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In a career spanning more than 35 years, award-winning director Philip Saville has directed a distinguished body of work including feature films and television programming.

Credited with producing landmark productions and considered to be one of Britains top film and television directors, Philip Savilles first foray into the television came in 1955 when he joined the fledgling channel ITV. For almost two decades he worked at the BBC where he was responsible for directing some of the broadcasters finest television productions. Included among his more notable television credits are THE MACHINE STOPS, winner of the TRIESTE International Science Fiction Festival, COUNT DRACULA, starring Louis Jourdan, BOYS FROM BLACKSTUFF, winner of the Best Series British Film and Television Award (BAFTA), LIFE & LOVES OF A SHE DEVIL, from the best-selling author Fay Weldon and winner of Best Series BAFTA Award, MANDELA, starring Danny Glover and winner of the Best Film ACE Award and the Peabody Prize, FAMILY PICTURES, starring Sam Neill and Anjelica Houston, DEACON BRODY, starring Billy Connolly, THE BIOGRAPHHER, starring Faye Dunaway and UNCLE SILAS, starring five-time Academy Award-nominee, Albert Finney.

His feature film work is extensive, with credits including the 1968 Universal Studios feature OEDIPUS THE KING, starring Christopher Plummer, Donald Sutherland and Orson Welles, THE BEST HOUSE IN LONDON, SECRETS, SHADEY, FRUIT MACHINE, with Robbie Coltrane, FELLOW TRAVELLER, winner of the Observer Award Best British Picture and Best Screenplay from the Evening Standard, and METROLAND, starring Emily Watson and Christian Bale.

John Goldsmith, an internationally renowned writer with numerous feature films, cable television and mini-series to his credit, wrote the screenplay for THE GOSPEL OF JOHN. Mr. Goldsmiths previous faith-based projects include IN THE BEGINNING: MARY, MOTHER OF JESUS. A prolific and highly-skilled writer of extraordinary sensitivity, John Goldsmith crafted a moving screenplay for THE GOSPEL OF JOHN, using the American Bible Societys text of the Gospel as a word-for-word source.

Over the course of his illustrious career, Mr. Goldsmith has been responsible for writing many exceptional screenplays for numerous film and television productions. Included among his works for television are SPACE 1999, RETURN TO TREASURE ISLAND, THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP (Disney Channel), KINGS IN GREEN CASTLES (6-hour mini-series), GREAT EXPECTATIONS (Disney Channel) and DANNY, CHAMPION OF THE WORLD (cable movie), for which he was nominated for an ACE Award, Best Writing (in a Movie or Mini-Series). The film was also honoured with an ACE Award, Best Childrens Programming (9 and older), the 7th International Essen Childrens Film Festival: The Blue Elephant Special Award, the 1989 Chicago International Festival of Childrens Films: First Prize Feature Film Live Action, 60 minutes plus, the New York International Film and Television Festival: Gold Medal, Youth Special (9-12), the European Film Festival, Antwerp: Best Childrens Drama and the Norwegian Film Festivals Joybringer Award.

Other productions for which he provided screenplays include COMING HOME, COMING HOME 2, JULIUS CAESAR, DAVID COPPERFIELD plus VICTORIA AND ALBERT, which was produced by A & E Network, BBC and Splendid Television. Additional credits include PARADISE FOUND, YOUNG BLADES, KIDNAPPED, plus CATHERINE THE GREAT, starring Catherine Zeta Jones.

His feature film and documentary credits include SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN and the Daytime Emmy Award-winning (Best Picture category) "THE ISLAND ON BIRD STREET, which premiered at the 1997 Berlin Film Festival and earned Mr. Goldsmith a 1998-1999 Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Writing in a Childrens Special. For his role as co-writer on the one-hour documentary, MRS. LIVINGSTONE, I PRESUME, he earned the Silver Award from the New York International Film Festival (Documentary).

Mr. Goldsmiths adaptation of G.M. Glaskins novel, A WALTZ THROUGH THE HILLS, received the 1989 Australian Penguin Award, Best Childrens Drama, the 1988 Chicago International Festival of Childrens Films, First Prize, Childrens Drama and the 1988 Pater Award, Best Childrens Drama.

