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Differences between the CBS and International version
SPECIAL PAGE -Interview with Lorenzo Minoli

I will respond to various letters as I can over the next few weeks. -David

Subject: Mostly plusses
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000
From: Sr. Edith

Thank you for the wonderful production about Jesus! I especially liked the truly Jewish touches: the love of dancing, even in the Temple (see Ps. 69 & 150); Jesus and the disciples wearing prayer shawls, the diversity within the religion in Jesus' day as there is today; the portrayal of Mary and Joseph as Jesus' prime mentors - a problem people had with Jesus in the gospels, since he had no formal rabbinical training and was known simply as "the son of Joseph the carpenter" - and Joseph dying before Jesus' mission so he dies with traditional Jewish hopes for a David-like Messiah who would rid Israel of Roman domination.

The role of the women in Jesus' life was excellent, especially the discipleship role of Mary Magdalene as first proclaimer of the resurrection. While Mary Magdalene, here as in other traditional interpretations, may be mistakenly identified as a prostitute, the faith journey from great sinner to great apostle is a persistent one in the New Teastament, and may give hope to some viewers who need that loving affirmation to change.

While I tremendously enjoyed the Jesus who had humor, charm and warmth, I found the water fight scene just silly and not true to the cultural values of that time and part of the world. Polluting a well could be a capital offense, and water would not be carelessly wasted in the Middle East. On the other hand, one responder found the choosing of the disciples to be like "junior high kids waiting to be chosen for a kickball team". That's how they DID act! Jesus was constantly reprimanding them in the gospels for their jocking for position, even putting up their (John & James') mother to lobby Jesus for top jobs in the kingdom. Jesus' welcoming Judas with a kiss was powerfully symbolic!

Some people minded the lack of parables and teaching; however, I think there could be two justifications for that. In Mark's account of the gospel, he says that Jesus taught many things, usually with parables; yet Mark gives only a very few of Jesus' shortest, almost one-line, parables, probably in the expectation that such teaching could later follow one's acceptance of the dead/risen Jesus as one's Savior and God. Secondly, Jesus' teaching is so profound and challenging, it requires deep reflection, repetition and prayer for it to enter and change one's heart. This can't be done in the flash of time that a TV or movie production has to get the essential message across. If Jesus as portrayed in this program touched anyone's heart (and many are telling you he did), then they will search out his words and reflect on them.

Two scenes that I found disappointing were Jesus' healing the lame man like a "pseudo-chiropractor" (causing great pain and leaving doubt whether this was miracle or pure dumb luck), and the last supper scene that follows DaVinci instead of Jewish tradition for the Passover Seder, which is so insistently a family celebration. The apostles would not have abandoned their wives and children on such an important occasion, and in the very previous scene in the "upper room" the entire families and women had been included. Too bad they were eliminated; countered the earlier depiction of Jesus loving children and respecting women.

A final comment. The best feature of the program, I believe, which sets it far above the past productions that stayed (at least the producers and some critics here seemed to think) "really historical and biblical", is the connection made between the historical Jesus of the gospel and the Living Savior with us until the end of time, the Christ whom we still both witness to and betray even as we use his name in violence, hatred and neglect of his presence in the poor. This is not a portrayal that merely comforts or leaves Jesus nice and safely in the past, but leaves us aware that an encouter with the Lord could be around the next corner, in the very next person we meet. That is the disconcerting blessing and power of this production.
Again, thank you!
Sister Edith

Subject: Hope this gets to you
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000
From: Daniel in Pasadena

Dave, I'm going to try and send you a little piece I wrote today after reading many of the comments on your web page.

THE FACE OF JESUS Ps 67:1 God be gracious to us and bless us and cause His Face to shine upon us.

