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Differences between the CBS and International version
SPECIAL PAGE -Interview with Lorenzo Minoli

I will respond to various letters as I can over the next few weeks. -David

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BAD NEWS concerning the Vidmark release:

(Jn 26 2000) I just received this notice from Italy:
"the DVD of Vidmark will be NOT the International Version of 'Jesus'. I hope that the director's cut on DVD will be avalaible in EU for the next fall (I am in charge for that in Italy). I'll work on it as soon as am free following the filming of "Paul of Tarsus".
God bless you Gianmario

Subject: Thanks from the director
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000
From: Roger Young

Thank you for posting the letters, both pro and con, on "Jesus" the mini-series. I directed the film, and it's great to read what people thought of it.
Roger Young, Director

Response: Most everyone in the comments liked the film. For me it was a very powerful film. Thank you, I really appreciated the fresh vision of Jesus that you brought. And thanks for taking the time to read over the comments. -David

Subject: Thank you
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000
From: The producer

Dear David
Thank you for your support and the responses you gave to the letters. I respect every comment and I have to tell you that I have read all of them. I want to assure you of one thing, I did not intend to offend anyone.
Lorenzo Minoli

Response: It was a tremendous event here in the US. I know this series has taken 10 years out of your life and you have spent many hours away from home on this labor of love. I really appreciate the enormous investment you have made to make the stories of the Bible come alive for people worldwide. I know of no other person who has been able to put together an international team as you have. The world of cinema and faith are better places because of your vision and dedication.

Subject: "Joseph", "Mary Magdalene" and "Jesus" director's cut
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000
From: "Gianmario Pagano"

David, your site is wonderful. Thank you very much for your work. I am very pleased to read the comments of the viewers; especially those who enjoyed the film, as you can imagine. I am one of the Italian staffers that made the film, and I know very well the difference between EU (and international) version and the version of CBS (that you saw in USA). The International version is actually the director?s cut. But, nevertheless, the CBS cut was approved by him. As soon as I am able I will send you a scheme of the differences between the two versions. Tell me if you are interested. (Gianmario did send it -click here).

Also, I want to clearify that "Joseph" and "Mary Magdalene" belong to another project, totally different from "Jesus", even if also produced by Lux VIDE. You can publish my e-mail, but I cannot assure that I will respond to all the letters I could receive for this. You can also correct my weak English? (It's very good)
Ciao Gianmario

Response: I can tell you that we got a ton of people here in the US that would love to purchase the Director's Cut Version of JESUS. I am also sure that if many would love to get Mary Magdalene and Joseph as well. Thank you for your offer to receive email from whom ever. I hope many will write of their appreciation for the hard work you all put into the JESUS film.
Email to: "Gianmario Pagano"

A note from David Bruce: I have a friend by the name of David Buckna and he has posted a huge collection of articles and reviews on the Jesus miniseries. From TV Guide to Jay Leno, he has it all. Check it out

great mini series
Subject: JesusMiniSeries
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002
From: C.

The Jesus Miniseries had a great effect on me - I was not a christian when I saw it, but it had such an impact on me. In particular, the scene at the end, which Cbs cut was the most memorable scene for me which shows Jesus walking on earth which he does by way of The Holy Spirit. I am only very sorry that I can not obtain a copy of this series on video! I have tried for so long, but it seems I can not get one compatible for our vcrs in Australia. Our vcrs use the Pal system. I hope and pray that the tv stations here show it again so I can record it myself.
Regards C.Phillips.

Subject: Jesus Mini Series
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002
From: Elizabeth
I watched the CBS broadcast of Jesus and it really turned my life around. While I was already a believer in Jesus , this movie really opened my eyes as to how much pain Jesus endured with the crucifiction, how so many turned against him, and really made me understand how so many of us have really forgotten the true word of Christ. And how alot of people in the world today have simply forgotten how to love one another even our enemies. So I would like to say thank you CBS and the crew of the movie you have trully renewed my faith STRONGLY. And I really liked the edited version of Jesus in our time...we could only dream to be so lucky.