Born in Toronto in 1949, Garth Drabinsky began his career as an entertainment lawyer in 1975. Since then, he produced, in association with Joel Michaels, six movies including THE SILENT PARTNER and THE CHANGLING, both Canadian Film Award winners for Best Picture, and Tribute, an Academy Award-nominee. As a co-founder of Cineplex Odeon, he was also responsible for creating a chain of cinemas with over 1,800 screens in 500 locations throughout Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Included within the Corporation were Canadas largest independent film distribution company (Cineplex Odeon Films), Canadas largest motion picture laboratory and the post-production sound and editing facility, Film House, which later became part of Deluxe Laboratories worldwide organization.

Mr. Drabinskys numerous live theatrical productions have played in Toronto, New York, Vienna, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Hawaii as well as virtually every major city in North America.

His Broadway productions garnered 19 Tony Awards and 61 nominations, receiving Tony Awards for Best Musical for KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN and FOSSE, and Best Musical Revival for SHOWBOAT. His other award-winning Broadway productions included CANDIDE, BARRYMORE, PARADE and the internationally acclaimed RAGTIME. Mr. Drabinsky was also responsible for the Canadian productions of Andrew Lloyd Webbers ASPECTS OF LOVE, SUNSET BOULEVARD and THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, which remains the longest running musical in Canadian history, and the North American productions of THE MUSIC OF ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER and JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOUR DREAMCOAT. In the spring of 2001, Mr. Drabinsky presented Athol Fugards critically acclaimed play THE ISLAND in Toronto on behalf of the Royal National Theatre of London and the Market Theatre of Johannesburg. THE ISLAND won the 2001/2002 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Production of a Play.

In addition to developing state-of-the-art legitimate theatres in both Toronto and Vancouver, Mr. Drabinsky has been devoted to the restoration and historic preservation of North Americas most acclaimed theatres including the Pantages in Toronto, the Lyric and Apollo Theatres in New York and the Oriental Theater in Chicago. An Officer of the Order of Canada and recipient of two Honorary Doctorate Degrees, Garth Drabinsky is an ardent spokesman on behalf of individual liberty.

Mr. Drabinskys autobiography, titled Closer to the Sun, which he co-authored with Governor Generals Award finalist Marq de Villiers, was published in 1995. An immediate best-seller, it appeared on the Hardcover Non-Fiction lists of prominent national newspapers and magazines including The Toronto Star, The Montreal Gazette, The Ottawa Citizen, The Vancouver Sun, The Winnipeg Free Press, The Calgary Herald, The Edmonton Journal and Macleans Magazine.

A veteran of the feature film industry, Chris Chrisafis is the United Kingdom producer of THE GOSPEL OF JOHN.

Prior to becoming a producer, he worked in various capacities on numerous feature films, including such well-known productions as LET IT BE, THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN, THE GO-BETWEEN, THE BED-SITTING ROOM, SOMEONE BEHIND THE DOOR and THE GIRL ON A MOTORCYCLE.

Along with partner Euan Lloyd, Chrisafis produced the features CATLOW, starring Yul Brynner, Richard Crenna and Leonard Nimoy, THE MAN CALLED NOON, starring David Niven, Toshiro Mifume and Hardy Kruger, THE WILD GEESE, starring Richard Burton, Roger Moore, Richard Harris, Hardy Kruger and Stewart Granger, THE SEA WOLVES, starring Gregory Peck, Roger Moore, David Niven and Trevor Howard, WHO DARES WINS, starring Lewis Collins, Judy Davis and Richard Widmark, WILD GEESE II, starring Scott Glenn, Edward Fox, Barbara Carrera, Patrick Stewart and Laurence Olivier.

With Davis Panzer Productions, Chrisafis produced HIGHLANDER II, starring Sean Connery, Christopher Lambert and Virginia Madsen.