An important discovery to me has been the result of the recently aired CBSTV special, JESUS. While thousands loved this retelling of the old story; many others were critical and found many aspects of the presentation shallow; or false; or incorrect theologically or just plain "did not care for it" Why? How can so many love it and rave about it while others feel cheated. Sitting in my hot tub this afternoon, the answer came to me:

When one has a "relationship" with JESUS, it often will be very meaningful. How can one see JESUS as "my best friend"; "my confidant"; my redeemer; my lover! .. without having put a "face" on Him! We earthly creatures require a face! The first film I worked on in 1953 was WINE OF MORNING; A first century film about Barabas, Steven, Paul and Jesus. The person playing Christ was faceless; only his voice and his backside; or over-the-shoulder; or looking from His point-of-view was presented. Thus, the viewer could put any face with gentle.. or harsh; or soft features on this character. Only His voice was a factor; and that too; is often pre-conceived in the heart and mind of the viewer. The other characters of the film in a certain way are also pre-conceived; but not like JESUS!; He is too personal; too private in our lives; and his face is often established in our imagination. It may be the face of Soloman's famous painting, or Da Vinci's Last Supper or whatever;. But most of us have settled on a "certain look" and behavior that parallels the Gospel accounts as we know and understand them.

Why is His image so important to us? Jesus Himself told us to Seek His Face and in today's l-year Bible reading some Greeks asked His disciples: "We would like to SEE Jesus" (John 12:21) To see someone looking intently into your eyes (with love and a genuine interest in your welfare) can be staggering; and very powerful. How can we feel any less about the FACE OF JESUS?

It then goes without saying that when a film producer's casting agent picks a character to be JESUS, he must satisfy a lot of different tastes and pre-conceived notions of what JESUS looked like. When the Producer misses it or the viewer is not able to adapt to this choice; there is usually disappointment; and the displeasure will probably be placed somewhere else; i.e. The other characters; bad theology; not spiritually moving enough; unscriptural incidents; whatever. But, when a viewer sees His or Her JESUS in the chosen character; the whole story will light up and the enthusiasm will often be great.

So it is with the recent choice of the Producers of the CBSTV JESUS character. As I watched Him; speak;. touch; play; dance; I was mesmerized. This man depicts what may be My JESUS; My Saviour.. the love of my life; and thus I was moved; touched; spiritually entertained in what is often a wasteland of entertainment choices. God was glorified! I was drawn closer to my JESUS and the world is a brighter place to live in!

Thank God for these men and women who brought JESUS to our eyes so we could see HIS FACE. Most depictions over the years have been weak to me. JESUS OF NAZARETH was another production I identified with; but this one I believe is the best! He lived a life demonstrating not only grief, concern, sadness and disappointment, but also a life of abundant Joy and fun and warm human involvement with those He lived with;. And now He promises us that same abundant joy that only can come from His hand; and HIS FACE;.May He cause HIS FACE to shine upon us.
Written by Daniel Dunkelberger May 22, 2000 6PM

Subject: Jesus Mini-Series
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000
From: Alissa Savage

I really don't know who is going to read this but I am so compelled to write this. I am not a particularly religious woman but I am a huge fan of well-done film and I cannot tell you the effect this movie has had on me!!!! With all the films Hollywood has done over the years depicting the life and death of Jesus Christ, none has EVER made any of it, or Him, real to me, until now. I can't even explain what I've been going through emotionally ever since I watched this movie. But I know I haven't stopped crying for a week.

It was the most beautifully written, acted, directed, photographed movie I believe I've ever seen. And most importantly, the most well-casted!!! I pride myself on my knowledge of Hollywood and all its producers, directors and, of course, actors, but admittedly, I was not familiar with Jeremy Sisto's previous body of work. But, believe me, I will be following this brilliant young actor's career from now on. He WAS the embodiment of Jesus the Messiah in this movie! He was beautiful to watch in every way. He made me believe he WAS the Savior and no actor could ever receive higher praise, I feel watching this outstanding production may just have changed my life forever.

