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This page was created on March 29, 2000
and was lasted updated on February 18, 2011

Left Behind, by authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, has hit the New York Times best-seller list as have several of its sequels. And, all six titles in the book series sit one on top of the other at the top of the Christian best-seller lists.


Tribulation Force (Left Behind #2)
Nicolae (Left Behind #3)
Soul Harvest (Left Behind #4)
Apollyon (Left Behind #5)


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Bulletin Board:

Subject: The Kingdom of God is within...
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001
From: Alfred

We saw "Left Behind" the movie, and were very disappointed with the ending. I've been a Metaphysical Science practitioner for almost 10 years and am very interested in all things with a spiritual message. The "Rapture" has never been one of my beliefs. After reading the Bhagavad Gita and other eastern scriptures, I believe that the Kingdom of God is within us and that we can access it right here, right now without being teleported up to heaven. If we read the Gospels closely, we will get the same message and realize that we have the power to make a Heaven out of Hell, or a Hell out of Heaven. So, let's be pro-active and put our spirituality to work each and every day of our life here on Earth!

Subject: Left Behind
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001
From: LROY

I saw the movie on it's opening in Fargo, ND. The Theater was about half full. My husband and I found it to be a great topic starter for our Bible study group. We liked the movie and can't wait to see more. I hope to take our children as well.

Subject: Left Behind
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001
From: J. Yeap Washington, DC

Saw Left Behind after reading some of the recommended views of your corespondences! What a waste of time! Poor plot, bad camera work and directing, lousy performances and undeniably obnoxious and impractical views on moral acquiring skills! Clearly an implication of the shock value tactics for the purpose of gaining control of the human mind... exactly the ways practised by superior powers during the days of colonization! Intimidate the minds, limit their freedom and creativity and what do you have? A herd of slaves with total inability to see life's gray areas! A better title for this film? Inhuman Bondage!
J. Yeap Washington, DC

Subject: I will see this movie!
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001
From: TC Nguyen

I haven't ever heard of the Left Behind books but I am a Christian (Roman Catholic denomination), though more spiritually than religious. However, despite what some naysayers are saying, I feel that God wants this movie to succeed. So therefore, I have spent 4 tickets without even seeing it yet. I am supporting a good cause, afterall, money is better spent on good films with a good message rather than the enemy -- Hollywood. I also think that just by the trailers, it looks good quality-wise, but besides that, there have been horrible films with great effects coming from Hollywood. So for those who have problems with your closed-minds, why don't you wake up and give this a chance? I am doing about the same amount of support as I did for Highlander: Endgame because I like the concept of immortality, and even Hollywood hates the Highlander series, yet it's partly from Hollywood in the first place!
TC Nguyen

Subject: The real thing
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001
From: Robert

I think its sad how distorted the genre of apocalypse has become. I recently had the opportunity to study the ancient literary genre of Apocalypse at a university level. The ancient literary genre is extremely different from our modern, popular notions about apocalypse. In fact they're like night and day. One key difference is how dull the ancient genre seems in comparison to our modern notions about apocalypse. The ancient word "apocalypse" simply means "reveal" or "show." Usually, it means to show another, heavenly world. Often the author travels with an angel, or some other extraordinary mediator to experience the revelation of the other world. However, many ancient examples of the apocalyptic genre do not feature an other world while still others do not feature angels. Judgement seems to figure heavily in a few examples; punishment and gratuitous torture figure in a small number (I'm thinking particularly of The Apocalypse of Paul.) One thing is certain, though: America absolutely never figures in the ancient revelations. Yet, in our modern apocalyptic ruminations America always figures front and center. What was it that Jesus said about the first and the last? Hmmmm...

Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001
From: Don

I bought the movie a long time ago and like it very much. It isn't the best movie in the world. I didn't expect it to be. I expect it to get people's minds thinking about eternity and where they will be spending it. I believe that's what it is and will continue to do. I felt that the several instances of repentance were well done and will point non-believers in the right direction also. We must remember:

Jere 29:13 (NASU) `You will seek Me and find [Me] when you search for Me with all your heart.

Our lives are to be spent doing what we can to get the next person one step closer to the Lord in the best way each of us know how. I wish the church would quite judging one another's gifts and get on with using their own.

As for the "scare tactics" method of evangelism we must remember that God's greatest concern is for the souls of men. That concern even goes beyond His concern for physical life itself. The soul is eternal. God wants people to get that message and He uses several means in doing so. If kindness gets someone into the kingdom then use it, if sickness does, then use it, if hell and death does then use it. Jesus used them all, so should we.