Working as an independent producer, Chrisafis acted as executive producer/production executive on the features JUNGLE BOOK II, starring Bill Campbell and Roddy McDowell; LIAR, starring Tim Roth, Renee Zellweger, Michael Rooker, Christopher Penn and Rosanna Arquette; BLACKOUT, starring Matthew Modine, Claudia Schiffer and Beatrice dale; ORGAZMO, starring SOUTH PARK creators Trey Parket and Matt Stone; EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, starring Ewan McGregor, Ahsley Judd, Jason Priestly, Patrick Bergin and k d Lang and GRIZZLEY FALLS, starring Bryan Brown, Richard Harris, Oliver Tobias, Tom Jackson and Daniel Clark.

Chrisafis has been a producer at Grosvenor Park for the past three years where he has co-produced and executive produced the features JEWEL, starring Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Bergin, Cicely Tyson and Ashley Wolfe; BUFFALO SOLDIERS, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Harris, Scott Glenn, Anna Paquin and Elizabeth McGovern; THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, starring Jim Caviezel, Guy Pearce, Dagmara Domineczyk and Richard Harris; REIGN OF FIRE, starring Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale and Izabella Scorupco; PARADISE FOUND, starring Kiefer Sutherland, Nastassja Kinski, Thomas Heinze and Alun Armstrong; 24 HEURES DE LA VIE DUNE FEMME, starring Agnes Jaoui, Michel Serrault, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Frances Berber; TEMPO, starring Melanie Griffith, Rachael Leigh Cook, Hugh Dancy, Art Malik and Malcolm McDowell and DADDY starring Klaus Maria Brandauer and Thomas Sangster.

Executive Producer
Visual Bibles Executive Producer for THE GOSPEL OF JOHN is Emmy-Award winning producer Sandy Pearl, whose career credits include work for film, television and theatre. A prolific, creative and talented producer, Ms. Pearl was born in Toronto and is a graduate of the University of Toronto. In addition, she attended McGill University, the Banff School of Fine Arts and Christies Art History and Decorative Arts program. Sandy has worked extensively in the United States and Canada, with her work appearing on a number of networks in both countries.

She began her career in television news and drama at the CBC and followed this with her position as a Special Projects Producer at WABC TV News, New York, and as Executive Producer of Specials at WCBS TV, New York. She subsequently accepted a position as Vice President, Creative Affairs at Cineplex Odeon Film & Television in Los Angeles and Toronto. While there, she was involved in the production of television series and feature films such as CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE, starring Hugh Grant, STRANGE WORLD, hosted by William Shatner, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, a documentary produced for CBC Television. During Sandys tenure at Cineplex Odeon Film, the company produced THE GLASS MENAGERIE, directed by Paul Newman, MADAME SOUSTAZKA, directed by John Schlesinger and TALK RADIO, directed by Oliver Stone.

Sandys career took her to Time Warner where she was an Executive Producer, for interactive television for the ground-breaking 24 hour,Full Service Network.

She moved from Time Warner to accept the position of Vice President, Creative (Creative Director) for an online luxury venture for LVMH, in San Francisco, where she remained until assuming her current position as President, Llillywild Productions Inc., in New York. With clients ranging from PBS and Bravo to CTV and Intel, Sandy has been the creative force behind the development and production of numerous film, television and theatrical productions including FOSSE, and CREATING RAGTIME, a PBS/Great Performances documentary hosted by Whoopi Goldberg.

Included among her many honours are two Council of Churches Awards for documentaries that she wrote and produced, a Gold Medal from the International Film & Television Festival (New York) and a bronze Award from the New York Festival.

Executive Producer
The co-executive producer for THE GOSPEL OF JOHN is Joel B. Michaels. A producer for twenty-five years, Mr. Michaels has an exceptional track record in the motion picture industry, with his films receiving a total of six Academy Award nominations.

Mr. Michaels moved to Los Angeles in 1958 to study and work as an actor. He remained on the west coast for two years, at which point he moved to New York in order to enrol, on a scholarship basis, with acting coach Stella Adler. After two years of study, he moved to Toronto, Canada, where he became a member of the prestigious Stratford Theatre Company. After working for a period at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Mr. Michaels moved to Los Angeles in 1965 with the intention of working in the motion picture industry.