I have never experienced anything like this before in my life. I don't even understand it. But I am thrilled to be able to share it with someone!
Sincerely, Alissa A.Savage Warren, Michigan

Response: Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful and wonderful experience you had. I though about your letter all day after reading it. I find it amazing the different ways God works in our lives. -David

Subject: Jesus Miniseries
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000
From: "J. Simpson"

I loved this series. The best part about it was that it showed the humanity of Jesus, the part of Jesus so often neglected by the church and the media. I admit to being a lapsed/backslidden Christian. While I find it hard to resist Jesus, it's Christian busy bodies who have turned me away from the church and organized Christianity as a whole. This mini-series portrays the Jesus I have always loved. The one who, although perfect, did not sit in judgment of sinners and, in fact, sought out those to whom he had the most to offer.

I wish those sitting in judgment of this series would take a look at how attractive a Jesus like this (i.e., the real Jesus)really is to those who have not been exposed to Christianity or those who find the Christian church cold, judgmental and unwelcoming. And, by the way, who wants a version of Jesus taken verbatim from the Bible? Which version? The one written in Elizabethan prose? How many times has the Bible been translated into multiple versions and how many times has the vernacular changed? It is the message that means the most and the message must be conveyed in language that people can relate to.

Let's cast aside our traditional biases and take a look at a Gospel that is relevant and one that portrays the central message of the Bible; the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. Although this series took a few artistic liberties, it did not deviate from the true message of Christianity; Jesus was fully man, is fully God, loved/loves unconditionally and offers salvation to all who believe. I will accept a little artistic license that doesn't compromise those principles. At least it gets the message out to people who would normally never hear it.

Response: Boy, I know what you mean. Sometimes the biggest block between a seeker and Jesus is organized churchianity. We Christians often get in in the way of God. -David.

Subject: "Jesus": two thumbs down
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000
From: "Bernard Couture"

I was disappointed by the new miniseries "Jesus" on CBS. There were some good ideas here and there (the roman spy character, the meeting with Satan), but the story seemed to focus too much on Jesus' miracles, leaving out his speeches and parables, which are more important than any of the hard-to-believe, impossible-to-prove, anti-scientific miracles. Miracles that may have never really happened are not going to convert non-Christians, but timeless, awe-inspiring speeches and sayings still have the power today to make people think.

Also, they decided to leave out some powerful parts of the gospels and include melodramatic scenes with Jesus and his family and friends, possibly in an attempt to make the narrative more interesting to viewers: as if there wasn't already enough pathos and emotion in the greatest story ever told! Finally, I understand they tried to depict a Jesus for the year 2000, who laughs, cries, dances and makes jokes. But it is not by turning Jesus into "an ordinary guy" that his true nature, and what makes him the most fascinating character in history, will be conveyed to modern viewers. He was the Son of God, he was a mystic, he was more divine than human. That's not how he appeared in the miniseries. Sadly, it seems the ultimate Jesus movie has yet to be filmed.
Bernard Couture Quebec, Canada

Response: I guess we all see Jesus differently. You see him as a divine mystic, with little humaness. And I see him as one of us in all points. Perhaps, by sharing our varied insights with each other we will come to see Jesus as he really is. So, thanks for sharing. -David

Date: Fri, 19 May 2000
From: Steve

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!! I have longed for years to find a movie that portrayed Jesus as both human and God. Yours is the best one to date. I love the "FUN" Jesus that Jeremy Sisto brought to life on the screen. A Jesus that loved life and loved those around Him. A Jesus not ashamed to dance in the streets one minute, have a water fight the next (LOVED IT!!!), and heal the lame as well. As to the critics, I almost feel obliged to apologize for THEM!! As a born again Christian for 27 years, I have taught nearly every book in the Bible at one time or another. I'll admit that there are some inaccuracies with the movie. To be perfectly honest, I have never seen a "Biblically based" movie that was 100% accurate. (Nor an Easter play, a Christmas play, or ANY other dramatization of Bible event that was perfectly "Biblical") Some of it can be attributed to "artistic license". Some to interpretation. Some perhaps even to ignorance. Whatever the case may be, The Jesus Mini-Series is still great.

