An NBC biopic about the Virgin Mary .

Last Update June 5, 2005
     (May 26, 1999) NBC has just announced it will produce (with newscaster Maria Shriver's mom Eunice) a biopic about the Virgin Mary called Mary and Jesus. No word yet on casting.

Mother and Son Produce Film on THE HOLY MOTHER AND SON
     (July 31, 1999) The Associated Press reports  that Bobby Shriver played the politician when asked how he and his mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, were getting along as producers of the NBC movie "Mary & Jesus."
     "We never fight. ... We've had some lively conversations. Father Heet mediated them all and heard confession afterward," he joked. The Rev. Donald Heet is a consultant on the project.
     The two-hour movie, airing Nov. 14, gives the mother of Christ her due as a historically important woman, the Shrivers said.
     "I think she's a more significant figure than any female in the last 2,000 years," Mrs. Shriver told the Television Critics Association on Friday. "I think she's had enormous impact all over the world ... and she's very timely."  Mrs. Shriver, the sister of President John F. Kennedy, brought the idea for "Mary & Jesus" to her son, who has produced TV programs and films including Arnold Schwarzenegger's "True Lies."


First the jokes...

Due to the fact that Pernilla August (Anakin's Mom is Star Wars I) played mature Mary-

MARY to Mother of Anakin
"Gee I bet Jesus had a higher midichlorian count than
Anakin Skywalker."

OK, now the bad stuff-

yeah, adult Jesus was wimpy and a Mama's boy in this (tho not as much as I expected)

The 12 yr old Boy Jesus was SO SISSY! And not because he wouldn't fight back to the bullies either- he was just an all-around wanny-boy.

The actual sign over the Cross did NOT have INRI *LOL*

John the Baptist was even more frenzied & weird than the one in LAST TEMPTATION (which set a record for a weird John)

The Presentation in the Temple was totally left out...
as was the Magnificat.

And why does Herod order the killing of the baby boys SIX MONTHS OLD and younger?

FINALLY as worst of all, at the Empty Tomb, Mary Magdalene sees no one but hears a disembodied voice; Mother Mary sees a shimmering apparition of Jesus; and the disciples, seeking advice, gets a PC version of the Great Commision from Mother Mary.

Now the good stuff-

Pernilla August was good and the young lady playing Young Mary was GREAT.

Christian Bale as Jesus was not bad. Good medium-length hair- not a flowing mop.

While I believe Jesus had real siblings (half-), this movie at least acknowledged his "kinsmen/cousins"- James and Jude.

I thought the OCCASIONAL asking Mary for advice & also using her bedtime stories as the basis for the Parables was charming & realistic. The Bible is NOT as harsh on women giving their opinions as some would have it.

Having Zechariah, Elizabeth and Joseph living as long as they are presented here was unexpected but interesting. Especially when Elizabeth sees the beheaded body of John & realized that as John preceded Jesus in their mission, Jesus would also be killed.

The Crucifixion was realistically brutal (due to the use of the "Jesus of Nazareth" scaffolding crucifixion method.)

At least the movie never used Apocryphal nonsense, like little Jesus bringing clay birds to life as in an Italian film MARY OF NAZARETH.

And finally - one MAJORLY missed opportunity-

One scene has Jesus as carpenter giving last touches to a yoke. The customer places the yoke on his ox's shoulders, saying "It's a perfect fit". Then he looks apologetic & explains that he cannot pay until the harvest is complete. Of course, Jesus understands & lets him go.

This is how I would've written it-

Jesus hands yoke to customer. Customer puts yoke on ox & says,
"It's a perfect fit."
Jesus responds, "Well, my yokes are easy."
Customer then explains, "I cannot pay you until the harvest."
Jesus smiles "I understand."
Customer, amazed, responds "Thank you, your burdens are light." Jesus gets thoughtful look "hmmmm" and starts to write it down."


Subject: The mother of God?
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000
From: "Daniel" Please do not post my email address.

A Biblical response to "Jesus and Mary."

