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The Lamppost and the Doubting Thomases

February 19, 2009
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Although The Chronicles of Narnia are not included in the LOST Book Club on the LOST website, I thought I should include this in the Hollywood Jesus LOST Library. – Mark (Note added 21 Feb., 2009.)

After Charlotte Staples Lewis dies (apparently—You can never quite be sure with this show!) in last week’s episode of LOST, I wondered if the show writers were done with the Narnia imagery. As I reported a little over a year ago, when Charlotte Lewis arrived on LOST, she is seen splashing around in the water—reminiscent of the Pevensies when they arrive back in Narnia in Prince Caspian.

In the episode “This Place is Death,” Charlotte reveals that she had indeed lived on the island as a little girl, and had been warned not to return. Her mother had taken her off the island, and had convinced her over the years that the island was just a child’s game—it was just make-believe. Sounds like Susan’s attitude toward Narnia as she grew older. But her discovery of polar bear remains with a DHARMA collar in the desert rekindles her belief in the island. How she ends up on the freighter we have not been told yet.

In this week’s episode, “316,” we are introduced to a DHARMA  Station, not on the island, but in Los Angeles. It is called the Lamppost, an obvious reference to the Lamppost (near the entrance to the Wardrobe) in the Narnia books. The Lamppost is used to “find” the island. The title of the episode, “316,” is the flight number they must take to get back to the island, but it is also an apparent reference to John 3:16 in the Bible: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Jack is compared to Thomas, whose fame is that he doubted the resurrection. Jack must become a “man of faith” instead of the “man of science” he has been (in contrast to Locke) since the beginning of the show. John Locke is undoubtedly going to be raised from the dead when they get back to the island.

There have been several articles posted on the internet today that talk about “316” and its connection with Narnia. Here are links to a few of them.

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Here is a link to my article published about a year ago about the connection between LOST and Narnia:  Getting Lost In Spiritual Connections

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