The scenes of "nudity" (no more than on most shampoo commercials) while not necessary they are certainly not out of place. The Bible does not hide the fact of sexuality, both from the pleasures and blessings of marriage to the sinful pursuits of prostitution, IS an integral part of human life. The movie "Jesus" in NO way promotes or condones the activities of Mary Magdelene, it only shows us the depth of her sin so that we can understand the even more incredible depths of God's love through His Son. If the critics would note the fact the even in the movie, the prostitute that is brought to Jesus is told to "go and sin no more." It is Jesus' unwilling to condemn her that draws Mary's attention and finally her devotion. There are thousands of "Mary Magdelenes" in the world today, right this minute who are in the very acts of sin. They, like Mary of old, are waiting not for the next customer but for someone to look past there sin and see them. Can you critics of this movie do that??

The "love story" with Mary, Lazarus' sister, is absolutely wonderful. Since when does being in love constitute lust in one's heart? I dated my wife for 8 months before we got married. We would set for hours talking, holding hands, and starring into each others eyes. We were also virgins on our wedding night. There was no lust in our relationship, we had to much love to let lust ruin it. There is absolutely nothing in the way this fictitious scene is portrayed that shows us anything but proper boundaries. The actions of "Jesus" in this movie are always pure. There is no "hunger" in his eyes when he regards this quite beautiful actress. If it teaches us anything, it teaches us something that Jesus might have had to give up to carry out His Father's Will. Maybe some of the critics know their own hearts too well to believe that a man can love a women and not lust after her?

As to Jesus not knowing who is was. Nowhere in the movie does "Jesus" doubt who he is. Nowhere does he doubt what he is to become. It is an accurate representation of "Not my will, but thine be done." His humanity struggled with His divinity until the night He died. The marvelous truth is He gave into His Father's will suppressing His own. This is exactly what the movie shows.

What about the "ask forgiveness for your sins" line of John the Baptist? Initially I didn't like it either. But I remembered that at the end of John's ministry, he sent some of his disciples to Jesus to reinforced the fact that Jesus was indeed the Messiah. He had them ask Jesus, "Are you the one or should we wait for another?". If, after the manifestation of God at Jesus' baptism, after the miracles, after all the teaching, etc. John could have even the slightest doubts in his mind, how can the critics say that he knew it from even before birth? John's central message was "Repent and be baptized?" He did not call Jesus a sinner by repeat this message to Him. Jesus' full time ministry DID NOT start until after the baptism and the temptation.

The "healed bird" story , although likely untrue, is so well known that it was worth putting in. I could go on but I won't. The bottom line is that for the small faults that this movie has, the strengths fully outweigh them.

Finally I will quote from the Bible since so many of them have been doing such a poor job of that. Phil. 1:15-18 "It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill. The latter do so in love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains. BUT WHAT DOES IT MATTER? THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT IN EVERY WAY, WHETHER FROM FALSE MOTIVES OR TRUE, CHRIST IS PREACHED. AND BECAUSE OF THIS I REJOICE."

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, for two evenings the world, on broadcast and cable television, watched and heard the central message of the Bible. That Jesus came, died, and rose again. That's what counts. The motives of the producers, advertiser, or actors are only secondary. To quote Paul again , ", CHRIST IS PREACHED. AND BECAUSE OF THIS I REJOICE." In Christ, Steve Barhydt Please put my remarks on your comment site and thank you again for a wonderful movie.

Response: I have really thought this through. Thank you for your insights. -David.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000

Okay, I think I've read about ninety percent of the letter in reference to the Jesus flick. I'm sitting here shaking in my boots. I can't believe a lot of my fellow Christians can't see that this is so obviously the work of the devil himself. You're all so eager to see a portrayal of Jesus that you'll even settle for a blasphemous one. Maybe you feel this movie was about Christ...but it surely wasn't about my Christ. There were so many NEW AGE references in this film it was ridiculous. Instead of writing long drawn out letters on how wonderful the film should take so time out to use the discernment GOD gave you.