I can testify today that the reason I've been a Christian now for almost 30 years began with my grandmother not being afraid to tell me about death, heaven, and hell. I never forgot those words and finally at the age of 16 I got rid of my fear of death by giving my life to Jesus Christ. That may never have happened if grandmother had sweetened it up the way many do today. Non-believers must be confronted with the truth as it is in the scriptures and at times that means telling the hard stuff, too!

As for doctrinal differences mentioned, I thank God that we are not saved by our intellect! We are saved by faith in Jesus Christ alone. Anyone can receive Him no matter how rich or poor, or how smart or simple-minded. We don't have to have our doctrines straight in order to get saved. That's part of sanctification, not justification. As Christians we often get these mixed up. Jesus didn't give the fishermen in the boat a theology test. He just said, "Come, follow me". And they did! The growing begins there and it extends throughout eternity.

Our men's Thursday morning breakfast/Bible study just finished a year and a half study on the book of Revelation. And to me the verse that stood out the most at the end was very appropriate:

Reve 22:17 (NIV) The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" And let him who hears say, "Come!" Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life. The bride is the church. We must cry out "Come!" in whatever manner we can. "Left Behind - the Movie" and the book series is doing just that in it's own way. Let's work together at winning the lost.
Don Gollahon ( "What in Eternity does it matter?"

Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001
From: Rose Marie

Hi, David; Have not seen Left Behind, the movie but I have read the book. Loved it! I am now reading Tribulation Force. Another good one! Don't know if it is playing in our area. Will see it if it does show here.

Thanks for your newsletter. I appreciate it.
TTYL Rose Marie
"A Resistance starts with one, then a few, then many."
-- Cade Foster, as portrayed by Sebastian Spence on the TV series, First Wave.

Subject: to post on board..
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001

Whether you agree with the concept of the Left Behind series or not, it is a wonderful series of FICTIONAL books. I have enjoyed reading each one and look forward to the next in the series. If I had watched the movie, Left Behind, first I would not be reading the series at all. It is a horrible depiction of the book, the acting is so amateurish...and not what is envisioned in the book. I will still continue to read the series but will not watch any additional videos/movies that come out. This series of books could have been a sensational movie/mini-series/whatver if put into the right hands and cast with the right participants.

Subject: Left Behin
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001

Comment removed at the author's request

Subject: Left Behind
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001
From: Dan

Thanks for your good work Dave.. I was dissappointed in LEFT BEHIND... Trust Cloud 10 picks up a bit on their story telling skills... I felt OMEGA FILE was done in a more professional manner. Much to be done... May God be glorified in our country like never before!!
Sincerely, Dan

Subject: Left Behind
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001
From: Peggy

I started reading the book series because of the radio ads for the movie. I wanted to borrow the pre-released video from a friend who loaned it to someone else, so on impulse, I bought the DVD from Costco. If I had watched the video first, I would not have bought the DVD. I probably will not watch it again, and won't go to the theatre to see it. My prayer is that unbelieving curiosity-seekers will go, and that the questions raised will turn them into truth-seekers. But the ending is unsatisfactory and may dull any initial interest in pursuing the truth after they leave the theatre.

Subject: Left Behind movie
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001
From: "Don Dawson"

I am not looking for the premiere of the "Left Behind" movie in my area. Although I recognize the popularity of the books and the sincerity of the producers, I just can't support the theology behind the books or movie. Although some people (very few) need some shock value to turn their lives around, I believe that loving God and knowing Christ should be done out of love and not because God is too scary to ignore. God is much bigger than to be limited to evangelism by fear. Children who are raised with fear of punishment eventually learn to resent their parents. Only by having a loving relationship with their parents are they able to healthily understand their parents' justice and the consequences of disobedience. Too many frightening people come from scary backgrounds. How do we justify doing the same with Christianity? Jesus himself wasn't about scaring the "Hell" out of people, but instead loving it out of them. He was sometimes harsh as he needed to be (like chasing the merchants from the temple), but usually he didn't need to do that. His integrity was enough for people to see what he meant. Shouldn't the same be enough for us?
Don Dawson

Subject: Left Behind
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001
From: Amy

I purchased the movie months ago and I Love it. I wish it covered more of the books!

