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This is one of the best-written movies to come out in a long time. And, it is loaded with spiritual tie-ins. Also, a strong father/daughter relationship is stressed.
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By David Bruce
David Bruce
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Stuart Wilson, Matt Letscher.
Director: Martin Campbell.
Producers: Doug Claybourne, David Foster.
Screenplay: John Eskow and Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio. Cinematography: Phil Meheux. Music: James Horner.
With the slash of a steel blade and the mark of a 'Z', he defends the weak and exploited and avenges the wrongs committed against them.
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It has been 20 years since Don Diego de la Vega (Anthony Hopkins) successfully fought Spanish oppression in Alta California as the legendary romantic hero Zorro. Imprisoned for two decades, he now must find a successor to stop Don Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson)-the powerful, former Spanish governor of Alta California who cost de la Vega his freedom, his wife, Esperanza (Julietta Rosen), and his daughter, Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones)-who is making plans to purchase California from Mexico's president, General Santa Anna. Alejandro Murieta (Antonio Banderas), a bandit with a troubled past, is transformed by Don Diego into a new Zorro who he hopes will help him foil Montero's schemes once and for all. Tracing the heroic story of these highly-charged relationships, The Mask of Zorro follows the new Zorro as he assumes de la Vega's mantle and enters into a romantic relationship with a woman close to his predecessor's heart...