Through the years groups like Yes, King Crimson, Kansas, and the latest Dream Theater have influenced pop groups to go more progressive in their style. Such I think is the case here. Incubus exhibits some complex timing hooks.
-Review by Bob Messer

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Make Yourself


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Review by
Bob Messer

Make Yourself

Through the years groups like Yes, King Crimson, Kansas, and the latest Dream Theater have influenced pop groups to go more progressive in their style. Such I think is the case here. Incubus exhibits some complex timing hooks. But yet staying well within the pop range. This fusion of metal, hip-hop, and funk is well mixed and pleasing to my ears.

The mix gets an A+, every instrument is well voiced. Even the vocals are clear and well defined. Now lets meet the players; Brandon Boyd- lead vocals and percussion, Alex Lance- bass, Mike Elinziger- guitar and backup vocals, Chris -DJ- Kilmore- turntables, and Jose Pasillas' drums.

Formed back in 1991, Incubus stormed out of Calbasas California. In 1995 they included a DJ, and within a year signed with Immortal Records to release an EP. A year later Incubus recorded their first full length album entitled S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Their latest, Make Yourself, is sneaking up the charts. Produced by Scott Litt, who's claim to fame is R.E.M., there's no doubt why " Make Yourself" sounds so good.

The first song here is Privilege. This song describes life as a long line. Everyone is waiting. The indications of a backdoor, or a way out of the long line is mentioned here. "Maybe if I look in my heart I could find a backdoor." If we look deep within our hearts, sooner or later we will discover a spiritual longing for truth. Until we find that truth, we all are "dragging our feet". Mathew 6:33-34

The fourth track is The Warmth. Not too often we hear an uplifting song of encouragement, but this is what this is. The chorus shines through the music saying: "Don't let the world bring you down, not everyone here is that f#+*ed up and cold. Remember why you came and while you're alive experience the warmth before you grow old." We all should have a friend we can go to with our problems before they explode. If you don't, time to get new friends. Moving my way to Stellar which is the sixth song. I like this one - it is a cute romantic sci-fi song. It is true, we all grow tired of the places we are in.

Make Yourself is a disturbing passage about making your own belief system by reinventing one's self. This is not good and neither is the sexual reference used here. Upon doing this review, I had wanted to draw on just the positive side of the recording. But I just couldn't pass this up.

I Miss You; another cute song of love from these guys. I think this might be their strength.

Pardon Me is not only the single, but also the most exact song. The twenties seem to be life's hardest journey to get through. Your trying to find yourself, get a college education, or working non-stop. In fact did you know a lot of celebrities did not make it past twenty-seven. Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, and the latest Kurt Cobain. Letting the world absorb you can be Dangerous. If you are absorbed and "bursting into flames", there is an answer. Be in the world, not of it. 1 John 2:15-17

Sorry it has taken me so long to write this review. But when you move into a new house things can get buried.

A list of songs:
13. Out From Under

Bulletin Board:

Subject: Incubus_Make_Yourself
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002

Notably we are all different and we all see things differently. To catch ones ear with the common profane is beautifully done, we here it so often that it is now a part of our thoughts and how we perceive things. Our frustrations are strong now days, and when we HEAR common ground we tend to connect with it. I think thinking about the music and finding your own meanings in it and getting what you think is the message is SO IMPORTANT. That is how all of us are living our seperate lives, what the hell are we doing here and why. To get the juices flowing in you head is the start for the truth and you should never stop what is in motion because there is a destination to the truth. I think people forget how big GOD is. He doesn't live in the apartment next door. He is all-powerful. He is trying to send a voice to everyone (music). Think about the amount of languages there are and why. PROFANE LANGUAGE is in the eye of the beholder.

Subject: Incubus_Make_Yourself
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001
From: j.e.w.

I came to this site on a complete fluke. I stayed because I noticed the Incubus review. I am 30, I am not traditionally religious, but do nurture my spiritual side. For all purposes - that's all I will comment on that.

I was glad to find your review confirming some of the uplifting sentiment I get from their songs - and I'm not even a big fan - I just like when I hear them on the radio. What urges me to write is to respond to Shane's comments on avoiding secular music. A huge portion of the population is very interested in popular culture - and they practice many diverse religions. Some people glean their faith piecemeal from many various sources. I think it's great that someone would spend the time to find the effective, yet subtle guiding posts that exist within pop culture. They are there.

It also provides an opportunity for someone lacking in faith - who would otherwise not be exposed to it - to find it - in where they are - and nurture it further from there.

Subject: INCUBUS Incubus_Make_Yourself
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001
From: Fungus a mungus

I just want to say I am glad to see one of the bands i like getting credit on a christan website. But most importantly i want to say i disagree with "Shane" about "profane language." What really defines "profane" language? Its just a word, and it really depends on how it is being used when you judge its profanity. Just because its a certain grouping of letters doesnt mean its bad or wrong to say. In Incubus' case, they use the words in a positive and uplifting way, ex. "dont let the world bring you down, not everyone here is that f**ked up and cold." Its ok for someone to review a cd as "good" even if it has profane languages or sexual references. Its wrong for you to say that its not good music if they use what you deem to be bad language.

Response: Absoluetly, I totally agree. -David

Subject: comments 3EB Incubus
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001
From: Shane

I have a few comments after viewing your website for the first time. To begin I am 18 and male. First off, the first impression that I got when I sufred in was, WOW I can get a christian view of Hollywood. But then I read some reviews of music on your website. I was disappointed to find groups such as 3EB, and Incubus, (which as you said uses profane language and sexual lryics) commented on as being good. I know people who would by a cd after reading a good review on a website. You guys are good guys, and you have such a great ministry, you are touching people all over the world. I admire you for that, but I have a few suggestions. Try pointing people towards christian music. There are some awesome christian bands out there that sound as good as, or better than secular bands, and they are much more uplifting. Try comparing secular bands with christian bands that have the same sound. That would be a huge help for me, because I try to find music for my friends that rocks...with a christian message. I would just like to thank you guys for the time and effort you put into this website, and for being men of God. I want you to know I will be backing you in prayer. Anyway thats my two sents. Check out Keep your feet on the rock and you name on the Roll!
Your brother in Jesus, Shane.

Response: HJ deals in secular Pop Culture. Period. -David

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