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—Review pt2
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by David Bruce,
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"I am the light of the world."

Throughout the film the words of Jesus are placed in settings that enhance his teaching.


The High Priest and Pilate.

The ruling institutions of the time were not pleased with the inclusive message of Jesus' teaching.

The Leading Pharisee in the Temple.

The leading Pharisee, who opposes Jesus, is in contrast with the Pharisee Nichodemus, who was a friend of Jesus. Nichodemus accepted Jesus' message of God's inclusive kingdom, and the other plotted Jesus' death.


Jesus and the Pharisee.

The heavy hand of the institution seeks to find fault with Jesus.

Jesus and his Disciples at Supper.

Dining with friends was important to Jesus. The film begins with celebration at a wedding dinner and ends with "the last supper." Again demonstrating the important essence of Jesus' teaching.

Judas, Jesus and the one whom Jesus loved.

Good times with friends and the inclusion of one who was not a true friend. Profound meaning and symbolism here.

Judas and Jesus.
Jesus predicts his betrayal.

Jesus' enemies are:
1. One of his own disciples 2. Certain religious officials 3. The Romans who crucified him.

Caiaphas, High Priest and Annas, Father-in-Law of Caiaphas.

The plot continues. As long as there are humans on earth there will be unfortunate misunderstandings and divisions.

Jesus before Pilate.

Here the Roman government officials keep Jesus under arrest and later order him to be severely whipped.

A group of Pharisees meeting on the steps of the Temple.

What did the teachings of Jesus mean to the power structure? They had deep concerns and honestly felt that it would be good to have Jesus arrested.

Jesus and his Disciples. "Father, the hour has come".

In the face of his coming arrest, trial and death it is interesting to note what Jesus did...

...He washed the feet of his Disciples.

A great example of putting others first in loving ways. He took on the role of a servant.

Mary Magdalene watching as Jesus is betrayed.

Again, the inclusive inner circle of Jesus' followers is underscored.

Jesus Wearing Crown of Thorns.

Jesus is mocked by the Romans as the King of the Jews. The Gentile Romans treat jesus in a very dehumanizing and humiliating manner.

Jesus is sentenced to death.

Jesus did not render violence for violence. He used non-violence as his "weapon" of choice. 2000 years later Martin Luther King Jr. followed this example for Civil Rights.

Under Pontius Pilate Jesus is sentenced to death.

But death was conquered by his resurrection. Jesus triumphed over hate, sin and death through the power of love. "For God so Loved the world, that..."


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