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David BruceGattaca is one of the finest most intelligent sci-fi thrillers to come along in a long time!  Imagine Hitler's pure blood ideas set in a brave new world of genetically engineered people.  Imagine one man out to prove the system wrong.
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There is no Gene for the Human Spirit.

This film is loaded with spiritual symbols of transformation.   It asks lots of important questions. 

Vincent/Jerome: Ethan Hawke, Irene: Uma Thurman, Jerome/Eugene: Jude Law, Detective Hugo: Alan Arkin, Anton: Loren Dean, Director Josef: Gore Vidal. 
Written and directed by Andrew Niccol. 
Produced by Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher. A Columbia release
Running time: 112 minutes.
Rated PG-13 (for brief violent images, language and some sexuality).
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     In the brave new world of the future only "valid" genetically engineered people have a future in a life of significance.  Natural born children are condemned to a future of minimal jobs.  High security insures only valids get entrance to important places.
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     The hero, Vincent, was born in the divinely intended way.  His genetic tests show he has a bad heart and bad eyesight.  His life expectancy is a mere 30 years. He is labeled "In-Valid'' and hence, has worked as a janitor in the space center.  But, as the film opens he is enjoying the life of a valid ready to take a rocket ride under the name of Jerome.
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     In a flashback scene the film shows us Vincent's conception in the back seat of a Buick Rivera in the parking lot of a public beach.  As his parents make love in a distant camera shot above the car, we see the cross of Jesus swing back and forth in the foreground as the film dissolves into the hospital scene of his birth.  The cross emphasizes a natural birth process the way God intended.  He is a God-child and not a child of human genetic engineering.