You've all been BEGUILED by the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood. Despite all of the inconsistencies this movie said nothing whatsoever about SALVATION or being BORN AGAIN...not even an ALTAR CALL. We never learned why Jesus really died on the cross and we never saw his cast out and demons....sure he mentioned it...but I still would have enjoyed watching him EXORCISING HIS AUTHORITY and giving Satan a run for his money. But they never showed any of me it's all intentional...

This movie was loaded with a lot of NEW AGE slang. First of all the image we have is from some renaissance painting that's rumored to really be the image of a murderer and 2. God forbids we make engraved (and that includes Celluloid) images. Trust image doesn't have to be etched in a stone to be engraved. GOD forbids for a reason folks. He knows the devil will counterfeit it and use it to his advantage. Think folks. The enemy doesn't create...he just counterfeits GOD...because he wants to be "LIKE GOD."

When the antichrist comes he's going to come in a form or image that people are familiar and comfortable with. Look at what happened to eve...there was a familiarity between her and the serpent...that's why GOD put enmity between them. I can't believe how gullible you all are...can't you see you're all being fooled. There is a book out by Gail A. Riplinger called GOD'S WORD WHICH IS IT?...she talks about all the new translations (NIV NEW KING JAMES NEW LIVING NASB) and how they have New Age, Luciferian and Occult messages in may laugh....but she proves it all. She points out that Satan has infiltrated the bible and that he's gradually changing and deleting it right before our very eyes...but we're too blind to see it.

But we read these new versions over the KING JAMES VERSION because we think it's easier....when the truth is..there's been a few slight adjustments made here and there. Just like this film. We excuse these inaccuracies as small ... when the truth is they aren't. This movie had to be approved by the Moslems, the Jews and Christians before they filmed it. What does that tell you? Please wake up folks..these are truly the last days....this movie is just a sign of what's to come. I know this letter will probably never get on site...but Greater is he that is in me then he that is in the world. T.G. ARIEANDOBIE@AOL.COM

Response: Some how I feel sorrow for you. May God break through for you. By the way, do you think missionaries use the 1611 King James English Bible? -David

Subject: God is Gracious
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000
From: Paula

Friends in Christ, Just as Jesus was fully God and fully Human, the recent CBS mini series on the life of Jesus was fully inspiring and fully disturbing. There were parts of the movie which were clearly inaccurate from the standpoint of Scripture, and they have been outlined in the comments of others on this website. There were other parts that were not necessarily inaccurate but were presented in a unique way. They made me think. They made me feel. I cried at the scene where Mary, the Sister of Lazarus, told Jesus, "Now I know who you are." I was touched by the scene where Mary, the mother of Jesus, was somewhat hurt by her son's response to a woman who said, "Blessed is the womb that bore you." I was grieved by the very realistic crucifixion scene where the Roman responded to Jesus that, "We know exactly what we are doing, Messiah!" The most disturbing scene for me was when Satan appears in Gethsemane and says, "It will be for nothing." And then follow the scenes of the Crusades where men killed in the name of Jesus Christ. And I thought to myself, in my own life what have I done in the name of Jesus? I was disappointed by the large gaps in the story. Because of time constraints so many important transitional stories could not be told. The movie seemed to jump too quickly from one scene to another. Obviously, there just wasn't time for everything, but I am concerned that those who are not familiar with the whole story will come away with misconceptions.

I am not a fundamentalist, although I respect the role of fundamentalists in the Christian Church Universal. I consider myself a moderate--liberal in theology but conservative in lifestyle. My reaction to the Jesus mini series was mixed. I believe that it is a tremendous opportunity for dialogue.

Recently I have come to know that God is incredibly gracious. He is gracious beyond anything I can imagine or understand. I have had only had a faint glimpse of His Grace. Certainly, there were opportunities in this film to meditate upon that Grace, to explore the Scriptures and clarify the inaccuracies, and to struggle with the historical doctrines of the Church regarding the nature of Christ.

