I can not tell you how good it was sitting down to watch this film with my 3 daughters. What an incredible story. What an incredible role model of faith and courage.
A powerful woman of faith
David Bruce

By David Bruce

Air date: May 16 and 18, 1999.
Review Date: May 17, 1999.
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     I really like this film. I gathered the whole family around the television to watch it. I was happy to watch my three daughters enjoy this film with its strong female character of faith. Joan of Arc was incredible. Here is a teenage woman that leads men and a nation. Here is a woman of courage and valor. Here is a woman with determination. She prays and listens to God. I was even thrilled my two younger sons watched it too. I felt chills. This film took me deep into the spiritual side of existence.

     This special event four-hour mini-series brought us the triumphant yet tragic true story of Joan of Arc. This illiterate 15th century French peasant girl used boundless faith, courage, and determination to unite France and save it from its English enemy, only to be convicted of heresy and burned at the stake at 19. The movie explores Joan's relationships with family, friends, royalty, and God, as her divinely inspired "voices" guide her on an extraordinary mission. She sprang from humble beginnings—a commoner raised on a farm in southern France during the hard times of the Hundred Years War. But her life took a legendary turn when, in her teen years, she began seeing visions of Saints Catherine, Michael, and Margaret. The visions themselves weren't nearly as dramatic as their eventual message: help the Dauphin Charles claim his throne and unite France against its English invaders. Soon, Joan would make a perilous journey to gain an audience with Charles, go into battle—even leading the troops, become seriously wounded (yet suffer little ill effect), and finally, get captured by the enemy, undergo trial for heresy, and be sentenced to death by burning at the stake.

I had tears in my eyes.

wpe18.jpg (15338 bytes) Joan addresses her troops, "Be of good hearts my friends. Today our noble King will have a victory. Because we are guided by the King of heaven. We are all in God's hands. Even those who chose to think otherwise."
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Joan leads her army to battle for God and France. Her troops believe that she is sent from God. Some doubt, however. But, all follow her.
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She is struck down in the battle against the English. Her soldiers are fast to help her. As they remove the arrow she has a vision.
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The heavens open above her as she looks up from the ground. God sends Saint Catherine to inspire and restore her.
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In miraculous fashion she is back on her horse... ...leading her army to battle again.
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JOAN OF ARC has become very popular with film makers. There have been 3 Joan of Arc movies released or in production during 1999.
The Messenger: the Story of Joan of Arc by Luc Besson
Joan of Arc The Virgin Warrior
by Ron Maxwell
Joan of Arc the TV mini series.


Subject: Joan Of Arc TV
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002
From: Jordan

I Really liked this movie and I definetly disagree with Joyce who wrote "THE WIMP" article. This movie took a lot of time to create and comparing with the other Joan of Arc movies, this is the best. I don't care what anyone else says because she played a great leadership role and was very fit for the character. Besides, Joyce, how would you know. You would've had to go back in time to know what shhe was REALLY like. So for what we know of her now she did GREAT!! With great religion and a good message I rate this a * * * * * out of five stars.

Subject: Joan Of Arc TV
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001
From: Gary

I think this mini series is quite different from any other I've seen before. It was very realistic and a great film besides a few mistakes. I don't think Jean was present at her death and two of the soldiers made a crucifix by tying together two sticks. i was blown away by Joans faith but i thought she acted as a poor leader when she refused to attack the English until they answered her letter.

Subject: You Thought This Was Good?
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000

Check out the CBS "Jesus" page on this website.

August 17, 1999.

I didn't like Joan of Arc at all. I've researched her for at least a year, and couldn't find her true character in this actress. She came across as a wimp, in fact, she didn't even do anything? The writer's threw this together, they took it to CBS w/out a script. Some of the court room scenes were okay, but the rest I didn't like. Too much inaccuracies. Also, they totally insulted Joan by taking Jesus off the crucifix at the end, and had her yell, "God God God". Every deposition said the same thing, she looked at Jesus upon the crucifix, and yelled "Jesus Jesus Jesus" until she died. Would they do such a thing to other characters, take out the truth to be politically correct? It would lose it's value of authenticity, so you wouldn't see them do such things to Elizabeth. I pray that Christian artists get off their bottoms and be the creators of God related projects.
In Him, joyce


June 15, 1999.

I loved this movie. It describes the pains that one girl underwent while trying to spread her ideas of faith to her divided world. Through it all, she comes out with a completely newfound faith, one that she will take into the next world. -Adam


Yes, I also like the biblical interpretation, but that is the unseen story. It's a very basic movie, with a very basic plot if you watch it carefully. I know at the end it seems weird, but all it is saying is that the virus is going to be stopped. Remember when J.C. was in the car with Stow? He said ";Those are my notes, when I have enough information, they'll send a scientist back to stop the virus. "Well, after he died, and the man with the virus is on the plane, lo and behold, a scientist was beside him! And it was a little ironic that she was into 'insurance.' So I think that even with all the symbolism, it was at the same time a damn good movie with a simple plot.


April 19, 1999.

I liked this TV movie, Joan of Arc also, it showed Joan as a woman led by her faith in  God and her spiritual visions to do what was right. I also liked that it showed  that she wasn't perfect, she struggled and did some wrong things and also that she didn't know everything (she thought for sure that she would not  be burned). I am also glad they didn't put in a superfluous romance angle in with Joan and one of her friends. I was disappointed that they didn't  mention that she did go to Catholic mass and had a confession before  being burned. Also, she asked for a crucifix and got a cross, a crucifix has Christ on the cross. This movie was a lot better than the fraudulent Noah's Ark movie.