I would encourage readers to see this as soon as possible and if you are smart you might even take a friend with you. Extreme Days has a nice marketing campaign that will help build its audience over the weeks to come. It's exceptional soundtrack and exciting movie trailers should help in drawing crowds into the theater.


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Directed by Eric Hannah
Written by Eric Hannah & Craig Detweiler

Dante Basco .... Corey Ng
Ryan Browning .... Bryan Davidson
A.J. Buckley .... Will Davidson
Derek Hamilton .... Matt McKeague
Cassidy Rae .... Jessie Jacobs

Produced by Scott Altomare (line producer), Cindy Bond (producer), Betsy Chasse (producer), Craig Darian (executive producer), Alexander H. Gayner (co-producer), Jodi Hannah (associate producer), Howard G. Kazanjian (executive producer), Anne Miller (co-executive producer), Norm Miller (co-executive producer)
Original music by Klaus Badelt
Cinematography by Michael G. Wojciechowski
Film Editing by Andrew S. Eisen

MPAA: Rated PG for some thematic elements and crude humor.

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Extreme Days
Various Artists - Soundtracks - 2001

1. Extreme Days [Music] 2. We're Takin' Over [Music] 3. Loss 4 Words [Music] 4. Downhill Games [Music] 5. One Time [Music] 6. Good Life 7. Song X 8. King Planet 9. A.M. 10. I Want to Know You 11. Selah 12. Superfan 13. God Is Love 14. Alex 15. Heartbeat 16. Entertaining Angels 17. Jessie and Brian

Life's a Trip...

Four Life-long friends -- Mat McKeogue, Corey Ng, and brothers Will and Brian Davidson -- set off on one last "road trip" adventure before settling down into adulthood. Ever since they were kids, they had shared a love for extreme sports, and so after graduating from college, they decide to pack up their Joyota (part Jeep, part Toyota, but mostly Volkswagen) and set off on the road trip of a lifetime.

After a summer of dead-end jobs, the guys decide, "It?s now or never!" Vill, Brian, Corey, and Matt, with only a few hundred dollars to their names, pack the Joyota and embark on a journey to surf, skate, and snowboard their way across the West Coast. First stop?Mexico!

After an insane day of surfing the Baja Peninsula, a disturbing phone call threatens to end their trip. Rather than give up, they plot a new course, heading north to Yakimo, Washington. Shortly after crossing the border, they happen to come across a confident damsel in distress, Jessie Jacobs. They offer Jessie a lift and together they hit the road, unaware of the comedy, conflict, calamity, and absurdity that awaits them.

While on the adventure, Brian forms an instant crush on Jessie. His efforts to make her his next conquest, however, quickly fall short as he discovers that she is surprisingly different. He soon realizes that capturing the heart of a girl like Jessie is a different game, with different rules.

The road trip proves to be everything the roaming adventurers had hoped and dreamed for. From the mountains of Mammoth to the streets of San Francisco, Will, Brian, Corey, Matt, and Jessie daringly test their will and skill with their best extreme sports athletes in the world, ultimately testing their friendships, and their beliefs. Five friends forever changed by a journey to the threshold of life and sport?
? 2001 Providence Entertainment

Review by

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Mike is the Senior Pastor at United at the Cross Community Church in Wichita Kansas. United at the Cross is a church made up of individuals not often accepted in other churches. The church consists of former gang members, drug addicts, prostitutes and others. Mike also speaks nationally on various topics and is a freelance writer. To learn more about Mike and his ministry link onto In the arts Mike has worked with top music artists such as Steppenwolf, Marshall Tucker Band, Kansas and has an active interest in film. Mike is pictured with his music band "Route 66." His reviews include The Mummy Returns. Amistad, The Apostle, Armageddon, The Cell, Dr Dolittle 2, ELO -Zoom, Frequency, The Patriot, Pearl Harbor, Rush Hour 2, Shrek, Extreme Days, The Last Castle, Serendipity, Ali, Reversal, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Jimmy Neutron, Mothman, Black Hawk Down