This film is an opportunity for Christian fundamentalists, moderates, and liberals to carry out our mission faithfully. It is our responsibility to be in dialogue with anyone who was inspired or disturbed by this film. It is our responsibility to listen to those who were inspired and to clarify the inaccuracies for those who were confused. It is such a marvelous opportunity to witness. As we discuss this film, let us remember that we do it in the name of Jesus Christ.
Paula {Please do not publish my e-mail address. Thank you.}

Response: I like the way you think. I like the tolerant kindness your letter invites. -David

Date: Fri, 19 May 2000
From: "DEW"

I've been around a long time and have read many books about Jesus , I have seen too many unrealistic films about him so I decided to watch the CBS mini series "Jesus" with the preconceived attitude "here we go again". I was totally wrong .......Jesus has never seemed so real to me as He did in this film. The crucifixion scene was very difficult to watch but it did make you realize what Jesus was willing to do for us. What a concept....what a wonderful experience!! Do you know if the producers plan to release this film in the DVD DDor DTS format?
Reponse: I hope they will, soon!

Subject: The movie "Jesus"
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000
From: Janet Troy

First I would like to say that I have known Jesus personally for almost 30 years, and we've been through a lot of life together, lot of ups and downs. As in any relationship, ours has evolved over 30 years, and new understandings come from life's experiences as well has God's self-revelations. I find no fault with this movie! It portrays Jesus as I have come to know him, and since the movie aired two days ago I have not stopped thanking him for what he went through for us, for me. I have fallen in love with him all over again! One thing that has touched me so deeply is to see him portrayed as such a real, live, feeling, hurting, joyful, tempted and learning human being, and still so pure. I'm humbled just by Jeremy Sisto's performance, so how much more by the Lord himself! I want to say thank you and congratulations to the makers of this movie and to the actors. I believe they were inspired by the Holy Spirit--at least if the reaction of my heart is any indication--whether or not they are aware of it. And thank you to CBS for airing it, and for airing Touched By An Angel each week. Some folks in Hollywood are listening to their hearts. I would love to express my gratitude to those decision-makers personally. Is there a way to do that?
Janet Troy

Response: I think Lorenzo Minoli will be encouraged by your letter. every film makers seeks to communicate something to the audience. Minoli sought to make Jesus alive in todays world. -David

Subject: Jesus CBS Mini Series
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000
From: "Keith Terrill"

Greetings in the Name of Jesus. The movie may have good intentions. But as has been said before the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This movie feels as though it comes from the evil one himself. I wish to not say this, but the more I review it, the more I watch and re-watch it, the more I am convinced that this is not the movie that lifts up the son of man in truth, but rather delivers a false christ, and anti-christ to the world. I find it more than coincidence that the movie carries the exact name and almost the same style of type as the Campus Crusade Jesus video. A very good and accurate rendition of the gospel message.

There have been many other depictions of Jesus in film and stage, but they all have other names: The Greatest Story Ever Told; GodSpell; Jesus Christ Superstar; etc... The naming of this movie at a time when the Jesus video project is taken the country and even the world by storm is intended by the enemy to cause confusing... which it has, even in my own church. Some have asked me while at the pulpit if this was the one and same movie. I am forced to respond with a resounding "NO!"

I was willing to say that I am just sensitive and misunderstand what the movie is saying. Maybe I still am, but I went to the CBS Jesus site and looked over their time line. They say things such as Jesus did not know who he was, or that it was Thomas that challenged him as a false messiah. They also give poor interpretations and understandings under their "fun facts." And even in one place just plain miss use scripture in a twisted "prof-texting" way.

