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Subject: Original_Godzilla
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002
From: Bala

What a great idea. You should add Godzilla 98 and 2000 to your list

Subject: one simple question
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2001
From: Astina MN

What exactly does Godzilla have to do with Jesus? What exactly is Hollywood Jesus? Okay, that was more than one question. But maybe you could e-mail me back the answer to them. I would really appreciate that thank you -
Astina MN

Response: There is no relationship between Jesus and Godzilla. There is a relationship between Godzilla and the chaos monster in the Bible. HJ is a movie review site from a spiritual point of view. -David

Subject: Godzilla
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001
From: dav

I was born in 1963 and grew up a godzilla fan,... all my life i"ve been watching the KING OF ALL MONSTERS. destroy everything in his mighty path. The thing is I was really disapointed when I saw the T REX version of the mighty upright godzilla, ...... and from what i understand so are alot of other people that grew up, rushing home after school to see the godzilla week on bill kennedy at the movies, here in michigan. i would love to see The old school godzilla do a number on the T REX version godzilla that was recently released. hopefully, the people at the studieos will realize the error of there ways and see the block buster that is staring them in the fase. do you have any idea, how many people would go to the theater to see their old hero come back and take out her impersonator????? the bill boards-----WE WERE WRONG! Godzilla is back,.... and is it p*ssed! and It's looking for you know who! the one who disgrased it's name in her absents> gives me goose bumps!,..... oh well, let me have my fantisy but old gozilla rocks and will never be defeated,.... and that godzilla that looks like T-Rex, well looks like a good stomp fest for the REAL GODZILLA!!!!!

Subject: godzilla
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001
From: steven

hello my name is steven whitehawk. i have a few things that i have found that are out right blasphamous. see how godzilla looks? not really because in 1954 the japeniese had poor special effects, but if you do get a good look at him you could see a scar or some sort of mark on his head and when flipped verticle you can see the numbers 1 and 3 . if combine 1 and 3 that makes 13 and that is the same amount of numbers as the phrase "burn with satan". this is the same phrase as the one mutterd at the last moments of the dieing peasent that was burned by godzilla. i think this refrance to satan is extremely disturbing and needs to be told to are children. satan does not belong in movies or in our childrens heads

Response: Are you serious? Numerology is so bogus becuse it can equal anything you want it to. If you combine 1 and 3 you can also get 4, or, if you multiply, 3, or 2 if you subtract. Some believe Paul was the 13th Apostle. "Hitler was evil" has 13 letters. "Jesus loves you" also has 13 letters. Your numerology is bogus, there are just too many variables. I hope you are not serious about wasting precious time with children filling their heads with such bogus nonsense.

Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001
From: john

Dear Sirs
It has been a while since I saw the movie, but if my memory is correct Godzilla breathed fire had a nearly impervious skin and when he came out of the water made the "boil" These all describe the Biblical creature Leviathan as described in Job chapter 41. For the above three descriptions see verses 18-21 (fire) 15-17, 23 (hardy skin) and v31 boiling water. Many scientists claim that T Rex's tail was used for balance, but the movie got me to thinking that T rex may have also lived partly in water, using his tail to push throught the water as a crocodile uses his tail to push himself through water, and using the small arms to steer him. Although Godzilla is a fictitious creature, created in the 1950s, the scientists really don't know any more about a T rex's life than the rest of us do.

Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001

Hi, I own the website I was wondering if you would post us up on your website.

My name is Doug Rotondi, and this is my 11th year selling Godzilla related goods. I used to play pro basketball for the athletes in action organization in Spain with other ex-NBA greats.

Thanks and have a great day. In Christ, Doug (781)438-1223

Response: Sure, I am happy to post your site address. -David

Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001

No doubt you're a busy fellow, but your Godzilla filmography could stand to be updated:

I may or may not comment at the RODAN thread -- not sure if I have anything to add. I do recommend you take another look at MOTHRA, if you haven't already, the Christian imagery is, as I wrote, nearly continuous. And I wonder if you've seen the most recent GAMERA films, I think they're quite astonishing and, for this genre, very thought-provoking. The cowriter/director of those three pictures (certainly the first one is available here in English, as GAMERA, GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE) has been handed the reins for directing the next Godzilla picture, and I'm expecting a real blow-out. Haven't caught up to MEGAGUIRAS, but reliable sources have praised it to the skies.
Best wishes,

