of a culture of the weakened heart. A society of blind will, abstract intellect, and illusion, but also of unconscious intuition (as the creation of this film shows). Hollywood and the ‘entertainment industry’, along with computer technology are this country’s biggest exports. The Matrix is already here, pouring out of the American soul into the world, the anesthesia of electronic illusion, “a prison for your mind”. It is a fantasy world that is a reality that is an illusion. But it is one that serves a purpose: that of pulling a veil between you and your true divinity so you have the opportunity to decide to find it again as a free deed. The Thinking can only make this decision alone, but the heart has the key. The thinking must listen to the feelings in those crucial moments, for example when Trinity had the heart to heart talk with Neo in the club. And in her advice to him just before he met Morpheus: “Be honest.” -and in the car just before he went to meet the Oracle. The heart may communicate in a different way, but it is never wrong. Our lives are abstracted from reality when the thinking has lost connection to the heart.
     I emphasize the heart aspect of this story because it seems most people missed it. Note how the trouble starts when the ‘heartline’ is cut. And note that we first meet Trinity in the Heart o’ The City Hotel, Rm. 303, the same place where Neo went at the end for the last exit and where she
gave him the gift of her love. Not I, but Christ in me. With the guidance and strength from Morpheus, Neo transformed himself from a ‘hollow man’ to Not I. Through the Pure love of Trinity they all three as The One became: Not I, but Christ in me.
     For some, the power and draw of this film may be the breakthrough in the
technical elements, or in the fight sequences. But, the Higher that is served so well by this masterful work is in this: that the heart is put back in its proper central position with its true strength revealed (Thank you Carrie and Wachowskis) and in its revelation of the threefold nature of man. It offers an antidote to the virus inside us that is the Matrix.
John Hinkle


August 30, 1999. Dear sir,  I recently saw the Matrix and decided to have a look at what others thought about it. I entered your site because I clearly thought that the film had religious references and wanted to see the point of you of people who are more interested on these aspects.
     I have no idea what the USA critics or audience say but I assure you that here we had no problem seeing the obvious. I only wanted to make a small notice . Morpheus " the one that changes morph " (morphi = shape or figure in Greek ) is the ancient god of sleep and dreams that has the power to enter in people's dreams and take any shape (morphi ) that he wants . Very much like the hero that carries the his name.
     I find it very interesting that the creators of a commercial film, directed to a mass audience, incorporated such a wide variety of myths, sympolisms and religious references in their work.
     Eventually the Matrix allows the audience to view it in two separate levels : That of pure action/adventure entertainment showcasing the eternal battle between good and evil, with a "happy" end. That of a statement about today's society, our "fear" of tecnology and the uncertainty about our place in the future.     At the end no matter how you look at it, it stays in memory.
Thank you for your time, With my best regards .
Irini Psalti,  Athens , Greece

August 21, 1999. About Matrix. I think that they were on the edge of reaching a cooler conclusion = at the  end when Morphious asked Trinity If she now knew that Neo was the one she  could have said - No he is not WE were the ones he and I did it together. Trinity insisted on going back with Neo even though he said No. He couldn't have done it with out her and the Oracle said Neo was the one but was waiting for something.

August 16, 1999. David --Found your site extremely useful in putting together a final exam paper for "The Bible as Literature" - my thesis (not yet final...) being something about biblical themes in "non-biblical" movies becoming more prevalent with the coming Millennium. As I have a five-page maximum, I chose "The Matrix" of which there is a wealth of info on your site (I am the only person I know who saw the biblical references...I thought I was going crazy), and the recent "Eyes Wide Shut" which alas does not seem to be reviewed. I wondered what you and others thought about what I saw as obvious Eden references in the film.  -Jane in Michigan
My response: Thanks for the kind words. I have not seen EWS I have been moving to a new house and HJ has been on hold for three weeks now. Matrix is incredible. I would love to get a copy of what you are writing. Do you write reviews? Warmly David Bruce

August 12. 1999. Very nicely done, David! I very much enjoyed this! For something along the same lines (maybe not as deep as your review/comments) check this site out: http://thematrix.acmecity.com/mission/81 This is "The Matrix as Messiah Movie" site. Again, congratulations on a really fine job on this site! Cecil Copeland, from "The Matrix as Messiah Movie".

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