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Big Idea Entertainment GM Leslie Ferrell on Veggie Tales in the City

September 14, 2017
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The Veggie Tales crew is ready for a new set of adventures with Veggie Tales In The City. The new season will stream on Netflix beginning September 15, 2017.  Each episode includes two 11-minute stories, an original song, and offers inspirational and lifelong lessons parents expect from the Veggie Tale brand.

Veggie Tales in the City continues the strong tradition of teaching biblical values in the format of cartoon fun. Big Idea Entertainment released four seasons of Veggies Tales in the House, a fun reboot featuring Bob, Larry, and the rest of the Veggie crew. The new release will be the second season of city adventures for our favorite cartoon vegetables.

Big Idea Entertainment General Manager Leslie Ferrell shares more about this fun series.

What is new with Veggie Tales in the City this season? Will we meet new characters?

The new episodes streaming on September 15 include the story of how Bob and Larry move to the city. In this story Bob and Larry move to the city where a lot of things are different! They learn that even though they’ve moved to a new place God hasn’t moved and is always there to help them make their new home. The new episodes include two Christmas episodes which is exciting because our Christmas stories are always fan-favorites for their lessons, songs, and fun.


In the new season of Veggie Tales in the City, you address issues like honesty, bravery, friendship, and so much more. How do you tap into the felt needs of kids and parents?

In our stories, we try and pull from the everyday events, relationships, and environments of kids and families. That gives us a lot of opportunities to then build a story where the characters live out real feelings and needs that are common to all of us. Lastly and most importantly for VeggieTales is that we include how the characters learn and apply what the Bible teaches about God, ourselves, and how we can live by trusting and loving God.


What kind of conversations do you hope parents have with their kids after watching Veggie Tales in the City?

Our hope for parents is that they will use our stories as launching pads for great conversations about the love that God has for each person and how, when we know that love, we can go out into the world and be who God has made us to be and serve in the ways He has made us to serve.


What is the response from audiences of past seasons? Do parents welcome a biblical narrative to online streaming services like Netflix?

We are very thankful for the very positive reviews and responses from the Netflix audience. Many people comment how much they appreciate that VeggieTales can be accessed via Netflix which gives them the options to watch the shows anytime and anywhere!


Besides releasing the new season of Veggie Tales on Netflix, what is on the horizon for Big Idea Entertainment?

We are continuing to find new platforms for VeggieTales so that the stories and characters continue to be available to as many people as possible. And we will assess new opportunities for new stories and content that can be a part of the Big Idea Entertainment brand portfolio.

Season 2 episodes:
1. The Hottest Pepper in the West / Karate Pirate Space Posse
2. Plane vs. Train / Larry’s Baby Birdies
3. Two of a Kind / Moving to the City
4. An Ichaburger Christmas / A Christmas Play
5. Ichaburgertopia / The Truth Hurts
6. Employee Fun Day / Bacon Bill’s New House
7. Books of the Bible / Monster in the Closet
8. Arcade Showdown / The Audition
9. The Singing, Dancing Lobster / It’s Skatin’ Time
10. The Last Issue / Bob’s Great Store
11. Attack of the Marshmallow Laser / Bye, Bye, Bacon Bill

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