November 16, 2010
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Elf Ultimate Blu-Ray CollectionIf you haven’t seen Elf, then you’ve gotta get you some Christmas cheer. (Seriously, run now, get in your car, and go buy this movie. What? You’re still reading. I’m not kidding. Run.) Elf is my favorite of the new batch of Christmas movies, say within the last ten years. Unlike most Will Ferrell movies, and most Saturday Night Live alum-related movies, Elf is FUNNY. But it’s also poignant, Christmas-filled, and family friendly, and now, it comes wrapped in an even better gift-friendly setting.

So, how do you make one of the best movies of the last decade, Christmas or not, better? How do you improve on the funny antics of a human orphan adopted by elves who finds his way to the big city in search of his “real” father, stumbles into some serious bah-humbugs, falls in love, and invades the hearts of everyone he meets? How do you make a better a gift out of a movie that encourages us to “sing loud so all can hear” with a heart of sharing, caring, and loving?

You put it in a collector’s tin, of course.

The tin is available in “standard” and Blu-ray. Well, the movie itself is offered in those ways, and the tin can be bought featuring the two-disc film in the definition you so desire. There are various special effects, things which will make prior fans of the film clap with glee, like insight from director Jon Favreau and a trivia-showing pop-up set throughout. But within the tin, you also get a magnetic picture frame, a stocking (which resembles Buddy the Elf’s sock), a series of gift tags, and a five-song CD sampler from the soundtrack.

I’m not sure what else to say: this movie rocks. I’m a fan of Ferrell’s “straight man” craziness, and his interplay with Zooey Deschanel. I think Jon Favreau’s takeoff occurred with this directorial debut, rather than Made (which I still haven’t watched the whole way through) but looking back through the Iron Man franchise, one can see the humor as a strong suit. I think Faizon Love and Peter Dinklage play their small, but necessary, parts with great panache. I think every time I watch Elf, I fall in love with Christmas just a little bit more.

If there’s a cure for your Christmas blues, humbugs, and coal, it’s watching this flick. If you know someone in need of some cheer who doesn’t own this movie, then I eagerly encourage you to drop them a “tin” full of goodies, the Elf Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

Let your Christmas cheer sing loud.

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Jacob is a United Methodist minister from Virginia, looking for inklings of God's grace in our world today.

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