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The Serpent like Son'a want the eternal Ba'ku forcibly removed from their paradise planet.

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By David Bruce
David Bruce
The Battle for Paradise!
Picard: Patrick Stewart, Riker: Jonathan Frakes, Data: Brent Spiner, LaForge: LeVar Burton, Worf: Michael Dorn, Crusher: Gates McFadden, Troi: Marina Sirtis, Ru'afo: F. Murray Abraham, Anij: Donna Murphy, Adm. Dougherty: Anthony Zerbe.
Directed by Jonathan Frakes.
Written by Rich Berman and Michael Piller.
Running time: 103 minutes.
Rated PG (for sci-fi action violence, mild language and sensuality).
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There have so many recent films that have use the Garden of Eden as a theme, including Anaconda, Pleasantville, and Mighty Joe Young among others. 
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The Serpent-like Son'a want the Ba'ku forcibly removed from their paradise planet. After all, there are only 600 of them. Isn't the eternal health and life of the Son'a and billions of other Federation citizens more important?
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This Fountain of Youth on their planet is generated by the "metaphasic radiation" of the planet's rings. This is the Tree of Life. The Star trek team becomes the guardian angel that keep others (evil) from getting to the Tree of Life.

March 10 1999 It was a movie with a lot of energy, and a kind of smile about startrek. Sometimes with all its sens of seriousness and liabilitie, while fighting for the Ba'ku people sometimes just having fun to be involved. Sure it was "cheaper" produced - so it was a bit more personal. I liked it. Lupus.Berlin

Feb 19 1999, This movie is absolutely boring. It's nothing for a star Trek Fan. There are to less fights, I mean real fights.

Feb 19 1999, The Star Trek characters have no time to grow - to many explosions. I missed the human aspects. To many bad effects! di zolliano

Jan 16, 1999. Star Trek INSURRECTION is a great movie. The kind Ba'ku are attacked by the serpentiod snakeheads known as Son'a. The holoship, is a symbol of the illusions that Satan uses to fool us. Riker & Picard save the kind Ba'ku and destroy the evil Son'a. I was waiting for a plot twist at the end. Why did the Ba'ku resemble the Amish? So Many questions, so few answers.

Jan 10 1999. This is a good movie not just for Startrek fans, but for the whole family!

My wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed this movie, more than we expected to after reading two negative reviews of it in the Chicago Tribune. It is our favorite of the Trek movies so far, and we've seen 'em all. Lots of humor, which may be part of why we liked it so much. -Jim Strasma