Harry is not about to let his friends down and, with or without the support of Gilderoy Lockhart, he will confront the dark force lurking in his beloved school.
Review by David Bruce



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Directed by Chris Columbus
Novel by J.K. Rowling
Screenplay by Steven Kloves

Daniel Radcliffe .... Harry James Potter
Emma Watson .... Hermione Granger
Rupert Grint .... Ron Weasley
Richard Harris .... Albus Dumbledore
Maggie Smith .... Professor Minerva McGonagall
Kenneth Branagh .... Gilderoy Lockhart
Robbie Coltrane .... Hagrid
Alan Rickman .... Professor Severus Snape
Warwick Davis .... Professor Filius Flitwick
Sean Biggerstaff .... Oliver Wood
Shirley Henderson .... Moaning Myrtle
Miriam Margolyes .... Professor Sprout
Alfred Burke .... Headmaster Armando Dippet
Sally Mortemore .... Madam Irma Pince
David Bradley .... Groundskeeper Argus Filch
Robert Hardy .... Cornelius Fudge
Toby Jones .... Dobby the House Elf (voice)
Christian Coulson .... Tom Marvolo Riddle
Tom Felton .... Draco Malfoy
Jason Isaacs .... Lucius Malfoy
Leslie Phillips .... The Sorting Hat
Mark Williams .... Arthur Weasley
Julie Walters .... Mrs. Weasley
John Cleese .... Nearly Headless Nick
Richard Griffiths .... Uncle Vernon Dursley
Fiona Shaw .... Aunt Petunia Dursley
Bonnie Wright .... Ginny Weasley
Harry Melling .... Dudley Dursley
Oliver Phelps .... George Weasley
James Phelps .... Fred Weasley

Produced by
Michael Barnathan .... executive producer
David Barron .... executive producer
Chris Columbus .... executive producer
Paula DuPré Pesman .... associate producer
David Heyman .... producer
Mark Radcliffe .... executive producer
Tanya Seghatchian .... co-producer

Original Music by John Williams and William Ross (adaptations)
Cinematography by Roger Pratt
Film Editing by Peter Honess

MPAA: Rated PG for scary moments, some creature violence and mild language.
Runtime: 161 min
For rating reasons, go to FILMRATINGS.COM, and MPAA.ORG.
Parents, please refer to PARENTALGUIDE.ORG

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CD Info

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
John Williams, William Ross

Composed by legendary film composer John Williams. Available in five different collectible covers. All editions will feature a Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets mini-poster. Atlantic. 2002.

1. Prologue: Book II And The Escape From The DursleysMusic
2. Fawkes The PhoenixMusic
3. The Chamber Of SecretsMusic
4. Gilderoy LockhartMusic
5. The Flying CarMusic
6. Knockturn Alley
7. Introducing Colin
8. The Dueling Club
9. Dobby The House Elf
10. The Spiders
11. Moaning Myrtle
12. Meeting Aragog
13. Fawkes Is Reborn
14. Meeting Tom Riddle
15. Cornish Pixies
16. Polyjuice Potion
17. Cakes For Crabbe And Goyle
18. Dueling The Basilisk
19. Reunion Of Friends
20. Harry's Wondrous World
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Book InfoHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2)
by J. K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré (Illustrator)

It's hard to fall in love with an earnest, appealing young hero like Harry Potter and then to watch helplessly as he steps into terrible danger! And in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the much anticipated sequel to the award-winning Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, he is in terrible danger indeed. As if it's not bad enough that after a long summer with the horrid Dursleys he is thwarted in his attempts to hop the train to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to begin his second year. But when his only transportation option is a magical flying car, it is just his luck to crash into a valuable (but clearly vexed) Whomping Willow. Still, all this seems like a day in the park compared to what happens that fall within the haunted halls of Hogwarts.

