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First Look: Revival: 6 Steps to Reviving Your Heart and Rebuilding Your Prayer Life, Christi Gee

June 19, 2017
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New Book by Christi Gee Leads Readers on a Prayer Journey Toward Revival

[Collegeville, PA] — [June 10, 2017] — Christi Gee has published her first book entitled, Revival: 6 Steps to Reviving Your Heart and Rebuilding Your Prayer Life. After the 2016 U.S. presidential election, she wrote a prayer challenge for her blog readers. Admitting to her own need for a spiritual “detox,” she invited her followers to join her for a deliberate step-by-step progression through six stages of devotionals and prayer. Once challenge participants began writing in to tell her how they were impacted, she knew she was called to expand on the concept and make it a book.

The six steps of prayer align with a construction analogy, leading the reader to first “clear the rubble” in their hearts and finishing with “standing on the wall” they’ve built to inspire and strengthen others. The concept is introduced by reflecting on lessons learned from Nehemiah, who led the post-captivity effort to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Gee writes about how that rebuilding campaign ended in repentance, restoration, and revival for God’s people.

Gee also admits to overcoming spiritual attacks while writing the book, noting on the launch website that she almost didn’t make it to the finish line: “But somewhere in the middle of wanting to walk away, I returned to my own words and was reminded why I had to stand. So I stayed the course and here we are. And man, do I hope these words go forth and call others to stand and withstand and shine!”

On her blog, Gee writes often about trusting God through the trials and valleys of life. She says she writes and speaks so others know they aren’t alone and are encouraged toward survival-grade faith. Find out more about her at

Revival: 6 Steps to Reviving your Heart and Rebuilding your Prayer Life is available online at Churches or groups wishing to use the book are encouraged to contact the author directly for discounted pricing. Gee is also a speaker and notes she is available to lead women’s retreats through these steps in person. A contact form is available on

Revival Christi GeeAbout the Author

Christi Gee is a listener, speaker, writer, and forever student of God’s Word. She began teaching the Bible while she was still a teen. Through the decades, she led children’s ministries and wrote church and Christian school curriculum on subjects such as worldview, apologetics, and chronological scope and sequences. While still working as a marketing director at Liberty University, she began blogging and now reaches thousands each week through her work at

Now that her three children are launched, she has begun branching out and opening doors to find the next thing. Although Texans for over four decades, she and her husband, Eddie, now live on the East Coast.

Contact Information
Please email to receive address and phone for Christi Gee:
Facebook: @christigeedotcom | Twitter & Instagram: @christilgee

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