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Are You That Reliable?

December 24, 2007
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A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. —James 1:8

My home is kinda like a musical. We generally break out in song and dance, to emote or just for fun. I’m not kidding.

A while back we kept hearing about this phenomenon called High School Musical. See, we don’t have television reception (Cable, Satellite, or otherwise) so it takes us a while to know when things are going on. This has its advantages, like not hearing every cynical thing that comes in through the “boob-tube”; but we also miss good things, too. Like High School Musical.

All that to say we Netflixed the first one and loved it, so we’ve had High School Musical 2 in our queue for quite some time and it finally came last week. It’s full of people like us that like to break out in song and dance for no apparent reason other than it’s fun and sometimes is a great tool to get the emotions out.

I have to say, I’m impressed with the way that the folks that make these movies handle them, especially since they are targeted towards the younger generation. They are quite clean, no noticeable innuendos, and great messages. The second one goes even further in the dancing and singing department, trying to kick it up a notch if you know what I mean. They also do a masterful job of redeeming each of the characters at the end so none of them end up being “the villain,” which is refreshing sometimes.

This time around Troy and Gabriella are together and trying to make a memorable summer, but Sharpay has other plans trying to steal Troy and the show. For a good deal of the show Troy allows himself to get distracted about getting a scholarship for college, and he finds himself trying to basically be two people at the same time and/or two places at the same time. This double-mindedness is what MovedMe about High School Musical 2.

Promises Promises
At the beginning of the movie, and throughout really, Troy starts to make promises he doesn’t end up keeping. He promises Gabriella that they will hang out all summer: go to the movies, download music, and that sort of thing. He gets his friends jobs at the country club and promises them all that they will play basketball and have a great time whenever they aren’t working. Later Sharpay starts to pull strings to get Troy connected with her Daddy and influential people at the state university nearby who can help him get a scholarship.

All of a sudden he is torn between all these good opportunities and hanging out with Gabriella and all their friends. Soon he is making promises that he can’t keep, because nobody can be at two places at the same time. This leads to a major reckoning on Troy’s part. Gabriella breaks up with him, his best friend won’t talk to him, and he’s doing a musical number with Sharpay that he’s just not comfortable with.

Turning Point
Things finally come to a head for Troy and he can’t do it anymore. There’s a number called “Bet on It” that most men ought to watch or at least Google for the lyrics. Zac Efron, who plays Troy, does a very good Kevin Bacon Footloose-type performance that is quite convincing. When he sang the following lines, I couldn’t help but think of my own double-mindedness.

Did you ever
Blame the world but never blame you
I will never
Try to live a lie again

For Troy the time had come to stop being so unreliable; he wanted to be the kind of person that you could bet on. The last line of the song practically yells out “You can bet on me!” He starts to make changes right after singing the song to make things right between him and his friends and, in the end, Gabriella.

At times in my life I’ve found myself in Troy’s shoes (not the singing and dancing part; I only do that at home). I constantly fight double-mindedness, making promises I can’t keep or trying to be different people based on the circumstance. I hate that about myself, and it doesn’t work and it hurts the ones I love. See, as the above verse states, a double-minded person is unstable in all his ways; and, I might add, everyone around him knows it.

There is one difference between the movie and real life… it is impossible to just change yourself. The desire can be there and temporary results can even be had by trying real hard. But in my experience, and probably yours too, I just don’t have the power to change (or in other words redeem) myself. It takes a relationship with God, through his son Jesus Christ to do that.

So if you find yourself in the position that Troy is in, if nobody can count on you due to double-mindedness, go to Jesus. If you don’t already have a relationship with him start one; if you do have a relationship with him then he probably wants to refine you of this flaw. Let him.

I leave you with this thought: I think heaven is going to be one big… musical. In the presence of a glorious God that loves us, how can we not break out in song and dance? We’ll be good, too… join the cast.

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