This is looking at the historical person of Mary, and not the "goddess" that church history of some denominations has elevated her to. And also a brief history of the subtle deception that is goddess worship. Satan is the father of lies and will use anything to deceive people who love Jesus into believing false teachings and church traditions as Gospel. Isaiah chapter 1 is one of the prophecies that serves as a warning to the church regarding these things. Jesus himself echoed these sentiments in Mark 7:6-9 when he said that:

"You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to the traditions of men... you have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions."

Sadly, people are venerating Mary through tradition, not scriptural truth.

Many myths have arisen about the humble maidservant who was chosen by God to bring Jesus Christ physically into this world. The evidence is that Mary was a virgin until the birth of Jesus (Matthew 1:24-25), thus fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 7:4.

However Mary was a sinner, just like the rest of us. Levitical Law required new mothers to offer both a burnt offering and a sin offering to God to restore their ceremonial cleanliness (Levit. 12:6-8). It is recorded that Mary fulfilled this requirement in Luke 2:21-24. She was recognizing her personal sin and need of a saviour.

After Mary and Joseph married they had at least six children of their own. These half-brothers and sisters of Jesus were named as James, Joseph (or Joses), Simon, Judas and at least two sisters (Matthew 13:55-56), one of whom was probably named Salome (Mark 15:40). What this means is that the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Eastern (Greek and Russian) Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches was no longer a virgin following the birth of Jesus. Her primary job was to be the human incubator for the body God had prepared for Jesus (Hebrews 10:5). Mary had no input into the deity of Jesus; she could not because she herself was not divine, but a virtuous woman after the seed of Adam. Every medical doctor will confirm that the blood of a mother does not touch an unborn baby. That is why we can see that Jesus is divine because the blood which circulated in His physical body was the blood of His Father, God.

It is interesting that nowhere in the Bible does Jesus address Mary as His mother. The twelve year old Jesus rebuked his concerned parents with the comment, "I must be about my father's business;" at the wedding in Cana when Mary asked Him to do a miracle He replied, "Woman, what do I have to do with you?" and when He hung on the cross He said to John, "Behold your mother." Jesus was not being rude to Mary but He was firmly telling her that her job was finished when she gave Him birth and raised Him to adulthood.

The veneration and/or worship of Mary is a blasphemy, according to Exodus 20:3-4 and Matthew 4:10. The teaching that she ascended bodily to heaven as a perpetual virgin was only made official doctrine in 1950 and is patently false. If such an event had occurred why was this not recorded in the Bible; and why did it take 1900 years to make that decision? The transporting to heaven of both Enoch and Elijah were recorded, and they were only human beings. This false teaching is adding to the Holy Scriptures, and God speaks a severe punishment on those who do this (see Revelation 22:18-19; Deuteronomy 4:2 & Proverbs 30:6).

The elevation by some of Mary to the "Queen of Heaven" and "Co-mediatrix with Jesus Christ" is not found in the Bible, and is quite contrary to it. There is only one mediator between God and man and His name is Jesus, according to 1 Timothy 2:5, and this is confirmed by Hebrews 8:6, 9:15 & 12:24.

The only queens referred to in the Bible are Vashti, Esther, Candice, the Queen of Sheba and the Queen of Babylon (Rev. 18:7). This last one gives us a clue about the false teaching about Mary. Genesis 10 records a little about a grandson of Noah called Nimrod. He built a huge empire in the area we know as Babylon. Historical documents show that when Nimrod died suddenly, his wife Queen Semiramus worried about her popularity and position. She told people that Nimrod had gone to a heavenly abode and was now "God of Gods and Master of All." Semiramus then married her young son and created a new religion which involved a counterfeit trinity. This consisted of Nimrod, herself and her son/husband. She also created goddess worship, idolatry, black magic and the occult. The titles she gave herself are revealing; "Mother Goddess," "Queen of Heaven," "Goddess of Babylon," "Goddess with 10,000 faces and many others.

In His message to the churches in the Book of Revelation, Jesus addresses Thyatira with a rebuke for tolerating Jezebel. This is being widely understood to be a spiritual principality which brings false prophecies, and which misleads believers into sexual immorality and idolatry. Jesus then pronounces ultimate judgement on all who follow her.