Subject: "Jesus"
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002
From: Chevy

Is the international version (uncut) of Jesus mini series with Jeremy Sisto, available to buy yet? If so where? I have the version that runs 174 min., but it doesnt have the original ending, or God speaking at Jesus's baptism.....
Please, can you let me know?
Thanks ~

Response: It is not out yet, nor will it ever be. -David

Subject: JesusMiniSeries International version
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002
From: Ron D'Antonio

I was once again in touch with Trimark (Lions Gate Films) about the release of the International version of "Jesus." Their response was that they had planned to release it but sales dropped after an enthusiastic beginning so they are not going to release the international version. We get six thousand editions of everything else. I think it's the same Anti-Christian attiude that permeates Hollywood. I guess Dave your following never wrote in to Trimark as I suggested. I'm really upset about this.
Ron D'Antonio

Response: I am sorry to. I wish CBS had never altered it in the first place. -David

Subject: JesusMiniSeries
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002
From: Trinket

Hi! What would be really great, is if you could make wallpaper for computers, out of some of the pics!!! I loved the movie, and it would be nice to have as wallpaper, or a screen saver. Is this possible?

Response: I have precious little time. Sorry. -David

Subject: Jesus Miniseries
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001
From: "Linda"

Do you know or have news about an actor that played Jesus killed in a car accident? I think I heard a gossip near an office were I worked, but I was just passing by and was afraid of asking.

Subject: Jesus Mini Series
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001
From: Everett

Thanks for creating Hollywood Jesus. I just ordered "Jesus" on DVD for my Bible study group.
Yours truly, Everett

P.S. Have you considered changing your name to Dvd? Only kidding.

Subject: JesusMiniSeries
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001
From: Ron D'Antonio

I emailed Lions Gate Films about the release date of the International version of "Jesus".Their excuse now is that they never planned to release the international version on DVD. I was told several times it was on the list and coming in 2001 and then Easter 2002. I wish we could contact the director and have him find out what's what. I'm starting to get ticked off with this company and I really want the International version.
Ron D'Antonio

Subject: Jesus Mini Series
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2001
From: Ron D'Antonio

I have been informed by Mr. Scott Hayman of Lions Gate Films that there are no plans to issue the International version of "Jesus "on DVD. As I told you I was told that it was due out this year,now they've done an about face. I guess your readers haven't written in to request this release. Too bad.

Subject: JesusMiniSeries
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001
From: "Betty Hines"

I was in the hospital this past year and saw parts of a movie "Jesus" while recovering from surgery. Due to the pain medication, I was unable to stay awake to watch the entire movie. What I saw was excellent. Could you please tell me when this movie was on TV? Thank you. I look forward to your response. Sincerely, Mrs. Hines

Response: Just rent it at your local video store. -David

Subject: Jesus Mini Series
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001
From: tom

Do you know of any way to purchase the european version on dvd?
thanks tom

Response: There is no way to get a copy. Sorry. -David

Subject: Jesus the miniseries
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001
From: Palma

Hello I currently own a copy of the above, but apparantly it is not the unedited copy. You have links on your website to to purchase the vhs, how can I tell if it is the unedited "international" verison of the mini series. Now that I know that version exists, I would like a copy.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance

Response: to get acopy in the U.S. -DavidI wish it was available, but there is no way

Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2001

I checked again at Lion's Gate (Trimark) about the release of the International version of "Jesus". Originally it was to be this year. It seems it has been put into the TBA file. I was told maybe Easter2002. If eveyone who wrote into Hollywood Jesus wrote to or called Lion's Gate Entertainment maybe they'd move on this.

Response: Yes, everyone write Lion's Gate Entertainment. This is a good idea. -David

Subject: JesusMiniSeries
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2001
From: viviena

hi! i'm from Malaysia, an islamic country in the far east and i saw this miniseries in DVD.

it is a very interesting story. it makes me laugh & cry at the same time and also love the fact that there are two women in love with jesus (mary magdalene's affections is truly transparent).

bravo to jeremy sisto for his sexiness in the epic. thanks

Subject: It's me again.
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001

I just found out that JOSEPH OF NAZARETH and MARY MAGDALENE were the first in a series about the friends of Jesus. The next two are, in no particular order, JUDAS and THOMAS.

