Here is a film that explores the link between Judas and Dracula.
-Review by David Bruce

Wes Craven's

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Directed by Patrick Lussier
Story: Joel Soisson, Patrick Lussier
Screenplay: Joel Soisson

Jonny Lee Miller .... Simon
Justine Waddell .... Mary
Gerard Butler .... Dracula
Colleen Fitzpatrick .... Lucy
Jennifer Esposito .... Solina
Danny Masterson .... Trent
Jeri Ryan .... Valerie
Lochlyn Munro .... Peter
Sean Patrick Thomas .... Hal
Omar Epps .... Marcus
Christopher Plummer .... Abraham Van Helsing
Shane West .... J.T.

Produced by Daniel K. Arredondo (co-producer), W.K. Border, Wes Craven (executive), Marianne Maddalena (executive), Andrew Rona (executive), Ron Schmidt (CO-producer), Joel Soisson, Tony Steinberg (associate), Bob Weinstein (executive), Harvey Weinstein (executive)
Original music by Marco Beltrami
Cinematography by Peter Pau
Film Editing by Peter Devaney Flanagan

Rated R for violence/gore, language and some sexuality.

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REALVIDEO scene from the film that shows Mary's dilemma

REALVIDEO scene from the film that links Jesus to salvation

REALVIDEO scene of the crowd scene with the signs and crosses

REALVIDEO scene from the film that links Judas to Dracula.

REALVIDEO scene from the film of the dramatic ending

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The most seductive evil of all time
has now been unleashed in ours.
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Review by David Bruce

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I must admit I was totally taken by surprise with the connection between Judas and Dracula that the film makes.

All the elements of Dracula can be seen in Judas, who was one of the 12 disciples (followers) of Jesus. Judas is identified by Jesus himself as ?a devil? among the apostles (John 6:70?71).

Watch the REALVIDEO scene from the film that links Judas to Dracula. Click here

Click to enlargeJudas led a band of Roman soldiers to arrest Jesus and he identified Jesus for the authorities by kissing him.
(Matt. 26:49; Mark 14:45; Luke 22:47)
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Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss for thirty pieces of silver. Judas had been in charge of the common purse, from which he stole money (John 12:1?6; 13:29). Silver is important in the legend of Dracula.
Click to enlargeClick to enlargeJesus was nailed to a cross and a spear (stake) was stabbed into Jesus' side (heart).
Dracula is overcome with a stake in the heart.
Click to enlargeThe cross is an important symbol in the Dracula legend. It is the cross that defeats Dracula.
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Judas repented by hanging himself (Matthew 27:1?8) after buying a plot of land called ?Aceldama, that is to say, the field of blood? (Acts 1:16?20).

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The main female lead in the film is named Mary. There were 3 Marys at the cross of Jesus.

Watch the REALVIDEO scene from the film that shows Mary's dilemma. Click here

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The film shows Judas at the foot of the cross realizing what he had done.

Click to enlargeClick to enlargeThe mirror is another important symbol in the Dracula legend. Dracula is never reflected. In this film a mirror is broken revealing the words of Jesus behind it "I am the way to eternity."

Watch the REALVIDEO scene from the film that links Jesus to salvation. Click here

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Jesus is pictured several times in the film with out-stretched arms welcoming "whosoever will."
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The Bible is presented as a book of fire capable of overcoming evil (Dracula).

Click to enlargeClick to enlargeThere are some interesting signs in the crowd scenes: "Jesus saves from hell." "God hates sin." Also note the several crosses.

Watch the REALVIDEO scene from the film of the crowd scene with the signs and crosses. Click here



Judas was one of the 12 disciples (followers) of Jesus. Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss for thirty pieces of silver. Jesus was nailed to a cross and a spear (stake) was stabbed into Jesus side (heart).

• Judas Iscariot is always identified as the betrayer of Jesus.

• His name comes at the end of a list of the apostles in the Bible
(Matt. 10:4; Mark 3:19; Luke 6:16).

• Judas is identified by Jesus himself as ?a devil? among the apostles
(John 6:70?71).

• Judas was in charge of the common purse, from which he stole money (John 12:1?6; 13:29).