In his message on the Churches of Revelation Dr. Derek Prince says, "...the prophetess Jezebel is the teaching about Mary, which is totally unscriptural. The Mary who is adored or worshipped among Catholics is not the one who was the mother of Jesus. It is a Satanic counterfeit." Dr. Prince went on to explain that the Thyatira region was one of the first strongholds for the false worship of Mary.

The alleged visions of Mary appearing at places like Fatima, Medjugorje and elsewhere cannot be the Mary from the Gospels. In Luke 16:19-31, Jesus explains there is no possible communication between the dead and the living. That includes Mary. These visions and appearances are caused by familiar spirits under the control of Jezebel, and their primary purpose is to deceive the gullible, and to draw people away from the worship of the One True God (John 17:3).

In summary Mary was not supernatural; she can neither hear nor answer prayers. The 150 Hail Mary's of the Rosary are a waste of time, even if these outnumber the prayers to the Father by ten times. Prayers addressed to Mary or any other created being are idolatry, because they are directed to an usurper of God. Mary was just a virtuous woman who knew she needed a saviour because she was a sinner like the rest of us. Along with all believers who die in faith she joins in the blessed hope of the resurrection, but she has no privileged position.

I have many friends in the Roman Catholic church, and I know they love the Lord Jesus dearly. God alone knows, but their salvation seems assured to me. There is always the danger of idolatry in each of our lives. For Catholics and Orthodox it may be Mary; for Baptists and Brethren it may be the letter rather than the spirit of the written word, the Bible; for Pentecostals it may be power of the Spirit, rather than the source of that power, God the Holy Spirit; while for others it may be their church membership or baptism rather than their personal relationship with Jesus. Whatever does not glorify and draw worship to Jesus alone is not of God, and He calls it idolatry. May God grant us mercy as we each weed the idols out of our lives, so we can bring true worship to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, King Jesus!

Subject: A moving story
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999
From: Assistant
I watched "Mary, mother of Jesus" and find it to be quite moving. I thought the scenes that moved the most was when Jesus was preaching in the temple and was forced to flee Jerusalem. I found that scene to be very moving and exciting. I found the crucifixtion scene to be very very sad and moving, the line :"Behold your son, behold your mother". The little times the movie MAY be unbibical (which can be debated) is OK, 'cause remember--we were not there-- the Bible don't contain every single detail about the life of Christ. And remember the gospel of John says that if they were to write the whole life of Christ- there would be enough books in the world to fill. The movie certainly sastified me a christain who loves Jesus Christ because he first loved me.

Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999
From: Kari

Dear David:
I thought the movie, "Mary, Mother of Jesus" was VERY good! I have read what others have written and they are much too critical. Mary, as a mother was important in the formative years of Jesus' life. She quoted scripture and taught him many lessons of life as only a human being can understand. In no way did the movie take away what our feelings towards Jesus should be. Watching the movie, we felt her sorrow and pain. I enjoyed the movie and feel some people take things much too seriously. I was disappointed at not knowing if Jesus had brothers, as I have heard. The acting was excellent and I look forward to seeing this movie again next year!

Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999
From: David Yeubanks

Yep, I watched the movie too, but to be honest I wasn't expecting to see the Bible presented in glorious perfection on the TV screen. After all, NBC had already butchard the story of Noah previously so I wasn't expecting much better of this one. Personally I think anyone who expects perfection from Hollywood on this stuff is expecting too much period. I think most everyone else who left comments on your page outlined all the problems with the movie from a spiritual or biblical perspective so I won't get into much of that.

The biggest things that stuck out in my mind were 1.) that Jesus was made out to be a wimpy momma's boy who didn't understand who He was, where His power came from, or what His purpose was - except that He was fortunate enough to have momma clue Him in. Lame! and 2.) The movie was just entirely boring altogether and the acting was absolutely terrible (I sat completely numb and emotionless through the whole thing - yikes, I can't believe I made it through the whole thing - even the portrayal of Jesus' death on the cross did not move me in the slightest (I thought, "wow, either I need to do some praying or this movie just sucks really bad!... Well, I do need to do some praying, but yes this movie sucks really bad!!!). At least NBC's twisted version of Noah had some humor in it and was entertaining. This movie just stunk as a movie, nevermind all the technical biblical stuff. Finally 3.) I really think Jesus had longer hair than that, hehehehe!

