This is a truly remarkable film for women. A wonderful reminder of how we should treat each other and of unconditional love.



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Directed by Jon Avnet
Screenplay: Fannie Flagg
and Carol Sobieski
Novel: Fannie Flagg (Fried Green Tomatoes At the Whistle Stop Cafe)

Kathy Bates .... Evelyn Couch
Mary Stuart Masterson .... Idgie Threadgoode
Mary-Louise Parker .... Ruth
Jessica Tandy .... Ninny Threadgoode
Gailard Sartain .... Ed Couch
Stan Shaw .... Big George
Cicely Tyson .... Sipsey
Gary Basaraba .... Grady Kilgore
Grace Zabriskie .... Eva Bates
Richard Riehle .... Reverend Scroggins
Grayson Fricke .... Buddy Jr.
Lashondra Phillips .... Young Naughty Bird
Enjolik Oree .... Older Naughty Bird
Nick Searcy .... Frank Bennett
Ginny Parker .... Ruth's Mother
Lois Smith .... Mama Threadgoode
Danny Nelson .... Pappa Threadgoode
Afton Smith .... Leona
Chris O'Donnell .... Buddy Threadgoode
Reid Binion .... Young Julian
Nancy Moore Atchison .... Little Idgie
Haynes Brooke .... Older Julian
Raynor Scheine .... Curtis Smoote

Produced by Jon Avnet (producer), Anne Marie Gillen (executive producer), Martin Huberty (co-producer), Jordan Kerner (producer), Norman Lear (executive producer), Lisa Lindstrom (co-producer), Yuriko Matsubara (executive producer), Andrew Meyer (executive producer), Ric Rondell (co-producer), Tom Taylor (executive producer)
Original music by Thomas Newman
Cinematography by Geoffrey Simpson
Film Editing by Debra Neil

Rated PG Runtime 2 hours, 17 minutes

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1. I'll Remember You - Grayson Hugh
2. What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted - Paul Young
3. Cherish - Jodeci (hip hop version)
4. Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead - Taylor Dayne
5. Rooster Blues - Peter Wolf
6. Barbeque Bess - Patti La Belle
7. If I Can Help Somebody - Aaron Hall
8. Cool Down Yonder - Marion Williams
9. Cherish - Jodeci (movie version)
10. Ghost Train - (Main Title)
11. Visiting Ruth
12. Charge To Keep I Have, A - Marion Williams

The secret of life? The secret's in the sauce.
In a Southern nursing home, a feisty resident befriends a depressed housewife and stirs her to action with an inspirational tale. She tells the story of a transcendent friendship between two young women living in Alabama in the 1930s, who forge a powerful bond after witnessing a terrible tragedy together. Their friendship lasts through many ups and downs over the years, helping one of the women through an abusive marriage, and buoying both of them through the gossip and jealousy of those small-minded people who try to control their lives.

A group of 10-16 women of varied ages, backgrounds, married, single gathered to watch a ?chick flick? and enjoy each other?s company.
Arts Director
Evangelical Free Church, Naperville Il (630)983-3232

March 2, 2001
The desire was to have a group a ladies come together for a chick flick night.

The goal:
gather a group of 10-16 women of varied ages, backgrounds, married, single to watch a ?chick flick? and enjoy each other?s company. Well, it was a success. The film would be rated a ?one Kleenexer?
? Fried Green Tomatoes.

The audience was a mix of those who knew the film well, those who had never seen it, and those who had seen it once but couldn?t remember a lot of the scenes.

Fried Green Tomatoes is a wonderful film about friendships, especially female friendships. It is a picture of standing firm with a friend through life?s joys and sorrows without harboring a judgmental attitude. It is the story of Idgie, her struggle to come to grips with her femininity; the death of her brother; the hypocrisy of the church; and the strong prejudice of the deep south in the 1930's.

The story is told through the eyes of an 83 year old woman, Mrs. Ninny Threadgoode . We are never quite sure if she is Idgie or not. She develops a close friendship with Evelyn Couch, a woman in desperate need of a friend, some acceptance, and hormone therapy. Evelyn tearfully proclaims she is too old to be young, and too young to be old! This is a wonderful inter-generational relationship. Mrs. Threadgoode clearly displays the qualities of a ?Titus? woman. (Titus 2:3-5) Ninny Threadgoode has an unshakable faith in her Creator and in the joy of life.

However, she does not white wash her stories, but rather displays people warts and all. Mrs. Threadgoode is a portrait of courage. Life holds no fears for her, only mysteries. When Evelyn confesses ?I hate death, it scares me so.? Ninny?s response is ?Death ain?t nothin? to be afraid of. Look at me, I?m at the jumping off place.?Mrs. Threadgoode?s gentle heart rings throughout the story she shares with Evelyn.

The story of two completely opposite women who become the closest and best of friends: Ruth and Idgie.

Although Idgie?s exterior appears course and hard, her actions reveal the compassion of Christ for the unlovely ones of the world?the homeless, the hobos, the outcasts. Idgie is a bee charmer who also charms the hearts of the audience.

When the time comes for Ruth?s departure we see a very different response from Idgie than the way her grief manifested at the loss of her brother. Clearly Ruth had a tremendous influence on Idgie ?s life. Mrs. Threadgoode tells us that there are angels walking around masquerading as people and Ruth was one of them.

Ruth?s love and acceptance for Idgie redeemed her?brought her back from the pit into the arms of her family again. This is a truly remarkable film for women. A wonderful reminder of how we should treat each other and of unconditional love.

?This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.? John 15:12

Fried Green Tomatoes ? 2001 Universal Pictures