Response: Thank you ever so much. I have entered the updates. -David

Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001

This is an intriguing discussion. I should point out that Tomoyuki Tanaka is hardly the only, or even most important "father" of Godzilla: it was his idea to make such a movie, but it was director Ishiro Honda, who also cowrote the script, that came up with the idea of making Godzilla a mutant of the H-Bomb, and, furthermore, physically evocative of WAR ITSELF. Unlike Tanaka or Eiji Tsuburaya, Honda was a genuine combat veteran (eight years in China, about one of them as a prisoner of war), and he brought that experience to ALL the science fiction films he directed (roughly half of his total output.) The echoes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that you see in GODZILLA are far from accidental, although Honda himself was also invoking the American fire-bombings that ravaged Tokyo towards the end of the war, and which threatened his wife and children. I've always thought that the scene of the mother protecting her children evoked a personal nightmare image of Mr. Honda's, whose wife and children were stuck in Tokyo during those bombings. And when he was finally returned to Japan from China in 1946, he and all the other former POWs were compelled to pass by train through the cities shattered by the A-bomb; he said that he got a feeling that "the world had already come to an end" and that "the atomic fear would hang around our necks for all eternity." GODZILLA offered him a unique chance to express that fear, and he grabbed it. But for him, I'm not sure the movie would be remembered today for anything other than Tsuburaya's remarkable artisanship -- or, indeed, that it would have been released outside Japan. (Well, maybe so, the American market for such movies was at a fever pitch at the time. But Honda and company themselves never dreamed the movie would even succeed in Japan at that level, much less America.)

As for the Christian symbolism -- which one poster also aptly sees in ULTRAMAN -- I guess it's not widely known that FX director Eiji Tsuburaya was a Roman Catholic, which is extremely rare in Japan. I don't think the occasional Christian symbolism is accidental at all -- it also turns up in MOTHRA, but particularly in ULTRAMAN, which was more Tsuburaya's project than the Godzilla films were -- in fact, he began deemphasizing his work at Toho after starting up his own production company to make fantasy television. (Now that I think of it, the Christian imagery in MOTHRA, while quite obvious, is overshadowed by the Asian image of the Phoenix, the endlessly self-regenerating god. Although one could make the same case for Jesus, who the Bible says dies and was reborn, and lives on still. Later versions of Mothra are more Phoenix-like than Jesus-like, but the crucifix imagery in the original MOTHRA is pretty continuous, and not accidental.)

Out of respect to the memory of Tsuburaya, Ishiro Honda, who had never before worked in television, agreed to direct the pilot episode of RETURN OF ULTRAMAN in 1971. This first episode has, if anything, even more overt Christian imagery than the original ULTRAMAN had. I don't believe Honda was Christian, but feel sure that he emphasized such imagery to pay homage to his treasured friend and collaborator Tsuburaya (who died in January 1970.)

I decided to send this to you personally rather than to the general posting board, but would happily stand behind everything I said here (I knew Mr. Honda personally, even wrote a book about him and others who worked in this genre.) If you think you might like to post the above comments, or a revised version of them, please inform me. Compulsive as I am, I would probably want to revise them anyway!


P.S. For whatever it's worth, I am nondenominational, but do intend forward news of this site to a Christian fan who I think will be interested.

P.P.S. One of the posters said Gojira means "bull-whale" -- it's actually a corruption of the words "gorilla" and "whale" ("gorira" and "kujira"). I've NEVER found out who came up with the word "Godzilla," but religious connotations on the part of the Japanese re: the name, are coincidental.

Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001
From: Zyber Dust

How in the world did you guys associate one of the Creator's name with Godzilla?? Get a life it was only a movie. Who will you compare the Frankenstien monstor to, the antichrist?? Do not post my e-mail please. Other wise good art work and pictures.

Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001
From: Lance

i was baffled by your site the time i found it. i thought, 'what the heck...'. but i think it's pretty interesting, as a christian and a fan of japanese pop culture. but still, i i happened to have the good blessing of being able to go to japan not long ago (and took a photo of a godzilla statue, under which was written a quote "i can't think that that godzilla was the last one". i love both godzilla and gamera. in any case, while in japan i had the good fortune of watching a documentary on the first production of a godzilla movie, with eiji tsuburaya in the center. and here is the most interesting part: emblazoned on eiji tsuburaya's grave was a cross, which brings me to Joe A's comment on Ultraman. Actually i came across your site when trying to find out if tsuburaya was a christian. now that i think of it, yes, Ultraman did make the sign of the cross to fire his specium beam, and the pastor of the japanese church i went to once showed at church a scene from ultraman, pointing out that ultraman comes into the body of a dead man to make him a superhero, which probably sounds like the holy spirit coming into the body of us, wretched humans to make us 'superhumans'. so was this symbolism real or was it just imagined by us christians? also, though this is probably a coincidence, my favorite ultraman is ultraseven, seven being God's perfect number. Finally, can anyone tell me if Tsuburaya was really a Christian? And Joe A., I'll definitely visit that ultraman site.
Thanks!! Lance

