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Getting Lost In Spiritual Connections

Are We Reading Far Too Much Narnia Into It?

February 27, 2008
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ABC TV’s Lost, the network’s anchor show on Thursday nights, is now in its fourth season. Since its inception, people have been noticing spiritual connections on the show. A few weeks ago, Matt Hill wrote a piece for Hollywood Jesus comparing the show with God and our relationship to Him. Back in May of 2007, Maurice Broaddus wrote a review of the show, pointing out that the survivors on the island have been given “their chance at redemption—if they want it.” Is there an intentional connection with Christianity?

Kate from LostThe answer seems to be “yes,” especially when C. S. Lewis shows up on the island. Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963) is the author of the Chronicles of Narnia series, as well as non-fiction books arguing for the truth of Christianity and other novels based on Christian themes. Charlotte Staples Lewis is a character on Lost who is part of the “Freighters” who have come to “rescue” the survivors on the island. The “enhanced version” of the episode “Confirmed Dead” verifies that her name is an intentional reference to the author. (See HJ’s Narnia News Blog article “ABC’s Lost’s Narnia Connection Confirmed.”)

It must be recognized that even though C. S. Lewis might in fact be a big influence on what Lost is all about, he most assuredly is not the only influence. The first three seasons of Lost were greatly influenced by Steven King’s book The Stand. This has been confirmed by the writers themselves. According to the Wikipedia article on The Stand, the “outcome [at the end of Steven King’s book] is unspecified but would leave an opening for a sequel.” Lost Season 4 seems to start where The Stand left off, providing the sequel Steven King never wrote.

So where is Lost going? Will fauns and talking beavers suddenly come out of the jungle and help John Locke decide what to do? Will Father Christmas come and offer Jack and Kate magic objects to help them get home? Will we find a secret room with a Magician who has found the secret Atlantis dust?

I must admit that I do not know where Lost is going. Probably no one (even those who write “spoilers” on web sites like Thefuselage.com) except the writers know. The writers have said from the beginning that they know where they are going with the show, although even they admit they don’t know all the details. That is what all mystery writers do, and what J. J. Abrams and his co-writers are so great at—keeping the reader (or, in this case, viewer) guessing. The viewer is led down “rabbit trails,” through twists and turns. Just when you think you have a glimpse of what is going to happen, the view completely changes.

There are some things about the show that we do know. A good share of those come directly from the writers themselves through statements they have made; other “facts” about the show come through observation. The latter are not as reliable, because we could be misinterpreting what is happening. It must be remembered that what the writers who wrote the show say is likely more reliable than any speculations made by those who have only watched the show.

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