A Question of Faith, Angela White

Interview with A Question of Faith Producer Angela White

October 6, 2017
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Breaking many industry norms, the new faith-based movie A Question of Faith hopes to become a surprise hit among Christian filmgoers this fall. The film features a well-known cast, a unique and compelling storyline that touches on timely topics such as racial prejudice, the debate surrounding organ donation while intertwining a strong Christian message. Question of Faith released from Pure Flix on September 29, 2017, in more than 600 theaters.

Angela White of Silver Lining Entertainment is the first African American female to produce a faith-based film for theatrical release. She took time to answer a few questions for Hollywood Jesus readers.

What initially attracted you to this project?

My Executive Producer, Dr. Cameron Lewis, wanted to do a faith-based film, so I reached out to a few colleagues who referred me to screenplay writers who do this type of content. I was referred to Ty Manns who wrote this script, and I loved the multi-layered story present and the fact he was open to us further developing the script.


With three ethnicities represented in the storyline, do you hope this film will reach a wide audience? What can this film do to encourage healing and reconciliation in our divided nation?

I am very encouraged that people of all cultures and ethnicities will enjoy this story as they can see themselves on screen. I am prayerful that the film will reach a wide audience and that seeing racial reconciliation on the screen will encourage people to start healing race relations in this country.


You started this project long before the tragic events in Charlottesville. The film encourages us to drop our prejudices. How would you like to see the Christian film industry enter the conversation of racism and reconciliation?

I think the church is a great place to start the conversations on racial healing as God loves everyone and only sees our heart. We need to be more like Christ in that regard. What better place than the church to start having these conversations that can spread to the masses. Historically, the church has always been on the front line of politics and race relations in this country, and I do not see that changing in the near future. Our spiritual leaders are in a great position to lead the country out of these difficult and turbulent times. 


A Question of Faith gives a solid call to action. It asks audience members to consider both organ donation and a pledge to not text and drive. How do you hope audiences respond to this call to action?

I really hope that audiences will take the pledge to stop “texting and driving” as this has been a huge issue in this country regarding the many vehicle accidents. Distracted driving has not been focused or discussed enough in this country and I hope A Question of Faith can start the conversations. Regarding organ donation and the pro’s and con’s, we hope that people will have an open mind to it and learn for themselves how giving another human being a part of them is just like God giving us his love. 


You are a trailblazer for African American women in the entertainment industry. What advice do you have for African American women who want to pursue similar leadership roles?

I would advise African American women to have really good mentors around them and people who only want the best for them, so they can feel the love and be encouraged to pursue their God-given purpose. It is really important to keep distractors and negativity away, as this can take you off your path. Keep God first in your life and make sure you stay focused on whatever the goal is you are trying to accomplish. A lot of times, we can lose focus and not ever accomplish the goal. Overall, seek other’s who have accomplished similar feats and do not be afraid to take risks. Life is all about choices. Step out on faith and keep focused.


What is next for you and Silver Lining Entertainment?

My company is going to do this all over again. We are gearing up for our next faith-based film and we are excited to continue to produce good quality family inspired entertainment. We are planning to be back in production in 2018 with new stories and answers from God.


Angela White is a film producer, talent and business affairs executive and member of the Producer’s Guild of America, who specializes in creating compelling commercial material with a distinct perspective. Ms. White is the founder of Silver Lining Entertainment, LLC, a family-owned Multimedia Entertainment Company based in Los Angeles, California.

For more information about the movie, including participating theaters, visit AQuestionofFaith.com. A full review of A Question of Faith can be found here.

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