Sorry, but the misinformation I gave was late-breaking news in the UK. I meant that the three of them were to be packaged together, but nothing came of it.

Date: Wed, 23 May 2001
From: R

I spoke with someone at Lion's Gate films (Trimark) about a release date for the International Version of "Jesus".I was told it's on the list but no date is set. I would suggest those who want the International version should call 310-314-2000 and ask them to stop dragging their feet on this title.
Please don't post my name or email.

Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001
From: John

Please do not print my email address.
I thought this was a very Anglo version of Jesus, made specifcally to cater to right wing Bible belt Anglo Saxon lunatics. Unlike "Jesus of Nazzareth" or dare I say, "The Last Temptation of Christ", both VASTLY superior films, there is nothing historically accurate about this film. Jesus is portrayed as a White Anglo Protestant Republican. I didnt' like this Anglosized version of Jesus at all. Jeremey Sisto is a classic suburban kid, and how old is he, 22? The acting was HORRIBLE. "I'm a prostitute", wow what elegance was that line delieverd with.[sarcasm]. Jesus was not even White, but at least previous White Jesus's were not so Anglosized. This looks like a film a youth group from a Baptist church would make. There is a scene where Jesus even seems like a bigot, saying "we all learn new things", referring to the Cannanite woman. I doubt Jesus had to learn that. And very Anglo Jeremey Sisto would be the outcast in Judea 2,000 years ago. I prefer a Jesus movie with a message, historically accurate, and good direction and acting.

Response: It was written by a Canadian and produces by Italians. Not by US Republicans. I think you brought a lot to this film that has to do with you, and not the film. -David

Subject: re-airng of jesus; do not print my address, please

Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001
From: Mark

well they editted it again, you would think cbs would get the hint the first time, oh well...for all of you who were sooo offended, it does not claim to be biblically accurate nor the word of God. this movie does an excellent job at protrying jesus' humanity, but like all protrayls of God, it falls short. the divine mystery of fully human yet fully divine is a reality that humanity will never understand until the last day. finally though, some one addresses temptation of the flesh fuuly, jesus' humanity and love (yes, if he was human, he had to have been tempted by lust). we must remember that temtation is not sin, giving over to temptation is sin...two distrubing aspects however-

1) jesus and his ignorance of his father's call, this damages his ability to be fully divine

2) this one no one caught on this web site (or at least i didn't read it): JESUS FORGIVES SATAN? where did that come from? are we to understand satan as a moral being with a soul? this was a bit distrubing for sure overall however, a great protrayal of Jeus and his humanity.

Euro ending was the best statement i've seen about christ in our world today ever...

Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001
From: Angeline

David, I watched again the Jesus Mini Series last week. I was hoping they would show at least the version with Jesus ending with the children. Talk about dumb decisions by TV people. I still think this is one of the best versions of Jesus made so far. I'm wondering is there a chance they will make a directors cut in DVD that we can get here in the states. I can't believe that Vidmark decided to go with the CBS version the other version, knowing how many people wanted the directors verison. Also, I saw the Mary Magdalene movie that came out. I was greatly disappointed in it. There were some redeeming qualities about it, but not enough interaction with Jesus in this for me. God Bless and I hope you keep Hollywood Jesus going.

Response: Unfortunitly it is not possible.

Subject: The Most Human and yet the More Divine JESUS!
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001
From: Gary A. Valenzuela

Absolutely amazing!, a new and fresh (not to say modern) approach to the figure of Jesus.

This is the best audiovisual Jesus I've ever seen. I liked the way they do it, specially showing us a real HUMAN person, without giving up on their divinity or spirituality. This is a labor of love.

This will remain in my memory as the best retelling of the story of Jesus. The "bird incident" is one of my favorites! Congratulations to the director and his crew, and of course all the actors who take part on this GEM!

On the sadly note, I saw the edited version, I hope someday I could watch all the deleted scenes from this miniseries.