Since then, Mr. Michaels has been involved in a number of entertainment companies, including his first post at Ferdporqui Productions, an independent film company headed by Robert Vaughn at MGM Studios. More recent positions include his past role as Senior Vice President, Production for Cineplex Odeon Film, Inc., and, subsequently, President, Cineplex Odeon Film, Inc.. In this role, Mr. Michaels oversaw a production and distribution slate of films which included "THE GLASS MENAGERIE," starring Joanne Woodward, John Malkovich and directed by Paul Newman, "MADAME SOUSATSKA," starring Shirley MacLaine and directed by Joel Schlesinger, "TALK RADIO," directed by Oliver Stone, "JACKNIFE," starring Robert DeNiro and Ed Harris and "PRANCER," starring Sam Elliott and Cloris Leachman.

Mr. Michaels also served as President, MK Productions, under its production deal with Paramount Pictures and currently holds the position of President of Productions for C-2 Pictures.

Over the course of his career in entertainment, Mr. Michaels has produced numerous major motion pictures including "UNIVERSAL SOLDIER," starring Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lungren, "THREE OF HEARTS," starring William Baldwin, Sherilyn Fenn and Kelly Lynch, "STARGATE," starring Kurt Russell and James Spader, "LAST OF THE DOGMEN," starring Tom Berenger and Barbara Hershey, "LOLITA," directed by Adrian Lynne and starring Jeremy Irons and Melanie Griffith, plus Summer 2003's blockbuster hit "TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES," starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mr. Michaels is currently in pre-production on "THE REMAINS OF THE PIANC," a comedy directed by and starring Monty Python alumnus, Eric Idle.

Executive Producer
A native of Toronto, Canada, Myron Gottlieb received his B.A. from Wilfred Laurier University in 1965, and subsequently attended law school at the University of Toronto. From 1977 until 1985, Mr. Gottlieb was the co-founder and Chief Executive of a prominent Toronto-based investment dealer company.

For nearly 10 years, Mr. Gottlieb was on the Board of Directors of Cineplex Odeon Corporation, serving as Vice-Chairman of the Board from February, 1982, and as Chief Administrative Officer from 1985-1989. During his tenure, the corporation grew from an 18-screen complex at Torontos Eaton Centre into a chain of cinemas with some 1800 screens in 500 locations, including Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Various divisions within the company included Canadas largest independent film distribution company (Cineplex Odeon Films), Canadas largest motion picture laboratory and post-production sound and editing facility (Film House) and Canadas largest production studio (Toronto International Studios).

In 1988, the Live Entertainment Division of Cineplex Odeon was formed, and in December 1989, was purchased in partnership by Mr. Gottleib and Garth H. Drabinsky. The company became known as Livent Inc., the only publicly traded commercial live theatre production company.

Until 1996, Mr. Gottlieb was President and Chief Operating Officer of Livent Inc. and continued in his role as President until June, 1998.

Mr. Gottlieb has been active in numerous community endeavours in Toronto and is a well-respected speaker having delivered lectures and keynote addresses at prominent institutions including The Honors Business Administration Conference at the University of Western Ontario; The Donald W. Campbell Lecture in International Trade at the Wilfred Laurier Chancellors Symposium and the Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation.

Executive Producer
Serving as Executive Producer for THE GOSPEL OF JOHN is Martin Katz, the President and founder of Prospero Pictures, a Toronto-based film production and finance company. Martins credits include the feature film productions of Michael Winterbottoms THE CLAIM, David Cronenbergs SPIDER and Bronwyn Hughes Canada-UK-South Africa co-production, STANDER, to be released this fall, as well as numerous television productions, including the Ken Finkleman mini-series MARRIED LIFE, the Nickelodeon/Family Channel Series WILDSIDE and the Showtime series, MY LIFE AS A DOG.

Prior to founding Prospero Pictures, Martin was President and Chief Operating Officer of Grosvenor Park Film Financing Corporation, where he established and ran Grosvenor Park Productions and Grosvenor Parks film financing operations in Canada. Previously, Martin served as Executive Producer at Alliance Atlantis and subsequently took on the role of Executive Producer for Canada of The Microsoft Network. He was also Head of Business Affairs at CBC Television.