$7.50 VS $2.49
Subject: Left Behind
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001
From: cathi weber, Willoughby, Ohio~

Secular radio and TV critics and personalities here in the Cleveland area are asking a legitimate question. "Why would you go to the theatre and pay $7.50 to see a movie, when you can rent it for $2.49?" They aren't saying the movie is bad or good, they are saying use your head! The movie has been out and was able to be rented prior to release in the theatre. They have a point. I myself saw the movie 2 months ago already. And - I also agree with most people, the book(s) is much better! It has been a wonderful series to be involved in.
~cathi weber, Willoughby, Ohio~

Subject: Left Behind
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001
From: Bill Kerns in Lubbock, Texas

Hello, I really enjoy your newsletter, but this is my first reply... I have read the first 8 of the Left Behind books -- truly enjoyed them -- but the movie "Left Behind" STINKS. I'm sure the producers can cry "low budget," but this is a very amateurishly written and directed film -- and, to tell the truth, I fear that those new to the subject will see the film and then not even give the books a chance. It also bothered me that the Left Behind authors were not credited in the film -- did they ask to be left out? Check out the video box -- it says based on the Left Behind best sellers, but also does not mention the authors. I have heard rumors that they are very displeased. They certainly should be. I have had friendly debates with friends, but my attitude is that Christian films don't deserve to succeed just because they are Christian films. Nor because there are so few of them. And awful movies like this only tend to keep more people away from the next ones... Personally, I would have liked to have seen Left Behind adapted into a TV miniseries ... by quality filmmakers. Will be anxious to read your views...
Bill Kerns in Lubbock, Texas

Subject: Left Behind
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001
From: Gary Stokes

Dear David, I most likely will not see left behind for two reasons. One-I do not agree with the theology of the movie. I have read books and seen other movies of the same vein and do not care to read or see anymore. Two-most "Christian" films I have seen have been of such poor quality that it has been embarrassing. Maybe this film will be different. I would like to see somebody make a "Christian" film on the works of Frank Perriti (The Oath would make an incredible film) or Stephen Lawhead (The Song of Albion series or The Pendragon Cycle series). I find more of God speaking in non-Christian films the I do in Christian films. Keep up the good work. I enjoy the website immensely.
Thank you, Gary Stokes

Subject: Left Behind
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001
From: Tanya

Left Behind is a great movie. There is plenty of action and excitement with no profanity. The Buck salvation scene in the bathroom is very moving and will lead many in their prayer for forgiveness. I am looking forward to seeing a few sequels in the months and years to come. I do think that this film should have been promoted a bit more, though. If more people could have seen the trailer on television, the theaters would have been filled to capacity. The film makers in Hollywood will eventually see that they can keep their usual audience and gain the Christian audience by simply eliminating the profanity and sexual scenes from their formula in films.
Thanks, Tanya

Subject: Left Behind
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001

I was not impressed by the Left Behind Movie. I thought it was only second or third rate in almost every category. I have enjoyed the books although at times they are a bit cheesy too. I was intrigued by the previews of Cloud Nine's other end time movies on the Left Behind DVD and found Revelation at the library. This is the movie that should be premiering. The actors are great and there is some real comedy (and acting too). The high-tech beast is very clever and the white room scenes that seemed cheap in the previews are spooky in the context of the story. Of the other Lamond brother's end time films Revelation is the best. Tribulation with Gary Busey is also good but not as weird, funny and spooky as Revelation. Their first film in the series, Apocalypse, is almost as bad as Left Behind but probably cost a lot less.

I have also heard the radio ads for Left Behind and they are super lame. They are wasting their money. Only people who like the books will be interested in this movie and some of them may be a bit disappointed. The hype about this being the greatest Christian movie ever is way off. They tried doing it big time and fell far short. To be fair, however, most of the movies Hollywood puts out are gravely flawed with poor writing, bad editing, bad acting (look at the latest Star Wars flic for some really stinky performances) and/or lame or redundant stories. Hollywood just puts out so many films that occasionally one of them turns out very good. The Christian film industry puts out very few in comparison and so have less chances for a "hit." Of course and long as they focus on a "good message" or "lots of money" instead of a story that actually touches people in their imaginations and emotions there will not be that big crossover hit.
James Gayfield Hayes, VA

Subject: Left Behind
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001
From: Twinky

