Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

March 28th Telecon Audio

Full 60 Minutes Unabridged... Myers Included

April 14, 2008
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On Friday, March 28th, Motive Entertainment hosted a telephone press conference to promoted Expelled.  Guests on the call, moderated by Motive’s Paul Lauer, included Ben Stein, Walt Ruloff, Logan Craft, and Mark Mathis.  Most of the questions asked were Lauer’s, with a few emailed questions selected by Motive’s Elyse McKenna.

An unexpected interloper on the call was U of Minnesota’s P.Z. Myers.  I was listening in on the call, and live-blogged the incident.  At the end of his few minutes on the line, he invited listening journalists to contact him via email to get his side of the story.  Just a week earlier, his blog entry about being turned away from a screening of Expelled in Minneapolis had jumped to the top of the blogosphere.  I took Myers up on the invitation, and published my talk with him about the movie the following week.

Motive has just this morning made the full audio recording of the event available for downloading.  You can find it here.  It’s a complete, unabridged recording of the press conference.  The segment with Myers’ interjection begins at about the 35-minute mark; however, to get Myers’ interjection in the proper context, I recommend listening to the 35 minutes preceding Myers’ remarks.

Hopefully, the transcript will be available later today.

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