God bless you all! Keep up the good work Mr. HollywoodJesus Dude! Love your site!

In His grip,
David Yeubanks

Subject: I liked the movie
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999
From: Kimberly <>

Although a few minor things - Joseph's accosting of Jesus in the Temple, the comment about women guiding that seemed like a sneaky way of promoting women's ordination - irked me, on the whole I found the movie deeply moving and beautiful. It really helped me see Mary as a real, flesh-and-blood woman who went through quite a few struggles and painful moments in her life. I found myself really entering into her experience and the story of Jesus in a fresh way.

I have noted that many were angered by the implication that Jesus may have gotten some of His parables or teachings from Mary. Initially I too was disturbed by this, but on further reflection I saw that given the humanity of Jesus - though I don't for one second discount His deity - it is entirely possible that some of His parables may have come through His experiences and observations or even through stories others may have told Him, which He could then have invested with new meaning and incorporated into His teaching. I don't necessarily think this is
the case, but surely it is not blasphemous to suggest it.

I think the unease many felt in connection with this movie was simply unease with Mary herself. Many are so convinced that any honor paid to Mary lessens the honor paid to her Son that they are unwilling to honor her or take a close look at the Scriptural record on her at all. If they would look more closely, they would discover the beauty of this Jewish woman who became the "mother of my Lord" and told the servants to "Do whatever He tells you to do." After all, the major Reformers all held Mary in the deepest possible reverence.

Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999
From: Dan Laskowski

You must have already heard of "MARY Mother of JESUS" , the newest installment of NBC's religious series. Although NBC did a bit better job on this than "NOAH", they made some major blasphemous mistakes.
First of all they have Mary telling Jesus parables as though SHE was the originator of the parables. She tells Jesus of the "Good Samaritan" and others. In fact in the scene where Mary's husband Joseph is on his death bed he says to MARY, regarding Jesus, "Everything He is YOU made Him!"
Mary's "mother" is also quoted saying "I've never known you to do a wrong thing in your life." In this movie you will also see Jesus get beaten up as a young boy. (As if His death on the cross wasn't enough.)
When John the Baptist was beheaded there was really no way of knowing why? One minute he was baptising, then he was arrested and beheaded! There was no mention of ADULTERY to +50% of Americans whose marriages ended in divorce.
There were a few "touching" moments in this movie but the deification of Mary and the lack of detail wiped out any good that this movie could do.

Dan Laskowski

Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999
From: Joyce

Mary was a sinner saved by grace. She was blessed, and the line of David, to fulfill prophecies...but that is it. Jesus didnt' teach us to follow and worship her nor did the apostles. They did teach us to repent from our sins, and JESUS ALONE will save us our sins, not the church! Peter isn't the first Pope of Rome, as Paul said in Rome, "there is no one with me but Luke", Peter was in Jerusalem...and married! Paul said concerning doctrines of demons that they would even forbid men to marry...sound familiar? Jesus said call no man father, but the one in heaven. I know this won't get printed, and I don't care. Judgement begins with the house of God, and the Father said it will happen very soon, and Mary will not save anyone...and the counterfeit miracles from Satan will not either!! I'm sure the Catholics just loved it as it seemed Jesus was a mama's boy. Mary was mother of Jesus in the flesh as He was on the earth, she was NOT the mother of God. God doesn't need a mother, and Jesus doesn't submit to Mary. I'm sick of the distortion of the gospel, and the false doctrine of Mary and the saints and everything in between. Idolotry will not get you to Heaven, just as Mary will not. Mary is not co-redempter w/Christ, and she isn't Queen of Heaven. Can someone read the Bible please and know that there will be no other gospel than the one preached!


Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999
From: Scott

As an Orthodox christian, I found the depiction of the birth, life, suffering, death, and resurection of the incarnate God , seen through his mother's eyes , to be quite moving. I'm sure some in the protestant world have reacted negatively to the movie, and if so ,I feel unjustifiably. We must realize that our saviour was fully human aswell as divine (except without sin). He was born into the human family ,he didn't just appear on Earth. He was protected, fed, taught by his mother like all of us were. And I'm certain he loved her especially, just as we love our own mothers. To fail to see this would seem to deny God's incarnation. To deny his full humanity and to only accept his divinity. Cleary we are all made worthy of heaven through Jesu Christ ALONE. But his mother's chosen role ,as well as her witnessing the torture and death of her only son make her wothy of our veneration and respect

Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999
From: Dan Laskowski

You must have already heard of "MARY Mother of JESUS" , the newest installment of NBC's religious series. Although NBC did a bit better job on this than "NOAH", they made some major blasphemous mistakes.
First of all they have Mary telling Jesus parables as though SHE was the originator of the parables. She tells Jesus of the "Good Samaritan" and others. In fact in the scene where Mary's husband Joseph is on his death bed he says to MARY, regarding Jesus, "Everything He is YOU made Him!"
Mary's "mother" is also quoted saying "I've never known you to do a wrong thing in your life." In this movie you will also see Jesus get beaten up as a young boy. (As if His death on the cross wasn't enough.)
When John the Baptist was beheaded there was really no way of knowing why? One minute he was baptising, then he was arrested and beheaded! There was no mention of ADULTERY to +50% of Americans whose marriages ended in divorce.
There were a few "touching" moments in this movie but the deification of Mary and the lack of detail wiped out any good that this movie could do.

Dan Laskowski

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999
From: Lisa Meeks

The following is a letter I wrote to NBC about how I feel about this movie. Please do not use my e-mail address, but as for the rest of my thoughts - feel free to let others know how rotten this film was!
Lisa Meeks

Dear NBC,
I am writing in utter disgust at your recent movie,"Mary & Jesus"! It was one of the most poorly written movies I've seen. There were so many misquoted Bible verses in it, that I lost count. If your going to make a movie on facts that are already written down, you could at least copy the quotescorrectly! There were even words added that our Lord NEVER said! The quote that,"Women should be able to guide because they raise the sons," is the exact opposite of what Christ said. Women were to remain SILENT in the house of God & their husbands were to answer any questions they had.
Second, there were several instances where Mary was given the credit for coming up with something Jesus had said! Including the idea that His parables were just stories she had told him as a boy! That is absurd! Jesus was GOD! Mary was human! She did not give God his ideas for parables. To think that is to make God sound like an idiot. Which brings me to my next point:
The film made Jesus & the Disciples look like completely wimpy morons! None of them seemed to know what to do next unless they asked Mary! Knowledge of that culture makes this impossible! Men did not wait for, ask for, or depend on a woman's advice, even if she was blessed of God!
They also put Mary into scenes she never was in, like the baptism scene. Jesus had LEFT home ALONE. Again, He was not the "skirt-clinging, momma's boy" they were trying to make him appear to be! In the same scene, they have Him acting like he JUST started to feel like he had a calling to do something. He is GOD! I think God would know what He had come to do. It would not be like some new idea just popped into His head here. He knew His reason for coming - to save us! This movie only proves our need of that salvation, since we keep messing up what God did & trying to put ourselves in His place. We are His servants, He isn't ours!
Lisa Meeks & Constance Meeks

Subject: NBC Movie
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999
From: Rafael

I saw the NBC Movie: Mary Mother of Jesus and I think that this movie realy stinks. This movie is a distortion of the New Testament and Insult to every Christian.


October 3, 1999. I can't imagine a more beautiful story than that of Mary, the Mother of God! I just hope that it can adequately express the purity and love that she represents. Most people don't think about her nursing, bathing, and caring for the Son of God. She took care of him, and I hope that NBC presents her as the true Blessed Virgin that she is.
Joseph Baumgarte

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