THE INCREDIBLES follows the adventures of a family of former superheroes rediscovering the true source of their powers -- in one another. Now, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance, the family must come together and once again find the fantastic in their family life.

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Review, Comment and Blog by Mike Furches
Review, Comment, Blog by Whitewave
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Directed by Brad Bird
Screenplay by Brad Bird

Cast (in credits order)
Craig T. Nelson .... Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible (voice)
Holly Hunter .... Helen Parr/Elastigirl (voice)
Samuel L. Jackson .... Lucius Best/Frozone (voice)
Jason Lee .... Buddy Pine/Syndrome (voice)
Dominique Louis .... Bomb Voyage (voice)
Teddy Newton .... Newsreel Narrator (voice)
Jean Sincere .... Mrs. Hogenson (voice)
Eli Fucile .... Jack Jack Parr (voice)
Maeve Andrews .... Jack Jack Parr (voice)
Wallace Shawn .... Gilbert Huph (voice)
Spencer Fox .... Dashiell 'Dash' Parr (voice)
Lou Romano .... Bernie Kropp (voice)
Wayne Canney .... Principal (voice)
Sarah Vowell .... Violet Parr (voice)
Michael Bird .... Tony Rydinger (voice)
Elizabeth Peña .... Mirage (voice)
Bud Luckey .... Rick Dicker (voice)
Brad Bird .... Edna 'E' Mode (voice)
Bret 'Brook' Parker .... Kari (voice)
Kimberly Adair Clark .... Honey (voice)

Produced by
John Lasseter .... executive producer
Kori Rae .... associate producer
Katherine Sarafian .... assistant producer
John Walker .... producer

Original Music by Michael Giacchino
Cinematography by Andrew Jimenez and Janet Lucroy
Film Editing by Stephen Schaffer

MPAA: Rated PG for action violence.
Runtime: 115 min / UK:121 min

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Trailers, Photos
The Incredibles (Score)
Various Artists

The Art of the Incredibles
by Mark Cotta Vaz, Brad Bird, John Lasseter

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From the Academy Award winning team behind “Toy Story,” “Monsters, Inc.” and “Finding Nemo” comes a story of an American family that takes the animated motion picture into realms of drama and design never seen before. With THE INCREDIBLES, writer-director Brad Bird and Pixar Animation Studios pioneer the creation of a computer-generated world so rich, complex and inventively “alive” that the motion picture experience it creates is altogether human.

THE INCREDIBLES follows the adventures of a family of former superheroes rediscovering the true source of their powers -- in one another. Once one of the world’s top masked crimefighters, Bob Parr (AKA Mr. Incredible) fought evil and saved lives on a daily basis. But fifteen years later, he and his wife Helen (a famous former superhero in her own right) have been forced to take on civilian identities and retreat to the suburbs. Today they live as mere mortals and lead all-too-ordinary lives with their children -- who go out of their way to appear “normal.” As a clock-punching insurance man, the only thing Bob fights these days is boredom and a bulging waistline. Itching for action, the sidelined superhero gets his chance when a mysterious communication summons him to a remote island for a top-secret assignment.

Now, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance, the family must come together and once again find the fantastic in their family life.

At the heart of THE INCREDIBLES’ unprecedented mix of filmmaking innovation and heartfelt storytelling lies the far-reaching artistic vision of director Brad Bird (“The Iron Giant,” “The Simpsons”), who also wrote the original screenplay. Joining Bird is an accomplished ensemble of actors who bring to life the comedy, drama and emotional inner worlds of these larger-than-life characters -- including Craig T. Nelson, Academy Award winner Holly Hunter, Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Lee, Wallace Shawn, Sarah Vowell, Spencer Fox and Brad Bird himself in the role of the deadpan diva “Edna Mode.”

The most complex computer-animated entertainment yet created, THE INCREDIBLES nevertheless relies on the same traditional elements as all compelling motion picture stories -- character development, production design, cinematography, costumes, effects, music and overall vision -- pushing each of these to new levels within the genre to create a film unlike any other.

Click to go to BLOGReview by WHITEWAVE

How I identify:  At first I was disappointed that Elastigirl got married. I wanted her to be Super-single Elastigirl! But that’s my problem. As it turned out, she did a pretty good job of giving me someone to look up to. I know that many women have a hard time with heroines who are too “Super.” It puts too much pressure on us when we’re already spread too thin. I understand this. But what makes Helen’s story rock is that she gets to recover the Super Identity that she had to sacrifice in order to compensate for her husband’s inability to loosen his death-grip on his own. She’s not all about her own accomplishments, but neither is she completely other-centered and without a self -like the “Christian” ideal that I often feel pressured to be. She had a good foundation from which to build a safe place to nurture the growing Identities of her children, and she did it pretty much on her own because hubby was too self-absorbed by his loss.

[Since I am a woman relating this hero’s story, I offer a note in defense of the men]

While Helen’s journey was articulated very clearly, Bob’s story of loss was shown only in still pictures, while his recovery got tacked on near the end like a yellow sticky note. I realize that much of what Hollywood turns out centers on the male journey, and that this could be seen as a hushing of their voice so that a woman’s story can be given some well-deserved prominence, but I still feel shame when a man has his Power to do good taken from him and his voice is silenced. Cartoon or no, I want to see Bob vindicated in a more concrete manner.

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Click to go to Mike's BlogReview by MIKE FURCHES

Click to enlargeOne of the most powerful mediums in Hollywood recently has been animation. Starting awhile back, from Titan AE to The Iron Giant, animation has been used to tell powerful stories that are filled with spiritual and moral themes. We have seen the medium cross over from children to adults with these films and the likes of the Shrek films. Now, new from one of the founders in the style, is The Incredibles, and to say the least, this movie is simply INCREDIBLE!

Click to enlargeI don’t recall the last time I have had so much fun at the movies as I did at my screening of The Incredibles. The concept blends computer animation and comic-book-hero scenarios to come up with a wonderful, thought-provoking story. The Incredibles takes on the political correctness of today and slams it through the door with the velocity that some of us have been yearning for, for quite some time.

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