January 27, 2010
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Last night, ABC-TV aired an enhanced version of the two-part finale from Season 5. An “enhanced version” is an episode with added information given as notes shown at the bottom of the screen. The notes point out details, and provide information about the series from past episodes or other sources.

If you missed last night’s enhanced finale, you can view it online on the official website, or on Hulu.

It is interesting to note that LOST returns on Groundhog Day.  Have the creators done this on purpose as a reminder of the movie in which Bill Murray’s character relives the same day over and over? I’ll let you think about that.

In preparation for the final season of LOST, I invite you to spend some time at Hollywood Jesus exploring what we have written about the series over the past few years. (See a detailed list at the end of this article.) We have reviewed the series and speculated about the relationship of LOST and The Chronicles of Narnia. In September of 2008, we even started a feature called The LOST Library, reviewing some of the books that are seen in, or relate to, the series. I plan to add a review soon about the book Everything that Rises Must Converge. (Jacob is seen reading a copy in the finale to Season 5.)

LOST?  Here is a detailed list for your convenience:

To watch any previous episode, including the enhanced season finale, follow either of these links:  official websiteHulu

For Hollywood Jesus reviews of the series, check out these links:

No Man is an Island – Review of Season 1
The Best Show On TV Goes Blu-ray – Season 4 review
What Is It With This Show?!?!? – Season 4 review
Whatever Happened, Happened – A (very) brief analysis of time travel on the series
Don’t Watch This. Or Do. – Comments about the show as Season 5 was about to begin
Season Five – A review about the DVD

Articles about the relationship of LOST and The Chronicles of Narnia:

ABC’s Lost’s Narnia Connection Confirmed – Charlotte Staples Lewis and more
Getting Lost In Spiritual Connections – Includes an analysis of what LOST is all about
More LOST Connections with Narnia – Episode316 and the Lamppost

And, don’t forget to check out The LOST Library!

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