Chilling, malevolent voices whisper from the walls only to Harry, and it seems certain that his classmate Draco Malfoy is out to get him. Soon it's not just Harry who is worried about survival, as dreadful things begin to happen at Hogwarts. The mysteriously gleaming, foot-high words on the wall proclaim, "The Chamber of Secrets Has Been Opened. Enemies of the Heir, Beware." But what exactly does it mean? Harry, Hermione, and Ron do everything that is wizardly possible--including risking their own lives--to solve this 50-year-old, seemingly deadly mystery. This deliciously suspenseful novel is every bit as gripping, imaginative, and creepy as the first; familiar student concerns--fierce rivalry, blush-inducing crushes, pedantic professors--seamlessly intertwine with the bizarre, horrific, fantastical, or just plain funny. Once again, Rowling writes with a combination of wit, whimsy, and a touch of the macabre that will leave readers young and old desperate for the next installment. (Ages 9 and older) --Karin Snelson


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Dobby Has Come To Warn You Sir.
Click to enlargeHarry Potter (DANIEL RADCLIFFE) has not had a good summer. Not only has he had to put up with his overbearing Aunt Petunia (FIONA SHAW) and Uncle Vernon Dursley (RICHARD GRIFFITHS) and their dread of his magical abilities, but it seems as if Harry’s best friends Ron Weasley (RUPERT GRINT) and Hermione Granger (EMMA WATSON) have forgotten him – as they haven’t replied to a single one of his letters. Then, suddenly and mysteriously, house-elf Dobby appears in Harry’s bedroom and warns of great danger if the aspiring wizard should attempt to return to Hogwarts.

Click to enlargeDobby is so keen to prevent the young Gryffindor from returning to the school for witches and wizards, he has blocked all of Ron and Hermione’s correspondence from reaching Harry. But despite the elf’s mischievous efforts, the ever-determined Harry is rescued from the Dursleys’ dreary clutches by Ron and his brothers – with the aid of a flying car! – and welcomed into the warmth of the Weasley household.

But when Harry and Ron are suspiciously prevented from entering Platform 9 and boarding the Hogwarts Express back to school, the boys take emergency action to avoid being late for the new term – only to incur the wrath of Professor Snape (ALAN RICKMAN), who calls for their expulsion.

Meanwhile, news of Harry’s first year heroism has spread throughout Hogwarts and he finds himself the center of much unwanted attention. His new fans include Ron’s little sister Ginny (BONNIE WRIGHT); first year would-be photographer Colin Creevey (HUGH MITCHELL); and most irritatingly, the new Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Gilderoy Lockhart (KENNETH BRANAGH).

Outshone only by his own vanity, Lockhart craves the attention that Harry shuns and is only too keen to associate himself with Hogwarts’ young hero. But not even Lockhart can offer an explanation or solution to the slippery and sinister new terror that is gripping the school.

Now all eyes are on Harry, and his so-called friends are beginning to doubt him. Everyone, that is, except Ron and Hermione and fragile young Ginny, who has shifted her focus to her mysterious new diary.

But Harry is not about to let his friends down and, with or without the support of Gilderoy Lockhart, he will confront the dark force lurking in his beloved school.

By Sarah Heath, 13 years old

Click to enlargeEver since I read the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, I was hooked! I anxiously awaited the arrival of the next three books, and read each of them with the same excitement and intrigue, for these books were truly extraordinary! I was very delighted when I heard that there was going to be a movie for the first book. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the movie in the theater; instead I had to wait until it came out on video. But it was just as great.

Click to enlargeWhen they came out with the second movie, I just had to see it! It was marvelous! I absolutely loved it! It was full of magical, mystical, adventures. And, like the first movie, it followed the book quite well. It did leave a couple small things out, but it was still awesome! For instance; In the movie, the messages that were left on the walls after the attacks were written in blood. It never explained where that blood came from. Well in the book, through out the beginning of the year, the chickens kept being slaughtered from the chicken coop. That's because Jenny, being in her trance, used their blood for the messages, and fed the basilisk with the chicken's bodies.

Click to enlargeI really loved the book because it gave you mental pictures of what was going on. In the movie, those mental pictures came to life! Especially because they did such a good job on the graphics. The basilisk, the giant spiders, and dobby were just a few of the great computer generated creatures. I also like the Womping Willow that trashed Ron's car when they got to Hogwarts.

I am definitely going to have to watch it again! I can't wait until they make the next movies!

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