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P.Z. Myers Crashes Telecon

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March 28, 2008
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I’m blogging this live… And in the middle of Motive’s telecon, Myers somehow managed to crash the call… and interject himself into the Q&A with Stein, Ruloff, Logan, and Mathis! And then he invited the press to contact him at his website. Lauer has just very kindly asked Myers’ to hang up, and after he made some accusations of lies and doing the “dishonorable thing,” Myers did ring off after a couple of minutes.

Wow. The chutzpah. I just about fell out of my chair.

A full transcript of this telecon has been promised. I look forward to supplying you all with a full transcript of that exchange, which I did not myself get recorded.

I must say that Lauer and the Expelled crew handled the situation with far more grace than I would have. It’s worth noting that Lauer welcomed Myers to stay on the line and listen, but not to interject himself again. That was pretty generous, all things considered.

Update: Myers blogs about the incident.

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