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001

Godzilla in a simple form of spirit and reality. God and Godzilla in Ravens mind both are Evermore. Quoth The Raven both Evermore just like the bible the movies will never end. And in a way both are kind, both have a son, both have wrath, both have additude, and finaly both rule God King of All-Godzilla King of Monsters. P.S. please no posting of email address thank you and Godbless

Subject: Godzilla
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001
From: "SLC"

You are all obviously very intellegent people who seem to have given this subject a lot of thought and a lot of you have some interesting ideas, however, they are wrong. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee people. The word is "Godzilla". . ."God" zilla. Think about it. Oh, and Xan, please, please, please get some help in a hurry because you don't sound very happy. Sorry, no e-mails, my carma can't take it.

Subject: godzilla and God
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000
From: mullin

hi i'm mike mullin and have been a big G fan since i was 3 (i'm now 20). i've been reading about the connection placed between god and godzilla and am flaberghasted at what i'm hearing !!. there is absolutely no way the god of the bible is a 300 foot radioactive reptile !. the god of the bible created the entire universe - godzilla just totals it ! anyway a good question picked up on is who would have sent godzilla if he were real - jesus(god) or satan ? would an all good and loving god create such a terrible monster ? NO - BUT , we must remember that we live in a fallen world full of evils. god might allow a monster to roam wild and destroy - like he allows earthquakes and volcanoes.

since the fall in the garden of eden - man has inherited a fallen and corrupt world full of disasters, cancers, wars and potential godzillas. god is all powerful and allows these things to happen - why ? well in the book of Job , job asks god why the good must suffer, gods response - sometimes trials strike for reasons we will never know, they are beyond our comprehension, god says we are too finite to understand the infinite workings of his universe. so what about satan?

well if godzilla showed up in tokyo harbour tomorrow morning , satan would certainly try to help him as evilly as possible. satan and godzilla could only work in gods will. they are both finite creatures- they must obey the infinite yahweh. i'm sure satan would delight in watching the big green guy smash buildings and step on little old ladies- but only so much damage could be done. since godzilla is a force of nature in a fallen world he is much like the wind that never stops blowing, or like the waves that keep crashing - he will go on possibly forever.

Subject: godzillla stuff
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000
From: PHAT

i think Godzilla is still one of the best movies in its generation. i have the original Godzilla and the American one they did in 1997. people have to be so judgmental about stuff and i think that is youth pastor at my friend's church said that some movies have a biblical things in them but u got to look really hard. sometimes i think we as Christians are judging everything away to the smallest,littlest,thingy that gets way out of apportion. Godzilla is still one of the best 100 movies of the century. and that is true. Thank you and good night.

Subject: Godzilla/Gojira
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000
From: Chris A.K.A: Xan

Gojira means Bull-Whale. That's it. he has no mythological meaning he was just a Dinosaur awakened by atomic tests and then the rest of the movies are just pure entertainment. I know you remember me I am the atheist teen that said death too all humans through Godzilla. I just think that everything that you say about Godzilla connecting with God is stupid. I love Godzilla more than pretty much anybody but this si the dumbest Godzilla site I have ever been too. I do come here every once in a while too read any new comments that may have come up but that's it. Just remember Godzilla is just a bunch of movies nothing too do with God or christ or anything like that. The Japs made him for entertainment and I bet if any of them see it they will laugh at you. Post my email up if you want I don't care. I want too get some interesting emails from people.
thanks Chris A.K.A: Xan

Subject: Godzilla Vs. Leviathan
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000
From: "J.Edwards"

I think that would make a wicked movie! At least how Leviathan was described in the bible... I bet Godzilla could take him though. But it would still be a good fight. But they'd have to give Leviathan more shape than the one on the Magic: The Gathering card. Oh, and Magic is not evil. I am, in fact, a Christian. I have cards. I don't play anymore, but I still don't think they're evil. I mean, some cards are demons, but some are Angels too, so I dunno. But back to topic, Godzilla vs. Leviathan would be cool. Iz Leviathan evil or something? Cuz it says God sends down his Angels to kill it and they can't, or something... Anyway, Godzilla rocks!