THIS is a JESUS you can relate to. Playing, Dancing, Laughing and Smiling are nice touches that reconciles us with HIM, and show us that WE are not far from HIM.
Gary A. Valenzuela
La Paz - Bolivia (South America)
-- "We don't do it for the glory. We don't do it for the recognition. We do it because it needs to be done. Because if we don't, no one else will. And we do it even if no one knows what we've done. Even if no one knows we exist. Even if no one remembers that we ever existed."
*** Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) *** Christmas With The Superheroes #2 (Dec 1989)

Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001
From: "Amay Dufault"

I really appreciated the Jesus movie that I saw on TV. I thought that Jesus was portrayed so well, grieving, dancing, laughing and loving. I liked the way that Bible truths and teaching is portrayed in a very believable manner and very close to the written account. I congratulate you for such a engaging and profound presentation of the life of Jesus Christ and also the portrayal of human nature in light of our temptations and sinfulness. May the hope of our risen Lord touch your life this Easter.

Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001
From: MARK

This was one of the worst portrayals of Jesus I ever saw. I would not want to follow a Jesus who had to be pushed into his ministry by Mary. Half the time, he didn't even seem like he knew what he was supposed to do. He let the people direct what he was supposed to do, I don't think this is what God would have directed his son to do. When he was choosing his apostles, it was laughable. It was more like someone choosing a baseball team in grade school, as the apostles would shout "choose me!, choose me!" I saw one comment where someone said this is the Jesus for all, well its not the Jesus of the bible, it is some Hollywood concoction of a completely watered down Jesus that has no substance nor power. If you want to see a true masterpiece about the live of Christ that follows more or less according to scripture with only a little deviation, see Franco Zefferellli's Jesus of Nazareth. That is the best miniseries I have seen. This Jesus by CBS is a joke.
Mark email:

Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001
From: Marissa

We watched this the other night and I was very moved. It was BEAUTIFUL!! The ONLY part I had a problem with was Jesus' baptisim. As the "dove" is such an intrigal part of the christian faith, and is used as a symbol of christianity, I think they made a very large mistake by choosing to omit it. And there could have been a few more of the miracles that Jesus performed during his ministry protrayed. Other than that I would HIGHLY recommend it.!

Subject: My thoughts
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001
From: Laura

I know there was various opinions on this mini-series. I thought it was absolutely wonderful, the best I have seen. It was the first time I had ever seen Jesus shown actually playing with children, dancing at weddings and laughing. I can't believe he walked around those years with such a stern look on his face. Of course he had joyous times! I feel that this should be shown every year (or two) just as Moses is. Hats off to those who directed, produced, written, etc.

Subject: Inaccurate, but God can use it Jesus Mini Series
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000
From: The Travis Family

I saw most of the miniseries, and really didn't know what I thought of it. I "shelved" it in my mind for a long time, but I found this website and reading the comments of others really helped cement in my own mind what I think. When I saw it, I found it both disturbing and thought-provoking. Jesus was shown as much more human and believable than He was in Jesus of Nazareth, but there were things that bothered me, especially the part with John the Baptist where Jesus is asked to repent. That was in no way a minor inaccuracy. I read on your site that there was a final part that was edited out which depicted children from all over the world running to Jesus, then dressed in modern clothes. You said it was edited out because the network thought it would offend some Christians. I don't see, at least from your description, what could be so bad about that. Why did they edit that out but leave in the other, which was truly offensive?

I can sympathize with those who have pointed out the inaccuracies. Who Jesus is, and all that He is, is so dear to Christians that some of us cannot help but want to point out the truth. Others have called us "holier than thou," "fundamentalists" (as though it were a bad thing to believe the Bible), and other names for doing so, but it is a love for the real Jesus that compels us to do it. But I also agree with the two people who pointed out Philippians 1:15-18 where Paul states that he will rejoice that Christ is preached, even if the one doing the preaching doesn't have pure motives for doing so. The Name of Jesus was put out to people who may have never paid attention to Him before. Jesus Himself said "No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him," (John 6:44a NKJV). If God is drawing someone who does not yet know Jesus, and that person sees this movie, then their interest will be piqued and they will be likely to check out the real story in the Bible. I think people generally know that Hollywood isn't going to tell the story truly accurately. I admit this is an optimistic view, but the comments I've read show that at least one person has come to the real Jesus after watching this mini-series. Jesus also said, "All that the Father gives me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out" (John 6:37). It is very conceivable that a person will watch this movie and decide he wants to get to know the real Jesus, even though the film does have problems, not all of which are minor. If God is already calling that person, He can certainly use this film, which does in some measure tell His story. And He won't have a problem with them for not coming through a traditional route. I don't think the film has a lot of use for people who are already Christians, nor do I really recommend it as an evangelistic tool. But people have seen it and will see it, and I believe God can use it to bring glory to Himself dispite the wrong that is in it.
Please don't post my email address.

Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2000
From: "Barbara Hoekstra"

I thought that your movie was well done and that Jeremy Sisto did a wonderful job of playing Jesus as Someone we can really relate to. This movie caused me to dig into my Bible and get to know Jesus more personally. My favourite part of the movie was when Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane and Satan comes to tempt him again. Although this dialogue is not biblical, I thought it was good because here, Jesus explains his mission and why he must die -- God loved us so much that He sent His only Son, so that if we just believe in Jesus, we will have eternal life. Give God all the glory! This scene shows just how much our dear Saviour loved us -- He was willing to die for us. He became for us all that we needed. I love Him so much and will live my life for Him. Thank you for this movie.

Subject: Is the series available in Singapore?

Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000

Hi David, I was really glad to chance upon this review on the Jesus Mini Series. But i'm afraid we may not get this in Asia, particularly Singapore. I believe if sold in Singapore, this series would be a great hit and most likely touch the hearts of many. Therefore, i really appreciate if you could give me some help on this one.
From Liyang Tan

Subject: Irony
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000
From: Elle

After watching the Jesus miniseries (which I enjoyed very much) and then reading the comments on your page (which I found both encouraging and amusing) I had to comment myself. Excuse me, but was there some sort of gratuitous sex scene involving Jesus and Mary of Bethany that I missed out on and others saw? All I saw was a love scene, and if that is sin then CALL ME A SINNER! Which, I guess I am anyway, but that is besides the point. Aside from that, I think that this depiction of Jesus was useful for this day and age. So many people I know, including myself have been raised to know Jesus as an unreachable entity. A friend of mine once told me that Jesus has too much to worry about to handle his dumb problems, but that is just not true. I think that this miniseries may have helped people to see Jesus as the human being that He was. Why do you think God decided to do this anyway? I watched the movie and cried because it helped me to understand many questions I have had about my belief in Him. I know all the scripture, I am a pastor's kid, but I never had the relationship and I guess, what I am trying to say is that this show made sort of a window as to what I have been looking for in my Lord. It hurts to read the supernegative comments about this movie because I don't see any type of love or understanding in them which is what leads most people to not believe in God to begin with. It's just sad and I hope people can realize that. Anyway, I love this web site and the miniseries was terriff!
Toodles, Elle

Subject: Jesus mini series
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000
From: "Captain Phil"

Hi David, I was fascinated by the articles on the Jesus mini series, it look great. Do you know if it is available in video in UK, or when it will be, and who is distributing it? Many thanks, Phil Clark

Response: Check with your local video store. It should be out soon.

Date: Sun, 21 May 2000
From: XtraKool

GOD BLESS U DAVID!!! HJ RULES!!!! hooray for jesus miniseries and all of us like u who know who the real jesus is!! amen

Subject: I Missed It-But Would Like to Comment
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000
From: Velvia Wylie also at

