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Spiritual relevance? How? Well, the Christian story is, in a sense, a romantic comedy. It’s a comedy in the classic sense that it’s a story with a happy ending. It’s romantic in that, according to this story, God wants us, and pursues us, sacrifices for us, gives gifts to us, cares for us, etc., in a way that’s analogous to a lover/beloved relationship. This is an idea as old as the Song of Solomon, and as recent as Ted Dekker’s excellent Circle trilogy, where his characters practice an allegorical representation of Christianity, which they call “The Great Romance.” So, since the Christian story is a romantic comedy, we shouldn’t be surprised that the themes of this kind of movie will connect.

With this in mind, perhaps Hitch can connect to those of us who’ve been hurt by the church, or by Christians, or to those who perhaps feel they’ve been hurt by God himself. Perhaps it can make us take down our walls or masks, like James’ character, and be ourselves—honestly admitting that we still want that relationship, despite the hurt, like Smith’s character. Perhaps it can encourage us to take a chance, to remember that God’s love really is worth it, in the end.

--Matthew Hill

As the end credits began to roll at the conclusion of this film, I became slightly jealous. I felt that, had this film been made ten years earlier, I would not have had bad luck pursuing the opposite sex in my younger days! I wished that I had a guy like Hitch in my life who could bring out the inner strength and confidence that was buried inside of me. Then again, I did eventually find a guy who brought that out of me. That guy is Jesus Christ. That may seem “out of left field” to some, but that’s the truth of who Jesus is. He did more than just die for our sins. His words and His life give us the confidence and power to pursue our dreams... as well as the hearts of those whom we love. Six years ago, because of Him, I gained the confidence to successfully pursue the heart of the woman who would become my wife. For many of us married folks, understanding the words of Christ and Scripture as a whole help to continuously shape us into confident, faithful and loving spouses.

In the end, the assistance that Hitch gave his clients is a metaphor for Christ's work in our own lives. In Christ’s world, even those who are seemingly left out of the dating game can access the power of His awesome love, apply it to their own lives, and eventually sweep the beautiful (inside and outside) off their feet.

--Chris Utley

Trailers, Photos
About this Film
—Spiritual Connections
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