Just out of curiosity, the person going off on all the Satanic holidays related to the production of Left Behind... why and how do they know or even care so much about it? You really think the producers were thinking "oh we have to start filming on Satanic holidays because we're really Satanists but making a Christian film anyway."? The movie has a good message. Very good movie for an independant. Notice the movies that everyone comments the most on are the ones with a religious subject... everyone has to be so politically correct about it all. The message is: The end of the world will come. Jesus is the only one who will be able to pull the people on earth through it. So what if there are a couple of tiny things?... at least it's portraying the truth. Which, if I remember correctly, is what's important. (please don't post my email address)

Subject: The Movie
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001
From: Beth

As I have read all of the books in the series thus far, I found the movie to be accurate and right on target with scripture. This is a definate must see!!!! For the non-believers, we need to keep them in prayer.... Beth

Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001
From: PWGilman

In a message dated 2/2/01 10:38:28 AM EST, a pastor on PRCL-L writes: > in it's recent newsletter > is soliciting discussion of the movie. I will not go to this movie. I think it, and the book it is based on, are nothing more than an easy-money scam. Scare tactics scare people into reading and watching, misguidedly thinking that this is Christian doctrine. It is not Christian, it is a distortion of a few Bible passages.

From: Darrel Manson

I won't be going to see the movie and I haven't read any of the books, primarily because the eschatology (view of the end times) portrayed are based in a hermeneutic (principles of biblical interpretation) that I find faulty.

The idea of a rapture and millennium are the result of seeing the Bible as a completely unified book, rather than a collection of many separate and independent writings. Since it is seen as one unified book that must be factually true, those who operate under this style of interpretation then try to fit everything together so it can all be right. This homogenizing and harmonizing I think actually detracts from the value of the scriptures.

This fitting together of various biblical views is especially prominent in dealing with eschatological and apocalyptic texts. And so, it is felt that Daniel and Revelation must agree, along with the Little Apocalypse of Mark 13 (and parallels) and Paul's pastoral care in the face of dying Christians in his earliest writing, 1 Thessalonians. Rather than allowing each writing to speak to us from its own perspective, rapture interpretation sees them all as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that needs to be solved.

Apocalyptic literature is rich in teaching, but needs to be understood within its time and purpose as written. It does matter that Daniel was written during the Hellenistic period that led to the Maccabean revolt. It does matter that Revelation was written by a prophet who was imprisoned for his preaching.

Another reason I'm avoiding the movie is that apocalypse is a very delicate work. Note that only two works of apocalyptic made it into the Bible (Daniel and Revelation). There were certainly many others written, but discarded by the church. The trouble with doing a good apocalypse is to avoid what some of the discarded one fell into, a sense of triumphalism at the expense of the damned. It is not appropriate, as some apocalypses portrayed, for the saved to look down and gloat at the lost and their sufferings. (Since I haven't read the Left Behind books, I don't know if such an attitude develops.)

I'm also uncomfortable with the view of God (theology) that grows out of the rapture hermeneutic. The God who takes some and leaves others to suffer does not seem to me the same God who struggles with Godself over God's children in Hosea. Nor does this seem to be the God of the cross, who places victory in death and suffering. (This is very much the way Revelation understands God - salvation is not from being delivered from suffering, but in the suffering and sharing in the witness/martyrdom of the cross.)

I don't perceive that Left Behind will be Gospel. Rather than teaching the world of God's love -- love that in Hosea allows God to trump God's own judgment, I expect that Left Behind will instead show God as the one we should fear so much that we change. I believe that the cross of Christ has changed all of that.

Darrel Manson ><>Artesia Christian Church ICQ 5624184 ><>Artesia, CA

Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001
From: Apollo

Are the casts who play Carpathea, Brad Johnson, and Chloe saved? I know in the end it is only for God to know, but do you know if they made any public confessions?
From, Apollo

Response: Does it matter? Why is this important to you? -David

Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001
From: dawin

The Left Behind series of books is wonderful! The movie was good, as well. I do hope we will see the other books in the series made into movies. I agree with Pastor Rob, that people need the Lord and if one soul was saved because of this movie, it was worth it! The books and movie both helped my Christian walk. I was lacking in compassion for lost souls and now I want to plant the seed of knowing Christ in the hearts of others! I am also learning and loving the fact that the Rapture may occur very soon! We need to plant the seed with the world. If a person is lost and lives through the Rapture, there is a better chance of their choosing Christ if they have been introduced to the "salvation plan." To the neighsayers, you have to admit that the books and the movie are eye-openers. I cannot imagine a heart so hard that it would not receive a blessing from either! May God give you peace in your negative hearts! To those of you who loved the books and the movie, I hope you have let them get you more into the Word of God... the Bible! In Christ a friend

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