His television credits as producer or executive producer include movies and series for CBS, Showtime, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, M-Net, TVNZ, CBC, CTV, Global, WIC and CityTV. Martin holds degrees in law from the Universities of Toronto and Paris and was professor of law at the French-language University of Moncton and Special Lecturer in Intellectual Property at the University of Toronto.

Director of Photography
Miroslaw Baszak is the award-winning director of photography on GOSPEL OF JOHN. While studying theatre at the University of Lodz in Poland, Miroslaw worked as actor in experimental theatre, before subsequently moving to Canada. While studying Cinematography, Miroslaw shot several short films, twice winning the prestigious Norman Jewison Filmmaker Award. Since graduating, Miroslaw has developed a massive and stunning body of work encompassing commercials, music videos, feature film and television. Among his extensive credits are such pieces as the festival favorite Roadkill (Odeon), Eclipse (Odeon), Conviction (Paramount), Picture Claire (Serendipity), Language Of The Heart (Yorktown), and the critically acclaimed series of Holocaust movies, The Rescuers (Showtime). Miroslaws outstanding work in cinematography has garnered him many accolades including Bessie Award, Canadian Music Video Awards, and Canadian Society Of Cinematography Awards.

Production Designer
Applying his creative talents to the role of Production Designer for THE GOSPEL OF JOHN is Don Taylor.

A native of Glasgow, Scotland, Don received his training in production design at the BBC in both Glasgow and London, during the heyday of British television production. It was approximately twenty-five years ago when working at the BBC that Don first met with GOSPEL OF JOHN director Philip Saville, with whom he has worked on a number of productions.

With a career spanning more than two decades, Mr. Taylor has contributed to many memorable and award winning feature films including the critically acclaimed LITTLE VOICE, starring Brenda Blethyn, Michael Caine, Ewan McGregor, Jim Broadbent and Jane Horrocks, BRASSED OFF, starring Ewan McGregor and Pete Postlethwaite, HOUSE OF MIRTH, for which he received the 2001 Golden Satellite Award for Best Art Direction, METROLAND, directed by Philip Saville, HOPE SPRINGS, TWO DEATHS and THE TRIAL, an adaptation by Harold Pinter starring Anthony Hopkins and Jason Robards.

Equally prolific in the field of television production, Taylors credits include NOT A PENNY MORE, NOT A PENNY LESS, THE COMMON PURSUIT, PLAIN JANE, GOOD NIGHT MR. TOM, DANIEL DERONDA, and THE WALL OF SLIENCE, another collaboration with Philip Saville,. His work on the production design of the television drama EMMA, earned him the 1997 Emmy Award for Outstanding Art Direction for a Mini-Series or Special.

A renowned and highly accomplished editor both in his native Canada and in the United States, award-winning Michel Arcand (The Art of War,) is the editor of THE GOSPEL OF JOHN. Born in Val dOr, Abitibi, Quebec, Mr. Arcands list of editorial credits is extensive including the Arnold Schwarzenegger thriller The 6th Day, Sunshine starring Ralph Fiennes and Tomorrow Never Dies, from the James Bond franchise of films. His television credits are equally wide-ranging and include Urgence II, Lance et Compte and Blanche, to mention just a few. Moving from picture to sound, Mr. Arcand has also worked on a number of features as both a Sound Editor and Sound Designer.

Costume Designer
The multi-talented Debra Hansons creative input graces the screen on THE GOSPEL OF JOHN through her role as Costume Designer. A graduate of both Dalhousie University and the National Theatre School of Canada, Debra has worked in a variety of disciplines including commercial textile and clothing design, architectural design, commercial illustration, fine art and design plus costume and production design. She held the position of Head of Design for the prestigious Stratford Festival of Canada for five seasons, and continues to design there, completing her 28th production design credit with THE KING AND I for the 2003 season. Her artistic talents have been put to use in numerous film and television productions including THE MAN WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS, STORMY WEATHER, A KILLING SPRING, and SOCIETYS CHILD, which earned a Gemini nomination for Best Movie of the Week 2002. Debras work on the film THE NEW WATERFORD GIRL garnered her a Genie nomination for Best Achievement in Costume Design. She has won numerous awards including the Rt. Honourable Pauline McGibbon Award (1983)- Outstanding Production Designer, a Dora Mavor Moore Award Outstanding Costume Design: Translations 1994 as well as four Theatre Plus Subscribers Awards for Outstanding Costume Design (1989, 1990) and Outstanding Set design (1989, 1990). Her works are included in private collections throughout England, Canada, the United States and France.