Subject: God and Godzilla
From: Shinlong Ferral

For reference, you have my permission to print my website and email. First off, I admire your website for how you have created a unique spiritual discussion on a Japanese icon. I have waited a month to collate my thoughts because the concept of God and Godzilla/Gojira is very intriging. I have been a godzilla fan since when I was a little boy, I am 28 now. I don't follow any faith, being more of a spiritual/ philisophical person, but I did have a catholic upbringing. On the surface, Godzilla is nothing more than a political and entertaining movie forshadowing and warning of the dangers of nuclear weapons, testing and war. I don't think that war is EVIL per se, I just think it IS. I don't support war, but judging war itself as evil is a mistake. Many wars were waged in the name of good, god and what is right. The Crusades were a war, and it caused as much suffering as any other war, just look at the Children's Crusade where the people waging the war sold the very children into slavery who were helping the cause of the church. War is waged by evil men, like Adolph Hitler, who ordered the slaughter of millions to support his beliefs and hatred. War is waged by the oppressed. The Revolutionary war was waged to release ourselves from the tyrrany of England and to give men their freedom.

I personally see war like I see a hurricane, an earthquake or even Godzilla. They are unfortunate, deadly forces of nature. A tiger that kills a human child is not evil, it is responding to its instincts. A tornado that wipes a church off the map and kills everyone in it is a tragedy, not an evil spirit. So war, in my opinion, just is. Now on to Godzilla. Ok, let me stretch a little bit and come up with an allegory. Godzilla could be seen as Morningstar, Shaitan, Old Scratch, Lucifer, or Satan; whatever you choose to call the Devil. But I would see him more as a plaque sent by God similar to the suffering the Egyptians underwent until they released Moses and his people.

One could say God was unhappy with man tampering with the atom, and sent an ironic curse to plague man. That would apply to the first movie. The other movies after that, aimed at juviniles, have been called as "another Godzilla", different from the first. He plays as the protector, while still causing mass destruction. Here you can see the vengeful god turning to the loving god, wanting to protect his creation, man and earth, from "evil" forces - space aliens, monsters, etc. He serves as a reminder of god's wrath and god's love, his warning and our savior.

Then we hit 1984/1985, the start of the heisei series. Heisei refers to the emperor's son, the sucessor. The heisei godzilla is meaner looking, he returns on a crusade of destruction. You could say that man did not learn his lesson, because we still tapped nuclear power and harbored nuclear weapons aimed at our brothers. So the angel of death returns to wreak havok on the land as a voice of god's will. Occasionally, he battles other monsters - Biollante, King and Mecha Ghidorah, Mecha godzilla, Space Godzilla and Destroyah. Some of these monsters represent some of man's heroes, while most are monsters bent on destroying man.

But Godzilla is god's love, so he fights for us, to remindus that we are not forever unforgivable. But Godzilla is still destructive, he wipes out lives and cities at the same time he saves us. Now let's look at the last scene from Godzilla X Destroyah. Destroyah is defeated, but not before he kills Little Godzilla. Big Godzilla is dying, from the meltdown of his nuclear heart. He dies and radiation spikes off the charts. Toyko will be a dead city forever as punishment for our sins. But! The radiation drops rapidly when it should linger for decades! The smoke clears and we see a thrashing silhouette! He is silent till the camera zooms in on him. The hellish scream resounds and we see Little Godzilla standing in his father's place, absorbing the deadly radiation as life giving strength! Tokyo is saved, but a new godzilla lives! From a religious standpoint, this is earth shattering.

Little Godzilla is Christ, who dies only to rise to save Tokyo from a city of living death. COuld Little G be the savior, descending to hell, our earth, to ressurect us? It bears thought at least. Finally, we have Godzilla 2000. Neo Godzilla defeats the imposter, Orga, who could be the antichrist, as Neo Godzilla COULD be little godzilla, and Orga tries to become Godzilla. After saving us from the aliens and Orga, Godzilla returns IMMEDIATELY to strafing Shinjuku, the city, and continuing his mass destruction. Godzilla saves us, but God is maddened by our continuing use of nuclear power and weaponry, so still he is vengeful. I hope I have presented an intelligent idea and debate. I look forward to seeing a response. My email is My Neo Monster Island is a tribute to Godzilla Culture and toys [I am NOT selling anything, so don't please don't think I am trying to use your web site as an advertisement], and can be seen at Thanks and good day :)
Shinlong Ferral a.k.a. Sean McGuinness

Response: Thank you. I like the way you think!