While Hollywood has been addressing spiritual issues in many of its movies, only recently has the "Christian" Market begun to take the craft of making movies more seriously. Over the last few years numerous "Christian" movies have come to the forefront and attracted large Christian audiences. Until recently, the technical quality of those movies has been, at best, "Okay." There have been decent story lines in movies like Tribulation, which starred Gary Busey, Howie Mandell and Margot Kidder. The Omega Code was greatly over-hyped but still drew reasonable crowds despite the controversy surrounding the movie. These movies, while satisfactory, still left some things to be desired. The making of Left Behind had the hopes up of many within the Christian market but left a greater number disappointed after the lackluster release and poor marketing process.
This last year has shown some promise with several movies delivering far more than anticipated. Carman's The Champion actually offered a decent story line and was not overly preachy. We were also surprised by Carman's ability to act. The Road To Redemption, a Billy Graham film was a very pleasant surprise that had a quality cast and is a movie that can be used effectively in reaching non-Christians.
Many have anticipated the release of the new film Extreme Days, written by Eric Hannah and Craig Detweiler and directed by Eric Hannah. The film focusing on extreme sports has been released in limited markets. Major theatrical release is due in the next few weeks and I would encourage readers to see this as soon as possible and, if you are smart, you might even take a friend with you. Extreme Days has a nice marketing campaign that will help build its audience over the weeks to come. Its exceptional soundtrack and exciting movie trailers should help in drawing crowds into the theater.
Extreme Days, with its wonderful cast of actors and quality direction, does not let the viewer down. What we have in this action packed, laugh out loud adventure is quite possibly the best intentional Christian film ever made, bar none. I saw this film in a theater 3/4ths full and was pleasantly surprised at the laughter and oohs and ahs of the audience watching the movie. The audience even applauded some of the events of the movie a couple of times. This was the first time in a long while that I have heard this in a theater. Although the theater was filled with people from church youth groups, there was still a large percentage of the crowd from non-Christian environments and they enjoyed the movie just as much as the kids from church backgrounds. That is one of the pleasant surprises of the movie itself and one of the primary reasons that one should see this fun-filled adventure.
There are some technical aspects of the film that could have been better. One example was the reference to their vehicle as a jeep with a Volkswagen engine when in reality it was really Volkswagen's "The Thing." While this is not a major point, I saw the movie with a friend who is a car enthusiast and he was bothered by this component of the film. "Why did they mess that part up?" he asked several times. The only other flaw was the lack of quality stunts involving motorcross motorcycle jumps. It was disappointing for a movie featuring a great deal of Extreme Sports to include either weak stunts of this type or to lack them entirely. The most complicated stunt offered was one "heal click," a fairly easy stunt, which was disappointing in an overabundance of far more complicated and impressive stunts.
While Extreme Days was deficient in these two particular areas, the rest of the story and stunts were very impressive. They went from surfing (by the way some of the best surf footage I have seen in a movie), to extreme snowboarding, BMX Bicycle Stunts, Skateboarding and more. This movie offered ample eye candy to keep the viewer happy and if you know anyone who is into extreme sports this is a must see movie.
Extreme Days focuses on four men who graduate from Junior College after only 4 years of study. (Now this should tell you something in and of itself.) They decide, after working the summer, to go on the ultimate extreme trip. En route, they pick up Jessie Jacobs, played wonderfully by Cassidy Rae in her debut role. Jessie is a young female who is tough to the hilt but also has character and morals that will not be compromised. Along the way, the four young men are taught lessons and experience challenges regarding growing up. Ryan, played by Bryan Davidson, begins to fall for Jessie and is challenged by her high moral ethics. Through the course of the story, he comes to understand that Jessie wants to save herself for marriage and will not be taken advantage of like many of the girls he has been around before. Her sincere beliefs in herself and in her God help him realize that there is far more to her than he realized and he learns that he likes not only her looks but also her heart and her integrity. Cassidy plays one of the strongest female roles to come around in quite some time. She shows that maintaining moral integrity does not mean that she has to compromise her moral beliefs. It is those beliefs and her God, the focus of those beliefs, which in reality gives her strength. This is a role that will have tremendous impact on many young women looking for role models.
While taking part in their cross-country adventure, the characters have to ask questions about life and death and actually ask God why it is that some people have to die and that bad things happen to good people. There are ample laughs offered up especially from the ensemble cast but the script does not shy away from many of the questions that our world faces. These unique and wonderful five characters have something about them that almost everyone can relate to, regardless of age or habits.
There is some warning that a few viewers will be upset by some of the crude humor in this film. I found it to be behavior typical of a bunch of college guys, and even some youth pastors and adults. It is one of the things that gave Extreme Days a nice dose of reality. I can't imagine the actors making many of these scenes with straight faces. Although some will find such behavior surprising for Christians, they will discover that Christians are actually just real people like themselves, people who like to have fun.
What did I like most about the film? Simply put, Extreme Days offers up a great deal of opportunity to discuss Spiritual issues with non-religious people. It is a movie that I, as a Christian, would have no reservations about taking a non-Christian friend to see. I wouldn't have to worry about them being preached at and feeling as if I was taking advantage of our relationship. It is also a movie that would allow the discussion of religious issues, especially related to God and his son Jesus, but in a non-threatening way. I understand that the moviemakers have a study guide to go along with the film. I would like to see it if it does exist because I think that, if done right, this could be a great movie for reaching individuals who are into extreme sports.
While Extreme Days, is quite possibly the best intentional Christian film made, with an absolute kicking and wonderful soundtrack, it still lacks some of the high quality expected among Hollywood blockbuster films, but not by much. It will be films like this that will make it possible for "Christian" themed movies to be widely accepted in the non-Christian market. That does not take away from the fun I had at this movie. I would see it again in a heartbeat and anticipate buying the video when it comes out. I have already purchased the soundtrack and my son, 11 years old, and I already know almost every word. It is a soundtrack and a movie that hits the mark and makes you feel good about listening to music and going to the movies again. It is also a film that will reach non-religious people in away that no movie has before. I actually forgot that I was watching a movie made by Christians and that is one of the highest compliments that I could give Extreme Days.
On a scale of 1-10 I'll 180 this baby with a very pleasing and enjoyable 8.