I missed the airing of Jesus, I but I going to rent it as soon as Blockbuster gets it. I'm not sure about most of everyone's negative comments, but I am VERY disturbed about how a love relationship is CONTINUALLY referred to by people on this board as LUST. Since we know Jesus is perfect, and sinless, then we know that his love for Mary had to be PURE and SINLESS. Love does not equal lust. Even I, as a sinful human, can romantically love a man without having lust in my heart. And about John asking Jesus to confess. Not having seen the movie, I can't really begin to comment, accept to maybe ask, Did Jesus actually confess any sins? And what's wrong with Jesus asking the Devil how could he give him power? Merely asking the question says nothing. The devil could have gone on for 40 days with descriptions of how he could get Jesus power-Jesus still would not have fallen to temptation. And one person said that Jesus knew that his prayers would be answers before he prayed them. I don't think that's true. He prayed that if it was God's will, would he take the cup from his lips. i.e. He prayed not to have to go through the crucifixation et. al, but that was the way God willed it to happen and He obeyed God's will. I really want to see the miniseries. From the comments, I'm not sure that I'll agree with every artistic license taken-but I'm sure that I'd like it, overall. Because, I have read the Bible. Including All Four Gospels. And I love Jesus with my whole heart. But let's be real people. The Gospels don't include every word Jesus ever spoke, every miracle or deed he ever did. We can only "guess, figure, reason" what he did in the times that the Gospels do not speak about. I do believe it is true that we only need the Bible to know who Jesus is to fall in love with Him, and to allow Him to become the Lord of our lives. But I don't fault the movie-makers for "filling in the gaps" and providing a more complete picture. Our minds do it any way. We try to figure out who Jesus really is-that comes with having a personal relationship with Him. Or at least it should. Too many people accept that He is God, but don't try to see that Jesus was also human, and can empathize with us in EVERY WAY. Which bring me full circle. How could Jesus know how I, personally, feel when I am in love with a non-Christian who wants me to be with him and deny my Christian calling, if he didn't deal with the same sort of issue? Christ had every opportunity to sin, just like we do, but unlike us, He JUST didn't. Because He is the Christ. Now and Forever. Wow, I had a lot to say and I haven't even seen the movie yet. Oh, David...Just one more comment about the John the Baptist scene. Just because John the Baptist questioned Jesus' identity before he, John, died, does not mean that he questioned Christ's identity in the beginning. I highly doubt the the forerunner for Jesus could doubt Jesus while standing in His presence. I chalk up the doubts about Jesus that John had at the end to him being human and scared, about to die, and just wanting reassurance from his Lord whom he hadn't seen in some time. It's easy to doubt when you are not in the presence of the Lord. Anyone feel free to email me.
God Bless You All.
Velvia Wylie also at

Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000
From: Mary Ann

I've read through some of the comments, and truly don't have much to add. I just rented this film, my 10 year old son saw it in school and said it was a great show. Well, if my 10 year old said it was good, I had to see it, since I missed it this summer. There was a film out several years ago, called, Jesus, I believe, and I thought it was good. But this one--this was truly spiritually uplifting. This film fed me spiritually and still has a strong impact on me. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I could go on and on, but all I can say, is that I believe it was spiritually inspired and therefore it was spiritually uplifting.!!

Subject: Full Mini Series Version
From: K. de Souza

Will someone please tell me how to get a hold of the full version of the Jesus Mini Series? It's really hard to find in Toronto. I really love the part in the end where Jesus appears as a modern man and I don't want any scenes edited out. I appreciate any help on this one. Thank you. K. de Souza

Response: I understand Vidmark will release the full version in the U.S. in 20001 -David

Subject: New bible films
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000

Well, I saw the tv guide FALL PREVIEW issue and looked for any new bible film releases-Saw the 'IN THE BEGINNING' photo it reminded me of the Sunn Classic series in the 70's Greatest Heroes of the Bible-we can only wait and see.- --I haven't read anything on your site about the animated film THE MIRACLEMAKER with the voice of Ralphe Finnes as Jesus - I found it refreshing- the story of Jesus through a child 's eyes- very simply told ;great computor graphics .I purchased the DVD which gives great background on the whole technical process-kind of a Rudolph the red nose reindeer animation for the year 2000.This is a perfect way to introduce a young person to the story of Christ. Saw "Jeremiah" on Pax -it was a little slow.Yet the interior shot of the temple were incredible.I just purchased the box set of the unreleased bible series films- GENESIS, ESTHER,SOLOMAN, JEREMIAH for only 27.00 on amazon .Haven't received them yet. I'll let you know what I think. Any news about Paul of Tarsus? When wil it be shown? Something your reader my enjoy -A friend of mine played Birds - eye Taylor on the series CHRISTY- he said they have filmed some new episodes to be shown on PAX----info on Again, thanks for the great website.I thought I was the only person nuts about Bible films
----In Christ , Mark, the Jesus film freak. www.marknoel@
P.S. Did I tell you I have seen the only complete copy of THE PASSION PLAY filmed in 1897 The very first jesus movie!

Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000
From: J.D.

I just thought I'd weigh in on some of the debate going on. Please print my email address...I'd love to get some responses.

It stuns me to think that people are so offended by this mini-series/movie. I finally got to watch it on video this weekend, and I found it to be most inspiring.

To those who disagree with Debra Messing's partial nude scene as Mary Magdalene: She was a prostitute! The lowest of the low. That was the point. We got to know the character and feel sorry for her. How many prostitutes do you know that don't have sex their clients or occasionally have on their birthday suits? The point was to show that Jesus reached out to the downtrodden and the castaway. He came not to minister unto the healthy but unto those that needed Him--the sinful! Repressing our attitudes about sexuality makes them that much more mystified to our children...and how can we expect them to act maturely about these things later when we warp their minds by just turning away and pretending we didn't see it. The responsible parent needs to talk to their child and say that yes Mary was naked, but she was in sin. The Lord brought her out of it. Sin is never sanitary, and that was what the movie was depicting in that scene--sin!

To those that think Jesus should have been more divine than human: I see your point, but the wonderful thing about Jesus was that he was both human and divine equally. The Bible clearly states that Jesus was tempted in all ways that we are. That includes EVERYTHING. I for one was glad to see a Lord that could actually LAUGH and dance in joy. Enough with picturing our Savior as some dour man who never smiled and who never broke his solemnity. Enough with a boring unemotional depiction of Christ, who is one of the most vibrant people to ever walk the earth. I was glad to see a Lord that could RUN. Jesus was like us, and never until now have I truly gotten it. Jesus cried, laughed, played, hurt, and felt in every way human. And that makes me feel closer to him, because he has walked the paths that I have walked. I love him for that.

And for those of you who think that Jesus couldn't fall in love: COME ON, give Jesus a break! He was a man. Yes a man. Jesus had a penis. Did you ever stop to think of that?? He was male, wasn't he? Surely he had hormones to go with it! He WAS completely human after all. Just because he might have loved his cousin Mary (oh here go the incest cries--put them to rest, they did things differently back in those days), doesn't mean he lusted sinfully for her. Romantic love and sex are two different things, and I think those of you who are confusing them might need to rethink your ideals and inspect things that might be lying deeper in your psyche than you might have explored. Don't you think there is any possibility that Jesus might have looked at a girl and been attracted to her? He never followed through on any sexual thought, but that doesn't mean the temptation never came up.

To those of you who are worried about the inconsistencies between the movie and the actual Bible: How many times have you read all the gospels and noticed that neither one of them tell the exact same story? The four accounts of Jesus's life vary wildly and include and exclude various different stories. They were all written by men (inspired of God), from different point of views, for different audiences, and for different purposes. Why not use this movie for what it is good for? It is a great incentive for further study into God's Word!

Most of our traditional depictions of Christ show him as a weak man and a cold unfeeling man. This simply is not true. Christ cried at the funeral of Lazarus in the Bible. One can only assume that he also laughed, joked, played, hurt, dreaded, tired, became confused, and any other human quality. The version of Christ that was represented here did not strike me as blasphemous. Rather it made me think about what Christ really was. See, up until this point, I never got it that Christ was EVER on my level. But he was! He was a human and felt in all ways as a human did! Christ was tempted just as we were. To God be the glory...but major props are due to Jeremy Sisto for capturing the humanity of Christ in this movie.

The movie preached nothing about salvation or the baptism of repentance in its true form. But does that make it a bad movie?? What we saw in the movie was the beginning of the Christian age. If you remember, during the time period that this movie was supposed to be depicting, even the disciples had no clue as to what Jesus' intent was. Only after they were endowed with the Holy Spirit on Pentecost were they fully aware of what Jesus had done and what God's plan of salvation was. This time in Jesus' life was not meant to preach being born again, since that would be impossible until after his death, burial and resurrection. My question to you is this: why not use the movie as a springboard to get people to actually inspect the Word? Perhaps they will be noble and "search the scriptures to find out whether these things are so!" The entire plan of salvation could not have been included in the movie...or the whole of the Bible would have to be there! The life of Jesus was only the beginning of the Christian age.

