Jesus Loves A-words

And Thank God They Can Change!

December 2, 2008
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Recommendation: Rent-it (Only if you can stand the A word… read on to see what I mean)
I recently joined Facebook and reconnected with a few of my High School classmates. One of them, come to find out, is a famous graffiti artist. One of the pieces of art he created is a bumper sticker which reads “Jesus loves [A-word]s”. At first I was offended, but came to realize it’s somewhat true and let it go.

Then I rented Hancock and was confronted again with the A-word. I was offended, but realized the movie was making a very good point: Why be an A-word, just because you can? That is how watching the movie MovedMe.

See, here is a superhero, of sorts, that is messed up. He has a gift and a calling to save people, to help them, and he can’t get around that calling. He does it with a bad attitude born of bitterness because he was left at a hospital with nobody to claim him. He is going through a vicious circle of offending people (due to this bitterness), then having those people lash out at him, causing more offense from his side, and so on and so forth.

In comes Ray Embry, PR Consultant extraordinaire, to save the day. The funny thing is, he does! He gets through to Hancock and helps him realize that he needs to stop the vicious circle. Along the way Hancock realizes he doesn’t have to be an A-word, finds his true identity (in a great plot twist), and his true calling.

Which leads me back to the bumper sticker. Just because Jesus loves you as you are, does that mean you should stay that way? And by the way, that’s a pretty big assumption, because yes we are in a era of God’s mercy; but there will be a time when Jesus will not be so merciful to the A-words… see the last book of the Bible.

I think if I were to redo the bumper sticker it would say, “Jesus loves [A-word]s that love Him and are in the process of being more like Him,” but I guess that wouldn’t fit on a bumper sticker using huge graffiti font…

Extra Features

The standard fare here. What MovedMe, though, was all the CGI effort taken to re-create human skin. The CGI Director, whom they called the God Father of CGI, said that human skin is the only thing they cannot fully re-create in the animation world. Apparently everything from the way it moves to the way light reflects off of it makes it very difficult to re-create. It never ceases to amaze me the way God created us in such a complex way that we should stand in awe. But many of us do not.

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