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Imagination (2008)
Release Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MPAA Rating:


Ed Gildersleeve, Courtney Sanford, Nikki and Jessi Haddad

Written By:
Eric Leiser

Eric Leiser

A psychologist works with troubled twins, one of whom is autistic, the other of whom is blind.

Imagination (2008) | Preview

Into the Eyes of a Child
Ken Priebe

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Jeffrey Leiser: Eric and I do have this understanding that goes beyond words. Even physically, we have started resembling each other to the point where other people think we are twins, although technically we're not. It was strange how we ended up living the story we were telling while making Imagination. On the first day of shooting, I was diagnosed with the same eye condition (a thinning of the cornea) that the Sarah character has in the film. The bond between the twin girls who acted in the film (Nikki and Jesse Haddad) was amazing as well. When I gave them lyrics to the song I had written for the film, they sang it in unison right on the first take, and the result was very haunting and beautiful at the same time. Musically, the way Eric and I work together is that sometimes I will come up with a piece of music that just happens to compliment the animation perfectly, and other times my music will give Eric ideas for the animation. At the end of the day, I think films can be more than just entertainment, but they can also open up worlds that other mediums may not do as well.

Eric Leiser: Many of the previous films we've made were very difficult, but I do feel that God blessed this film and I felt His presence through the process. With my work, although my personal relationship with Christ informs things, I don't really want to make "Christian film" necessarily, like the things you find in Christian bookstores. I prefer to explore experimental film techniques that still glorify God without being blatant or preachy. I do like to leave much of the symbolism to the audience's own interpretations. I was really drawn to the albino fawn/white stag imagery prior to this, which led me to learn about the St. Eustace legend. Through working that into the film, it was a symbol that really clicked with me. I feel the white stag was leading the girls through this vision of their life, as a symbol of Christ Himself.

Jeffrey Leiser: Eric and I are both Christians, but a lot of other Christians don't understand us. It's like we're seen as these mystics with isolated visions from God, which is weird for some people. I think it's interesting to have a spiritual vision of something that's a little bit strange. Through composing the music for our films, I do feel that God gives me direct, unfiltered inspiration and that it's not coming just from myself. All of the images have a direct meaning as well, each with a larger story behind it. There's only so much that we are able to put on film to express these visions through our own music and imagery.

DVD Release date: February 26, 2008. See official website for Upcoming Screenings.

Official Site for Imagination: http://www.albinofawn.com/

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