Music Composer
The musical score for GOSPEL OF JOHN was created by musician, composer and recording artist, Jeff Danna. Born in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, Jeff studied both piano and guitar. He turned his talents to composition, creating the music for eight episodes of the hit television series Beverly Hills 90210. Additional television credits include music for the series Kung Fu: The Legend Continues and Sweating Bullets, plus the television movies The Matthew Sheppard Story, Yeltsin and Icebound. His film work includes scores for movies such as O, starring Julia Stiles and Josh Hartnett plus Kids Stay in the Picture, the documentary about famed Hollywood executive Robert Evans.

Production Sound Mixer
The winner of the 2003 Academy Award for Best Sound (Chicago,), film veteran David Lee is the production sound mixer of THE GOSPEL OF JOHN. A prolific and highly accomplished sound mixer, Lees career spans nearly three decades with credits that range from television productions to critically-acclaimed feature films. He began his career in sound at the BBC in Scotland where one of his
first recording jobs on television was with the Beatles. Moving into film, Davids feature credits include The Santa Claus, Adventures in Babysitting, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Crash, X-Men, Shanghai Noon, John Q, Silent Partner and the recently released thriller Wrong Turn.

In addition to winning this years Oscar for Best Sound, David has been honoured with numerous awards including the British Oscar known as the BAFTA for Best Sound ("Chicago), and a CAS (Cinema Audio Society) award nomination (Chicago). His work on the television movie Unnatural Causes earned him an Emmy Award for Best Sound (1987) while Silent Partner received a Genie Award in the category of Best Sound. He was also honoured with a further Emmy nomination for the television movie Gotti.

David has taught sound recording in addition to developing audio recording equipment that is used by many mixers all over the world. He recently started a sound society/website, movingpixaudio.com, which is dedicated to professionals in sound recording, with the goal being to find ways to share information in the fast-paced world of sound recording.

Make-Up and Hair
Responsible for transforming actors into citizens of an ancient world in THE GOSPEL OF JOHN, is Academy Award-winning make-up artist and hair designer Trefor Proud (Topsy Turvey). A much sought-after talent, Trefor has worked on numerous productions helmed by internationally acclaimed directors such as George Lucas, Mike Leigh, Ridley Scott, James Ivory, Philip Saville and Norman Jewison. The productions with which he has been involved are both impressive and extensive with FIRST KNIGHT, GOLDENEYE, BENT, GLADIATOR, THE GOLDEN BOWL and THE STATEMENT appearing on his list of credits.

In addition to winning the Academy Award for Best Make-up for TOPSEY TURVEY, the film also garnered Trefor the prestigious BAFTA Award (2000). For the feature film THE GOOD POPE, Trefor provided personal hair and make-up services to acclaimed actor, Bob Hoskins.

Music Supervisor
A native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Stephen Cera brings an international perspective and broad range of skills to his role as the Music Supervisor on THE GOSPEL OF JOHN. From 1985 to 1991, he was a Producer with CBC Radio Music, and was closely involved with CBCs special coverage of the 10th Leeds International Piano Competition in Great Britain, and the 1988 production of Wagners Ring cycle from the Bayreuth Festival in Germany. As a producer, he developed eight compact disc projects for CBC Records and also produced the Canadian Orchestral Sampler, which won a Financial Post Award for Business in the Arts in the category of Innovative Support. Before joining the CBC, he served for seven years as the Music Critic of the Baltimore Sun. His commentaries on music have been published in The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times and Musical America.

