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Subject: Gary_Busey
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002
From: Easter

 It's amazing how uptight we get when someone famous decides to give his life to Christ. All of a sudden we forget our own rotting cesspool of sin and we start scrutinizing the lives of the people who have to be in the public eye every day. Very Christian indeed. Might I remind you all that not one person in the Bible, not in the New Testament or Old, lived a sinless life. Not one. To the man who sent a 'threatening letter' you don't owe Gary a piece of your theological mind. You were called to love him in Christ, that's all. To those who would call him a hypocrite, have you sinned today? Did Christ die for a bunch of sinless church goers, or did He die for you? Here we are ready to hurl stones again. Remember Jesus' position while was standing between a bunch of church goers and a whore fresh out of bed. What did He do? What are you doing? Whose the hypocrit! e? We know this age is as good as done. We should encourage those that have the ability to minister to the lost through the media, seeing that most so called Christians never minister further than the four walls of their preferred religions. And while we are at it, we should put back biting and division away. The only Biblical personality that acts like that is Lucifer. So who are we supposed to imitate again? As for Gary Busey, sir if you ever get this message, I am profoundly touched that you profess Christ. I have all confidence in Him and I know that He will never leave you or leave you forsaken. I do not envy your life, all eyes are on you. But I pray that you continue to walk in Christ and that you allow Him to do His work in you. May our God keep us all from falling.

Subject: Gary Busey
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001
From: Stephanie

I hardly think "a good Christian" would be booked multiple times for abusing his wife. Try to get attention another way, you're a hypocrite!
Stephanie Austin, TX

Response: We all do things we are not proud of. I am a hypocrite just as much as Gary. Pray for him as you would want people to pray for you. -David

Subject: Gary Busey
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 22:07:12 -0800
From: Ben & Sandy

Well Gary...... I see you've been arrested for spousal abuse this week. I too, am a Christian...and can't see how a man who "claims" to have his heart filled with the Lord, has room in it to justify beating up a woman? Years ago I had a run in with you (Coach House, San Juan Capistrano), I was the ticket window girl. You were a complete jerk...and because I couldn't find your name on the band's guest threatened me and screamed at me through the glass. What a LOSER.... I guess some things never change...sounds like you're still a LOSER.

Response: We all do things we are not proud of. I am a LOSER just as much as Gary. Pray for him as you would want people to pray for you. -David

Subject: Gary_Busey
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001
From: monica

hello my name is monica norris and i have followed your career for a long time. i too am a christain and have had may share of issuses with adtiction. i was so glad to hear that u are serving god. it is never easy even after we give ou lifes over to him but we have his great promises to help us thru. if u would like to talk i can be reached at or llabty for instant mess.
stand strong and be well.

Subject: Gary_Busey
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001
From: Tammy

Blessings To You! Thanks for the inspiring Christian movies...they really touched my life! My question has to do with your co-actress Margot Kidder. What can you tell me about her Chrisitan walk and does she has a testimony to share? I'm eager to learn more because her name has come across in a book "The Choices We Made" (and her willingness to tell her own abortion experience) and I'm searching for how to get in touch with her to find out more because I'm confused about the contrast in these two...I know Jesus can transform anyone's life because he did mine too! Any information or networking would be a wonderful reaching out. May God continue to use your talents for his Glory!

Subject: Gary_Busey
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001
From: BettyAnn

I was watching the profile on your life Monday night, 6 Aug 01, on the "E" station. The words you shared at the end of the biography, touched my heart. An interview with Howard Stern immediately followed your biography. I would not normally watch Howard's show because of my convictions, but you were going to be interviewed so I made an exception. I can't begin to imagine how difficult it must be to be in your profession. There has to be a tremendous amount of pressure on actors and actresses. However, I know God has changed your life and will help you. I also know you love the Lord because I watched an interview with you on TBN. I say all that to say you are precious and don't need to cast your pearls before swine. Howard cannot relate to you or value what you have to share because he is desensitized by his sinful life. I'm not condemning Howard because I know if it weren't for the grace of our Lord Jesus, I would be in the same condition. I just don't want to see you settle for less than what God has for you, which is only good and uplifting. Your ability to remain in the movie industry as long as you have is commendable. I know God will open up new doors for you as you seek Him. You have been through such difficult times, e.g., fatal accidents, medical illnesses, broken relationships. Please don't get discouraged. Jesus is there with you. I just wanted you to know I have prayed for you all week and will continue to do so until I feel led to stop. Keep smiling, it is the valley's that make us truly enjoy the mountain tops.
Your Sister in Christ, Betty Ann

Subject: Gary_Busey
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001
From: Rita-Jean Signore

Hello Gary,
I seen you on Howard Sterns' show last night. Were you ever into wrestling? I too am divorced 2 times. The Lords' been really doing a healing and He's been so faithful to me. I owe Him my life. I'm born-again, spirit-filled. Yes I speak in tongues, it's a gift you know? Did you receive your prayer language yet? I find you very attractive, I'm 41. I'm beautiful, not to sound conceited. I love the Lord & want to serve Him even if it means to be single for the rest of my days. I'd really love to meet you, but I guess that won't happen until we see each other in Heaven. I've had many encounters with the Lord, He's actually (now don't laugh) knocked on my door & one time He banged on it & was telling me to wake up!!! I live in Pittsburgh, PA. I'm Italian. I've been trying to write to you, but I had heard you & Tiani reconciled, so I backed off. I think it's important as Christians to be concerned with Gods' work & He'll eventually give us the desires of our hearts. If you ever come to Pittsburgh, look me up. ( I know that will never happen) I work Monday to Friday at the Prothonotarys' Office, Room 229, City-County Bldg. I live at 229 Hazel Rd, Penn Hills, PA. I enjoy your work. I'd like to see you do a leading man role. I loved The Buddy Holly Story, you have a good voice. We need to pray for Howard & his staff. I'll be lifting you up in prayer. If you can remember to pray for my father, Frank, he needs the Lord, BAD. It would be nice to hear from you, but you're probably too busy. Take Care and God Bless In His Love,
Rita-Jean Signore

Subject: Jesus
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001

I would like to speak with Gary. I have been a Christian for about a year and a half now. I have more than curiosity as to how this famous hollywood actor became a Christian. I would like to share some insights with him. I share many, too many of his "exploits". These "expoits led me in a roundabout but direct path to The Lord Himself. I speak of no other the Jesus, the Son of God. Also, I am an actor and a writer (aren't we all). I am keeping a log of my life over the last 1 1/2 years. If you would be so kind, I would like to speak to Gary.

My address is: Steven xxxx
1234 xxxxx Lane
Louisville, KY xxxxxx
(502) xxx-xxxx

Please resond, in the Name of The Lord. Steve
P.S. I wll send this message daily until I get to speak with Gary Busey. Count on it. Don't worry, I'm not a "crackpot". I just want to share Jesus with Gary.

Response: If you write me everyday I will report you. I have your email address and I traced your routing numbers. Please reconsider your threatening actions "in the name of the Lord." I do not have any way of communicating with Gary Busey. Do not email me ever again. -David