I wanted to be able to say that this movie has its pluses and its negatives... but I can not... not when with the unbibicle and unsupported scene of Jesus asking John the Baptizer if he would baptize him, and John says if you confess and repent of your sins, then I will baptize you. Jesus nodes ascent to the conditions, and John pats Jesus on his arm and welcomes him to the ministry. WHAT!?! My Bible, I don't know about you, but my Bible says that Jesus was with out sin... when did Jesus have to confess his sins and repent of them?!? Further, my Bible says that John responded by saying that it was Jesus that should baptize John, and that Jesus had no need to be baptized!

This movie has made Jesus to me not Man-God, God-Man... but rather a man that did not know who he was, confused about his mission, and forced into being the key leader of a new world religion, one that had to be taught by his followers, one that is much less than the Christ of the Bible, much less then the Christ of history...
Keith L Terrill Pastor
web site:

Response: Did we see the same film?

Subject: Totally twisted & really bad acting!!
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000
From: "barbara"

Let me tell you, the Jesus movie was a total misrepresentation of the truth! The writers twisted and molded the truth into what they wanted it to be. It was ridiculous! Their were so many mistakes but I'll only point out a few. ~When John the Baptist was telling Jesus that the Romans started crucifying people up side down, that was wrong. The truth is, Peter chose to be crucified up side down because he didn't feel worthy to die the same way that Jesus died. ~Jesus was never in love with Mary or any woman. He knew that lust was wrong and he was perfect, therefore he couldn't have because he was SINLESS! ~Jesus didn't have to find out why he was here. He knew why he was here. That's why he took the first chance he had to preach in the temple. (Are you saying romantic feelings are lust? -David)

~It is totally wrong that John the Baptist told Jesus to confess his sins when he was baptized. Jesus didn't need to confess any sins because he didn't have any. He was SINLESS! John was very humble when Jesus came to the river to be baptized. In fact, John said that Jesus should be the one baptizing him! ~When Satin tells Jesus that he can give him all the power in the world Jesus says "how?" Jesus would have never said that. Jesus told Satin to go away. (John was not always sure about Jesus. From prison, shortly before he died, he asked if Jesus was the messiah, or not -David)

This was the sorriest movie I've ever seen in my life. Almost every thing was wrong. Of course you might know that if you would read the BIBLE! The information wasn't the only bad thing. The acting was horrible. The next time you make a movie, especially about a true story, look at the facts first.

Response: Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your thoughts.

Subject: Jesus: the Epic Mini-Series
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000
From: "William E Schellhaas"

Sure there were inaccuracies and during the first part I felt it was a little to deverted from the original, but it touched me enough that regardless I knew I would watch part 2. After part I was totally engrossed in it. If a program about Jesus can touch me deeply and bring tears to my eyes, then it was worth it. I know what's written in the Bible, and I can enjoy this version more because of it. I felt it wasn't long enough for four hours. King of Kings was four hours but seemed to touch upon almost everything. I will be trying to get the European version of Jesus for the 40 extra minutes of footage not shown in the U.S.
God Bless you all William Schellhaas

Response: I think everybody wants the european version. I have never enjoyed cut versions of any thing. CBS may have exclusive rights at this time, but it will all change. As I understand it the uncut Jesus Series will available at some point in time. I hope Joseph and Mary Magdalene will be too. -David

Subject: Mini-series
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000
From: Billy

I work in a small place where religion is discussed at times with most people's opinions differing. The christians there have good intentions but you know what they say about those.None of these people watched your series for some feeble excuse or other and it is my opinion, and only my opinion, that they missed a blessing.I often grow tired of our "christians of convenience"(only when it is convenient for them or their beliefs i.e. " I can't eat in a restaurant that serves wine because its an alcoholic beverage but I can buy groceries in a store where they sell it...because its not been opened" There are grocery stores here that refuse to sell alcohol but these people can't shop there, the prices are too high.) The mini series may have had a few small indiscrepancies with the bible but was to me a seemingly accurate portrayal overall.My respect goes out to the cast and crew and especially to Jeremy Sisto for doing such a wonderful job. Thank you for an experience that I would have been sorry had I missed it.
Sincerely, Billy

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