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The Cure For Divorce
From C. B. Strang, a church pastor.


"I guess we’ll have to separate and then get a divorce," confided the young man to me. "We don’t get along. We don’t seem to be suited to each other."

"But what about your children?" I inquired. "What would you do with them? Don’t you love them?"

"Yes, I love them, and I don’t know what we would do with them, but we can’t go along as we are. What would you advise us to do? Our home is very unhappy."

How many times I have been called upon to listen to a story like this! And how many times I have been asked to help solve a similar problem, or to meet a similar situation!

In this day when the divorce courts are grinding out divorces almost as fast as the marriage license bureaus are issuing licenses, how shall we advise those who are having marital difficulties?

"This is what I advise you to do, my boy," I replied, "Go home and take her on your knee; put your arms around her, and tell her that you love her. And when you tell her that, mean it with all your heart. Go on now and see if it works."

He saw me in a day or two. "It worked," he beamed. "She loves me, too. We hadn’t been speaking for several days, but everything is fixed up now."

"Now that you know the prescription employ it often," I advised. "There is nothing fundamentally wrong between you and your wife. The devil is trying to do to your home what he has done to thousands of others. Don’t let him. The strongest weapon in all the world is love. Use that weapon to protect your wife and children, and to give you happiness."

"I’ll do it," he exclaimed. "Every time a misunderstanding comes up I’ll take her in my arms and tell her I love her."

Most of the difficulties in the great business world, in the church and in the home are the result of misunderstanding. A little more effort to get along with each other would produce remarkable results.

The first year of married life is often the hardest. Little things can start arguments which sometimes result disastrously. Money concerns. Children come. Inlaws. family. Sometimes drink or drugs, perhaps an affair happens.

But in it all, and through it all, true love will conquer. Many who have truly loved each other have been separated, and even divorced, because of a small misunderstanding which was not settled intelligently. If separation and divorce were forgotten, and if they were not so easy to obtain, more of our young folks would make greater efforts to get along with each other.

Truly expressed love will solve many marital problems and meet many home situations.

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Copyright by Bob West. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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