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  Robert Redford

Tom Booker: Robert Redford, Annie MacLean: Kristin Scott Thomas, Grace MacLean: Scarlett Johansson, Robert MacLean: Sam Neill, Diane Booker: Dianne Wiest.
Directed by Robert Redford.
Written by Eric Roth and Richard LaGravenese.
Based on the novel by Nicholas Evans.
Running time: 160 minutes.
Rated PG-13 (for a disturbing accident scene).


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Subject: Horse_Whisper
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001
From: "suroosh irfani"

I just happened to see The Horse Whisper last night on Mnet Movies, quite by chance, and was deeply moved by it. There are many ineffable aspects of life and human relationships that this movie touches upon .The glorious scenes of a paradisial landscape that seem so unreal because of their beauty are, however, as real as these intangible elements underpinning human life- where love and separation form an eternal nexus of the human experience and of the Divine.This beautiful film, as it ended, reminded me of the 12 th century mystic Rumi's verses, where he terms the reed-flute's nostalgic tone as an intonation of separation from the Source:"Nothing but the fire of separation can heal and transform the ego ". At another level, I felt grateful that such films are still being made in a milieu swamped by movies of another kind.
Suroosh Irfani

P.S Yes, please do feel free to cite my email address.

Subject: Horse_Whisper
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001

Alright, those of you who are dissing the movie because Annie kissed with Tom, the whisperer, you have NO idea what happens in the book, firstly the only reason I watched the film is cause there were horses in it, and secondly, in the book, it dose lead to sex, several times actualy (about four I recall). And also you have to accept that these type of things in other words adultry happen in the world. If you just block your ears and shut your eyes pretending it never happens then you are only fooling yourself.

I personly thought the movie was alright, but as a horses owner, thought the girl, (grace) was very stupid for riding where and when she did. But the movie is good. I don't remember any profanity of violence so, yeah, it was good.

Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2000
From: Amber

hello! my name is amber! I love this movie!!! I love movies with horses. I thuoght it should allot about hard work! And How a horse whisper is a true hero! And heals there pain! So you know a web page on what a horse whisper is?

Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999
From: Jesse
I just stumbled upon your site, somewhat by accident. I just finished this movie and had watched a documentary on "The Horse Whisperer's" some time ago on A&E or a similar station. I felt that the movie would have to be among the top movies I have ever seen. I do have a comment on the purity question that seems to be in a lot of the comments. I am not religious per-say but I do believe in monogamy and I do believe that when you marry, that's it. But I also realize that many people in our social structure rush into marriage when they aren't really in love. The movie raises some very interesting questions. These are questions every man/woman has to make for themselves, but I believe that if you are in a marriage that has no love and you have the chance to live a life where you are with the person that ("God?/ was") meant for you then you should chase it. That's not to say that a person should practice adultery but that they owe it to themselves and their spouse to part the relationship. I personally grew up in a home where my mom and dad, and then step-dad had married because of a conception. There is no love in that type of marriage (Usually) and I can't help but wonder if things would have been very different had there been that kind of relationship between them. Just something to think about, thanks for letting me say my piece.

October 23, 1999.
The only character with any dignity was the husband. Remind me to never watch another Redford movie. Full of twisted values where kissing and groping someone other than your spouse is not great, but at least it did not lead to sex, so we are still to have respect for the leads. Did not cut it with me.

May 28, 1999.
This movie is a beautiful reminder of how to be a man, to be strong enough do the right thing, without question. It is equally an excellent lesson of a beautiful, especially spiritually beautiful, woman making the right choice, a choice which also took the most strength, but left everyone feeling good about humanity, and feeling inspired to strive to do the right thing.

March 29, 1999.
This movie thoroughly surprised me. In a time when marital indiscretion is the norm in movies and television shows, it was refreshing to see a story that presented a genuine struggle. Being a young man who often struggles with impure thoughts, it encourages me to see this story. In this movie, we see a man and a woman struggling with impurity, tripping, falling, and getting back up. It reminds me of a song by Bob Carlisle: the saints are just the sinners who fall down and get back up. If you want to see a good, clean movie that portrays love in a mature way and gives a nice country look at country life, go rent this. You won't be disappointed!

March 17, 1999.
This movie is the best movie I have seen

Feb 23 1999,

Jan 30, 1999.
An insightful mature study of the struggle faced by the mother. An excellent sritique of the urban life style. A realistic love story that did not cheapen the marriage.

A fascinating film for relationships and reconciliation. In altering completely the ending in the book however, the film weakens the character of Tom.
    In the book - look away if you have not read it - Tom sacrifices his life to save Grace. There is ambiguity over his motive - to save Grace out of love, or to lose his life, as living without Annie was impossible. Here is a compelling study in what makes people tick. Perhaps books are always greater at communicating depth than films?
    By denying this action the film avoids the depth of love that Tom has for Grace - by fighting the horses - and for his principles - by fighting his love for Annie.
     Sadly the film chooses an ending where both Tom and Annie can weep their tears but avoid difficult issues. Perhaps Tom's death is an extreme way to resolve problems but his willingness to die for them is heroic. The Christian parallels are obvious. Comments?
God bless,  Paul Beautman