This is the story of a 30 year old stranger (like, Jesus) named Julian who comes to a small mountain town to kill himself. 
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By David Bruce
David Bruce
David says: Pop culture from a Spiritual point of view 
Starring Christian Slater. Directed and written by Alan Wade. Produced by Jon Glascoe and Joseph Pierson. Based on a novella by Serbo-Croatian author Branimir Scepanovic titled The Death of Mr. Golouja. A Fine Line release. Drama. Rated PG-13 for thematic elements related to suicide, and for language and some sensuality. Running time: 83 min. 
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Studio PR:  What happens when an ordinary man -- a man who considers himself unimportant, perhaps even anonymous -- chances upon a cloistered mountain community that hasn't seen a stranger since the Civil War? As the protagonist of Julian Po discovers, in such an insular place, even an unassuming bookkeeper can become a very important person, simply by being himself. In the film's darkly comic universe, however, the bookkeeper's newfound cachet proves to be something of a mixed blessing. 
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This is an example of deceptive marketing.  There is no such scene in the film. It's not a romance. It's dark comedy. 
MY BULLETIN BOARD This is the story of a 30 year old stranger (like, Jesus) named Julian who comes to a small mountain town to kill himself. Slater plays the good guy this time. The townsfolk literally follow him everywhere he goes speculating when he might kill himself. They hang on to his every word. Women can't resist him. Kids follow him everywhere. The town minister uses Po's words in his sermon. Lives are changed. He becomes the center of the town's focus. This is the story of Jesus on his way to the cross followed by crowds. 

Subject: Julian Po
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000
From: CypressFilms

Anyone interested in more information about "Julian Po" should go to the Cypress Films website. Cypress developed and produced the film.

August 11, 1999. Does anyone out there have any idea where I can get an English version of the book "The Death of Mr. Golouja" by Branimir Scepanovic, the book that Julian Po was based on? Thanks.  Go ahead and print my email address
Molly Burnett

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