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May 5, 2009
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I often get into meaningless debates with my friends, we can more often than not be categorized as a bunch of people that can’t see the forest from the trees.

Here is what I’m talking about; let’s say I talk to a friend about an organization that is doing a lot of good in the community or the world. Let’s also say that same friend starts to argue with me about a minute detail about the organization. Here we are, two very capable people, not only doing nothing for the community or the world, but also messing up our relationship.

This is what I thought of while watching Hotel for Dogs. The movie is about two foster kids who desperately want to be adopted. Instead of throwing a pity party for themselves, they go out and make a difference in the community by helping stray dogs. They do so by secretly taking over an abandoned hotel and turning it into something that would be the opposite of “the pound.”

But that is not the part that intrigued me. What intrigued me was a character named Bernie, played wonderfully by Don Cheadle, kind of a departure role. Throughout the movie he is trying so hard to find a home for the two foster kids, Andi, played by Emma Roberts, and Bruce, played by Jake T. Austin. That is not so odd since Bernie is a social worker, but he and his wife have no children and he obviously has a soft spot in his heart for these kids.

This is the “cannot see the forest from the trees” part, since it was obvious, at least to me, that he and his wife should adopt these kids. It finally becomes obvious to Bernie, too, at the end of the movie when he and his wife realize they cannot allow Andi and Bruce to be separated, nor can they handle not having them in their lives.

At any given time in the United States there are approximately 130,000 foster children waiting to be adopted. By the way, that is just in the United States foster care system, not to mention unwanted pregnancies and international needs. That is a daunting number, unless we realize that each of those 130,000 is an individual case and each of you that is reading this article (we get a lot of hits here at Hollywood Jesus) could help one or two.

I love movies like this because in a compelling way they show us the absolute need for adoption. Many of the 130,000 children are older and considered less adoptable, like the children in this movie. I hope you watch, and not just talk about the problem (or even as Bernie did, try to take on the entire problem), but do your part. If you have a heart for adoption, especially if you are willing to adopt an older child, go for it! Don’t let the astronomical number faze you.

My family has taken the call, albeit before this movie came out, and we are so blessed to be able to do it. The classes we have taken have been great for parenting our biological children and the agency we have chosen has made it a very simple process; not easy but simple. If you are reading this and you take a look at your situation as an outsider it just might be a slam dunk decision like it was for the character of Bernie and his wife in Hotel for Dogs.

Incidentally May is Foster Care Month http://fostercaremonth.org/Pages/default.aspx.

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