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December 6, 2009
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After a big win over the not so mighty Giants, questions are once again swirling around the Denver Broncos. Are they back to their winning ways? Are they good enough to win in Arrowhead stadium for a change? Was Thanksgiving’s win a holiday miracle or a sign of a late season surge? Trust me friends, I’d like to know the answer to those questions myself, and using Madden 10 down the final stretch of the NFL season, we’ll see if we can’t find some answers. As for whether or not the Broncos can beat the Chiefs, and do it in Arrowhead, well that’s a tougher call than you might think. The Chiefs found a way to take down the defending champion Steelers, but then got blown out by the Chargers. Which of those teams will show up against the Broncos, the plucky underdogs or the inept losers? Well, Madden 10 seems to think that although it won’t be a mistake free game, the Broncos will have a pretty good shot at beating the Chiefs this week, even if it is in Arrowhead.

While the Broncos had their share of mistakes, including a couple of fumbles by Moreno, and a slow start in the first quarter (only 2 plays and grand total of 1 yard), overall the Broncos played well. The offense put in a solid performance with 15 of 18 passes completed by Orton for 144 yards and 2 TDs. Moreno carried the ball 19 times for 119 yards and two TDs of his own, but he also fumbled the ball twice and lost both. Meanwhile, the defense had a heyday. The D had four sacks, including two by Dumervile and about another half dozen knock-downs on Cassel. All of this harassment led to a couple interceptions, one of which was returned by Bailey for a TD. All of that added up for a 35-7 over the Chiefs. The Broncos need at least ten wins to find their way to a wildcard playoff berth, so despite all their trouble in winning at Arrowhead, if they want to see the post-season, this game is a must win. Can they do it? Monday will tell.

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