Mr. Cera served as Vice President, Concert Music Programming, with Livent Inc., and in that capacity helped create develop and lead the distinguished concert season at the Ford Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto from 1991 2000. Managed and operated by Livent Inc., until November 1998 and thereafter the city of Toronto, the Ford Centre presented approximately 100 concerts per season in an array of classical music genres including orchestral, chamber, early music, vocal, contemporary, choral and solo piano. As well, it presented jazz, Afro-American and gospel, klezmer and Celtic music, plus family programs. Under Mr. Ceras leadership, the series grew from an initial base of zero to 10,000 subscriptions by its fifth season, in a location far from the downtown Toronto entertainment district, and in the context of the highly competitive Toronto concert marketplace. The series presented the Canadian and/or Toronto recital debuts of an array of world-renowned classical artists, including soprano Dawn Upshaw, mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter and violinist Maxim Vengerov.

From June 2000 to May 2002, Mr. Cera programmed the series of Pamela Wallin Cultural Weekends produced in conjunction with the Muskoka Sands Resort in Ontario. That series presented artists from a wide variety of disciplines (classical music and jazz, ballet, literature, folk music) in in-depth weekend experiences of performance and conversation with renowned Canadian television journalist Pamela Wallin.

Mr. Cera has been active as a concert pianist and appeared as a soloist with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and other orchestras in both Canada and the United States. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (philosophy) from Pomona College in Claremont, Calif., and a Master of Music (piano performance) from the University of Southern California.

Orchestra Conductor
The evocative soundtrack of THE GOSPEL OF JOHN was conducted and orchestrated by the internationally acclaimed musician, Nicholas Dodd.

Recognized for his distinguished body of film work, including several of the James Bond film scores, Nicholas Dodd is a graduate with honours from the Royal College of Music in London. Upon completion of his studies, he founded the Chelsea Symphony Orchestra (CSO) and Ensemble, consisting of some of the finest of the Royal Colleges graduates. Appearing regularly at the Royal Albert Hall, the orchestra also toured in Switzerland, Paris and New York. While in New York in 1983 with the CSO, Mr. Dodd was approached by American composer Richard Adler to conduct the European Premiere of this WILDERNESS SUITE, at St. Johns Smiths Square in London. He subsequently conducted the Houston Symphony Orchestra as a highlight of their 1987 Mostly Mozart Festival. And, in 1991, Mr. Dodd served as Music Director for the World Student Games, British Airways and Rolls Royce Share Launch.

He orchestrated and conducted several cues for Michael Crawfords EFX at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas plus conducted the composition LOOK HOMEWARD ANGEL by Richard Adler with the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra, ultimately recording the piece with the London Symphony Orchestra.

The task of recreating clothing that would accurately depict the costume of the period went to award-winning artist and designer Debra Hanson. A veteran of the prestigious Canadian Stratford Festival, Hanson immediately began researching the period.

As little visual evidence exists of what clothing was like during the time of Jesus, Hanson relied on comprehensive research as well as consultation with the Advisory Committee, to determine how the garments should appear.

As it was imperative that the costumes be historically accurate, textures of fabrics, weaving techniques, colours, dye samples, dye plants and colour palette were all taken into consideration.

Hanson presented archaeological research, costume sketches and dye samples in a range of colours to the Advisory Committee. She also worked closely with Emmy® Award winning production designer Don Taylor to ensure that the individual colour palettes designed for both the sets and costumes would be complimentary.

Hanson and her team were responsible for creating costuming for approximately 80 key cast members, some of whom required multiple costumes. By the film's completion, they had dressed a cast of nearly 2500.

While designing for THE GOSPEL OF JOHN, Hanson was mindful that she was creating clothing that would be worn by universally revered characters from the scriptures. "I think that the challenge was the characters are major icons of western culture, so the pressure was to do them in a way that is both historically correct, but also fits in with iconic images. One would think it would be easy, but indeed, it is not. In film, an actor brings his physicality and his interpretation from the director. To help that and to create something that people totally accept as being right and real, while at the same time putting it in terms of a particular film and concept, is difficult."

"When you think of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, Mary Mother of Jesus or John the Baptist, you have to create a physical expression of this -- a visual signal that is correct. It's not always derived from looking at Renaissance paintings. The joy is to see it come to fruition in physical, three dimensional terms. To believe it, knowing that it has all the echoes of the iconic images," explains Hanson.

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