Subject: Your page
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000
From: Connie Goodnow

To whom it may concern: I am Connie Goodnow, proprietor of Conster's Museum of Godzilla "" and a Catholic. I have done the web page for five years and been Catholic for almost ten. I would like to link to your page if I can and also offer my own perspective on the connection between Godzilla and spiritual reality.

While Godzilla itself is a long standing pop icon resulting from the atomic testing of the 1950's, the threat of nuclear annihilation that the Big G represents is very real. The human race as a whole has a terrifically monumental challenge before it: How can we reconcile the threat of nuclear destruction to belief and faith in an all loving, all merciful, all powerful God? Why does God allow evil in the world? Why does He allow pain and misery and cruel suffering to be inflicted on those He claims to have sent His son to die for?

I'm afraid that to anyone who has experienced personal agony such as divorce or the death of a loved one or loss of a job, these questions only add to the troubled torment in some cases. Theologians get paid money to spend all day long arguing back and forth about why God allows suffering to happen but to the person doing the suffering all the arguing is very pointless. All he or she knows is that he or she is hurting! It doesn't much pay to tell the person that it was God's will or it's all for the best. Such religious platitudes only serve to place increased guilt on him or her.

One would not dream of saying that to the many victims of Hiroshima or Nagasaki! Yet when we're faced with a friend or relative who has faced the loss of a marriage, or loss of a job, or other personal loss, we feel tempted to throw out the same scraps of mindless positivism every day. It does little good to tell the sufferer that God will ultimately bring good out of this evil. That realization cannot possibly be imposed from without. It has to be infused from within.

I had the honor of designing a web site for a benefit raiser for a child who was dying of a cancerous brain tumor, but he attracted my attention because he was actually using Godzilla to fight the tumor. Although young Ricky Browning eventually lost his battle with cancer, in my book he won, because he didn't let bitterness into the picture even though his life was drastically cut short at the age of 11. To the outside observer, such an event was the epitome of unfairness, and the chemo and other treatments would have looked like the picture of futility. Yet to those that knew him (or, like me, knew of him) this was the opportunity of a lifetime to see the sweet yet steely spirit of this brave little warrior. The courage he showed influenced many others (myself included) not to give up and throw in the towel when things got to be more than one could handle, even though there were many days where he was in dreadful pain.

I don't claim to understand why God allows suffering and evil in the world, because I'm in this same boat as the rest of you. Many days, life simply puzzles the hell out of me and I'm extremely grateful just to be able to plop myself into bed at night and be able to draw a breath of fresh air in the morning. Yes, there is the threat of nuclear destruction. There is also the threat of being struck by lightning, killed by a car, murdered by a stranger, and many other dreadful things taking place. I'm in love with a wonderful man who has several times attempted suicide and this is a fear I live with every day. Yet on the other side of fear, one must have hope if one is to survive. I can live with the idea of Christ being the source of all my hope. For someone else, he or she may not be able to stomach that. I guess it all depends upon where you are at in this life. One man who lives on a mountaintop will see things differently from the desert nomad or the valley dweller.

In closing, I would like to thank you for your page. It's sure to be the hot topic of discussion after I link to it. Keep up the good work!
Connie Goodnow

Response: Wow! Thank you. You are A wise woman who has a heart and passion for life and truth. God bless you. -David

Subject: Eiji Tsuburaya
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000
From: "Joe A."

Hi David, was re-reading your "Godzilla" review tonight and saw Tsuburaya-san's name mentioned, which reminded me of something I forgot to mention the first time I wrote you about this movie.

Eiji Tsuburaya, the FX genius who brought Tomoyuki Tanaka's vision of Godzilla to life, is himself the father of one of Japan's most famous superheroes - Ultraman. (See Absolute Ultraman! for a comprehensive site dedicated to the entire Ultraman universe.). There are a couple of very interesting things about Ultraman (this applies to the original - I don't know about all the other Ultramen, of whom there are, at latest count, 16); whenever he combats a Godzilla-type monster - and let me tell you, Tsuburaya-san came up with some real doozies! - he -crosses his hands- (makes the sign of the cross?) to unleash the power that destroys his demonic opponent. Then, in every episode, after he has saved the world once again, he flies back into space (ascends into heaven?) It may be stretching a point to call Ultraman a Christ-figure, but these features are, I think, certainly worth pondering.

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