• Judas led a band of Roman soldiers to arrest Jesus and he identifies Jesus for the authorities by kissing him. (Matt. 26:49; Mark 14:45; Luke 22:47)

• Judas was paid thirty pieces of silver by the chief priests for betraying Jesus (Matthew 26:15)

• Judas repented by hanging himself (Matthew 27:1?8). According to after buying a plot of land called ?Aceldama, that is to say, the field of blood? (Acts 1:16?20).

Subject: Dracula_2000
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002
From: Kurt

...but my worry is WHY does this movie fascinate me?

There IS someone who will try to take Gods' creation,and remake it in his own image-the Antichrist(as we call him). Cinematically speaking,I think the theme of betrayal was excellently portrayed,throughout the movie. And there's a lesson in the whole thing. Look at how the VILLAIN-representing the powers of Hell- changes people. When Christ was on Earth,how did he change HIS followers? For example,Mary Magdeline?

Subject: Dracula_2000
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002
From: Irene

You know what guys,were in this world together ! so well were in down here in this disgusting world waiting 4 our lord and savior JESEUS CHRIST , why cant we just use a little entertainment huh? My Dad is a pastor under the counseling of pastor Phil Aguilar. And im happy to say that my master is a Jewish carpenter ! My home church is SET FREE in Buena Park,Ca. AND im a break dancer in the posse, so i would say i pullin' my part to git to heaven and see OUR heavenly father. I really dont think that Jesus will hold something like watching a movie that connects a person who betrayed him as a vampire aginst us !

Subject: Dracula 2000
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002
From: CK

 I enjoyed this movie. I found the connection of Judas and Dracula interesting. It was a new twist to the usually overdone vampire stories. THis movie is one of the better vampire movies made recently. I found this movie quite entertaining. These movies are made by the world for the world. I don't go to movies to get religious teachings.

Subject: Dracula 2000
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002
From: Lowkuss

I think that this was a great movie with lots of thought put into it, its just kinda sad to see some people making too big of a deal about it by thinking its a movie against jesus or it's acually someone's belief, when all it really is, is just a movie about a "what if" situation in the bible, any way i just think it was a really good and well thought out movie

Subject: Dracula_2000
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002
From: Mark

An ex-pastor of mine once told me, "You're too wordly for Christians and too Christian for the world." For a long time, I felt caught between the two, until I finally pulled myself out of the snare of legalism and realized that so many things conservative believers say are sinful really are not sinful at all, but simply matters of personal choice, like the whole "meat offered unto idols" dilemma the Apostle Paul talked about.

This concept applies to movies, and in particular, DRACULA 2000. The Christianity in this film is not only blatant, but rather powerful as well. Sure, I'm a horror movie fan, so I enjoyed watching the spurting blood, the decapitations, the grisly kills...but I'm also a Christian, and I enjoyed the theme of redemption and forgiveness, which, naysayers be damned, this film is all about. After all, in the end, Judas Iscariot a.k.a. Dracula realizes that the only way to obtain peace is to turn to the One he betrayed. Is that evil? I think not, and I don't believe that God is offended by a film like this (or most films, for that matter).

But if you find the violence, sexuality, and violence of a film like this to be offensive, then fine, don't watch it. But just because you don't want to eat meat "offered unto idols" doesn't make it wrong for me to sit down at the table and chow down.

Subject: The Judas Thing Dracula_2000
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002
From: Mat

Here is a good reason to like your site. I thought that the whole Judas thing would upset most people who consider themselves to be Christians. I was thinking, "This one's gonna tick off the Religious Right." Your's is a refreshing point of view.