As for the graven images, God did give that order when He issued the ten commandments. For what reason? Because his children were worshipping idols. That was the meaning of the graven image. God does not forbid that we make films about the life of his son. If it were the case that God did, would not also the use of internet websites be considered an "engraved image?" What about video-taped sermons or compact discs with Christian music literally burned into them? What about the paintings of Jesus or the mosaic picture windows that hang in many large churches? But really...are you saying it is sinful to try to depict Jesus on the television or movie screen??

As for the way Jesus appears in this movie...I think he appears as many people have grown accustomed to picturing Jesus, which is of course inaccurate. Most people have a preconceived notion (based on pure ethnocentrism) that Jesus was a white guy, when he was actually a Jew. (Imagine the Ku Klux Klan hating Jews in the name of Jesus...pretty ridiculous, eh?) Picture any Palestinian or Israeli citizen you ever see on the news...and that is probably what Jesus resembled. The long hair and all are pure conjecture. It's doubtful he was a white bread boy like me, but for some reason our white dominated culture likes to think he was.

Have you ever taken the time to research the inaccuracies contained within the King James Version?? They are there. The King James is peppered with Catholic influence that was not there in the original manuscripts. It was translated in a time where the Catholic church held political power. (I do not wish to offend anybody of Catholic faith, of course, but my beliefs differ from theirs.) Not to mention the fact that the King James is often hard to read for those who are less educated. Much of the Elizabethan prose has become out of step with modern American english which can cause confusion and misinterpretation. Many of the words used in the King James are archaic and no longer mean the same thing if anything at all. Try getting somebody to read and understand the verse containing the words "hart" and "roe" and I will bet you that 99 percent of the readers won't understand that the actual words are "deer" and "rabbit." Try getting people to understand what measures a "firkin" or "cubit" are. Do you honestly think that our missionaries in Africa or remote areas are going to get the people there to comprehend "thee" and "thou" and force them to use a language to read Holy Verse that we don't even use anymore? That seems kind of unfair!

Honestly, if you want to read the Bible without any transliteration or adjustment, you really should just read it from the Greek and Hebrew versions. There are parallel Bibles that translate the Bible word for word with no stylism or adjustment. That is the pure scripture! However, some of us cannot either purchase these Bibles, nor learn Greek or Hebrew. So we would like to have something we understand. Did you know that in the King James Version there is a cover-up involving baptism? In the original language, the word baptizo was the equivalent to our word "immersion." At the time of the translation of the Bible, however, the practice of baptizing by sprinkling or pouring a cup of water on the head had evolved by false teaching. When translating, they could not overcome that the word baptizo meant complete immersion in water. But to be safe politically, they simply transformed the word baptizo into the word baptize, in order to make it vague and open to interpretation. The translators of the King James deliberately put the eternal future of everyone's immortal soul at risk by causing such vagueness and confusion over one of the steps in God's plan of salvation! No version is perfect, not even the precious King James Version, except for the original scrolls that the authors of the Bible wrote them on.

That being said... just because something doesn't coincide with your personal beliefs doesn't mean it is necessarily of the devil. Take the movie as I took it: a human work. A work that can cause people to think. Question your beliefs about your savior and who He was as a man. Don't swallow everything that you've heard since childhood. The movie made Jesus more real to me than he ever was. It compelled me to return to the church and examine my life. It compelled me to examine the Bible more. It did not become at any point dogmatic, because that was not the purpose. Jesus was not dogmatic...he was just simply truth. He condemned those who were close minded in his day, and we still today have modern day pharisees who say that they have all the answers (and I mean ALL) and that anyone who should disagree with them gets their power from the devil and antichrist and such like. Jesus most of all encouraged us to follow not man, but the Father, and to do it through love and peace.

Is the movie scripture?? No. But can it be a start on a fruitful spiritual inquiry? Yes. Can that really be the fruit of demons??

Peace to you all, and may God live in all of your hearts.


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