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DVD Series Review: Patterns of Evidence – Young Explorers

May 19, 2017
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Patterns of Evidence – Young Explorers is a five video series that shows patterns through six major events that outline the Exodus. The Young Explorer series was developed from the multiple award-winning film Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus by Timothy Mahoney.

“It’s a faith-affirming journey establishing the historical credibility of the Bible that could change their lives forever,” says Timothy Mahoney. (Press Release)

To sum up what I thought of the series in one word would be: Phenomenal! Seriously! I am not one that is usually interested in “historical” evidence; however, I was captivated by this series. I didn’t want to stop watching them. I could have easily binged on them if it had not been for my kid’s having to go to bed.

The series was produced very well, and the graphics were high quality. Sometimes when something is being presented to a younger crowd, it may be dumbed down some. Not in this case. Patterns of Evidence – Young Explorers is something that you will enjoy watching with your kids and something your kids will not only enjoy watching, but they will also learn a ton. The series states it is based for children aged 8 – 15, however,  my five-year-old was engaged in the videos, and my seven-year-old asked some thought-provoking questions afterward.

The videos are centered about the Young Explorers: Elle, Brandon, Carly, Ty, Oksanna, Sam, Eliana, Hannah, Zaria, and Milo. I love that all the characters are unique. They cast a set of people of different ages, and races and highlighted what made each of them unique by showing you some of their personal life and what they were interested in. My kids were all able to find a character that they connected with and who they liked the most. My oldest daughter liked Hannah – the dancer; my other daughter liked Eliana, and both boys liked Milo – the youngest boy in the group who had an appetite just like them. I, of course, connected with Oksanna who kept a blog of the Young Explorers adventures.

The series consist of the following five videos:

  • Episode 1: The Adventures of Abrahams Promise
  • Episode 2: The Search for the Amazing Rise of Joseph
  • Episode 3: The Case of the Israelite Slaves and the Wicked Pharoh
  • Episode 4: The Hunt For Ten Plagues and the Exodus from Egypt
  • Episode 5: The Mystery of Joshua and the Falling Walls of Jericho

In each of the episodes, the Young Explorers discover a clue into what they will be learning in that episode. The clues contain a Bible passage that they are to read in preparation for their adventure. During each episode, the Young Explorers also enter into the “Exploration Chamber” where they can watch videos and speak with different Egyptologists and Archeologists.

The evidence that is revealed and explained in this series is like nothing I have ever seen.  My kids and I were continually fascinated, and the videos led to great discussions afterward.

After watching these, one child declared they wanted to be an archeologist.  I think that sums up the worth of these videos right there.

There is also a family devotional that is included with the DVDs; however, I did not have access to those. In addition, there is a curriculum workbook that corresponds with the videos that I hope to review soon.

To learn more or to purchase the DVD visit their website: Patterns of Evidence  – Young Explorers

Watch the trailer:

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