Whatever Happened, Happened

The morality of fate

April 2, 2009
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Space/Time continuum paradoxes seem to be an excellent way to consider the morality of Fate and Free Will. In last night’s LOST episode, “Whatever Happened, Happened,” this theme was center stage.

The LOST survivors all would like to see Ben Linus dead, but Kate, Sawyer and Juliet have grown to realize that Ben’s fate is not up to them. Sawyer says that he has grown over the past three years, and he has. They all come to realize that what is important is that they do what is right, no matter what the personal consequences.

Jack, who was always the man of action before, in this episode decides to not be involved and let Fate take its course. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen anyway, so why bother?

But Fate does not excuse our inaction when we know what is the moral/ethical thing to do. When Jack was on the island before, he thought his responsibility was to make sure everything came out alright. That is not our responsibility. That is up to God. Our responsibility is to do what we know is right, and trust the results to God.

Many thought the “time travel thing” ruined LOST. I think that now it is starting to get even more intriguing.

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