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Subject: Extreme Days
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002
From: Bethany's my opinion...
I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! The only thing that makes me mad is that they won't be putting it up for sale? Is that true? I hope not. I want this movie soooo badly. And your rating? I think it's a 10. But that's my opinion. And the last statement in the movie, they put my philosophy in life the way I've always wanted to say it, but never been able to say it. I've had some pretty rough stuff thrown at me, so I acn relate to Brian. Any ways, that's all I'm gonna say. You really need to see this movie if you haven't! Well, God Bless and Spread the Word of Christ!

Subject: Extreme_Days
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002
From: Devon

I am a grade 11 student in Canada. I am also on my youth leadership. I would recomend this movie to anyone and everyone. I don't care if you believe in God or not this movie is amazing. It goes through real life situations and the message is awesome. I can't recomend this enough. If you have non-christian friends and you guys want to watch a fun and energetic movie then get this. I think it is a great way to show that God and Christ aren't all stuffy and up tight. I think Jesus most definatly plays extreme sports. Because of when he lived he was most definatly considered extreme for the new truths he brought to his people. Those truths were to extreme for some and they rejected it. Anyways that is what I have to say. God Bless everyone. And never think God doesn't like us to have fun. ^_^

Subject: extreme days
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001
From: Jodie

Hi, I have just read your reviews about the movie extreme days and am really excited to see it. I live in Australia and this was the first time I had heard about the movie. I was wondering if you know of the release date for Australia and if we are getting it at all. I would really love to take my non-Christian friends to see it, as it sounds like our type of movie. Thanks for all the work you put into your site. I found it by accident one day and am very greatful I did. You offer perspectives i hadn't thought of and a different way to view things compared to some sites. Keep up the great work! God Bless :)
Luv Jodie from Down Under

Subject: Extreme_Days
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001
From: "Glenn Krispense"

Mike, I have seen the movie and really agree with Mike. I am a youth pastor and found the movie to connect with our students in a way that other christian films have not. It does present great opportunities for discussion about faith and life, but most of all it does a great job showing life in a real world setting and portraying how Christians can stand strong, even at a cost!
Glenn Krispense

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