Response: Thanks -David

Subject: Dracula_2000
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001
From: josh

Your heretical views of movie reviews are obviously skewed in the Spiritual sense. Nowhere in the Bible does any author mention a vampire or Dracula, so there is no logical connection between the death of Judas and Dracula. The whole movie is a made up myth from moviemakers who are driven to entertain by taking a verse completely out of context, and incorporating worldly ideals as a way of discrediting the Bible. I John 2:15 literally reads "Stop loving the world...". This passage does not refer to Stop loving people that are in the world. This refers to a world system. A system that since the beginning of time has discredited, blasphemed, and has tried it's best to destroy a holy, omniscient, all powerful God. We are commanded to love all brethren, but hate the philosophy of the world's system. Your approval of this movie as an acceptable movie to watch completely contradicts what the Bible teaches Christians to hate, and therefore "whatsover ye do, do all to the glory of God" apparently has no meaning in your movie reviews. This movie in no way can bring glory to God, therefore, your lack of comprehension concerning the Scriptures is made manifest. In the future, your decisions about movies should answer the question about glorifying the Lord, instead of conforming to the ungodly, worldly conclusions that you have made on your own. May the Lord rightly judge your heresies from actual truth - if there is any to be found in your writing.
Rev. Chris Condos; Pastor Josh Belcher

Response: Gosh Rev pastor, I guess you don't like me very much. Oh well, What can I say? I am a pretty rotten sinner, I guess. Ah but God loves me. And God loves you. I can at least appreciate the fact that you have given your life service to the cause of Christ. God bless you. PS -I will continue to "love the world" and make links between film and scripture. -David

Subject: Dracula_2000
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001
From: MarCia

I see in this film just another entertaining horror movie to the movie watcher who likes horror. But in the spiritual sense, it would appear that someone at some time in their life heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then later in their career wanted to make a vampire movie, and decided to find a person in Biblical history whose recorded life left an open ending for a vampire to pop out. Although, the scriptures reveal a bit more detail to the death of Judas which the makers of this film apparently left out in order to transition Judas to a vampire. Someone could do the same with Adolph Hitler. It is an undeniable fact that mankind will express his theories, concepts, or searches for truth and meaning through whatever means or media he or she is involved in. This is true for song-writers as well as movie-makers. The overall fact I see, is that from Superman, to Star Wars, to movies of prophecy, even movies intended to portray the Messiah's Life, man is not perfect...therefore neither will there ever be a "perfect" film concerning things that are spiritual. I am a Christian...that is...I have made the Messiah the LORD of my life, and this does not drive me to (as one commented) "little white churches"; nor retreating from the world or hiding in fear or going to bed before 9:00pm, (I wish!). Instead it moves me to minister to the needs of hurting people (AIDS, prisoners, homelessness) simply doing exactly what Jesus said His followers were to do whenever there is the opportunity. As for my Father in Heaven "liking" the film"...well, I think some should take a good look at the portrait they've painted of GOD. Some may find that it's really a portrait of themselves. The portrait GOD painted of Himself in His Word causes me to think He'd laugh at this film. Because He knows that only HE gives eternal life, and He knows how true believers in Christ defeat evil. Personally, David, even though some comments do appear to be uninformed, I appreciate the passion some people have out of their sincere love for GOD that would cause them to be concerned about some movies. I just notice you come down pretty hard on certain comments. As I'm sure you will mine.

Subject: vampire 1995 Dracula_2000
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001
From: Butler

Vampire a vampire's turned loose on the earth
both male and female he strikes with his curse
do not welcome him inside
once there he's ruthless and bites
he sucks the life right out of you
and turns you into a monster too
he comes and gives you his lovebite
you'll be on fire yet full of fright
beware; vampire at large
better lock your door tonight
a vampire's turned loose to roam free
inflicted the life is conceived
he breaks all your resistance down
you think your safe then he comes 'round
he thrives on your arrogance
intelligence lost in ignorance
blinded by carelessness
danger comes closer with each warm caress
beware; vampire at large
evil slumbers in the twilight zone
lurking when the sunlight's gone
only the mirror reveals the truth
only a wooden stick can cut rite through
you trust in your tokens of protection
but you forget in the heat of the passion
he laughs at people who claim to be good
but turns to dust in the light
...he searches in vain for innocent blood

from the album Imbrocata by Dilemma [1995]

Subject: Dracula 2000
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001
From: Brian

Awesome Movie one of my favorites of the year and also if Jeri Ryan is in it its has to be good (what a sweet heart). And for all of you Christians stay in your little white churches and keep your TV turned off and be in bed before 9:00pm and you may still get in to heaven once your dead. But just remember God may have liked the movie so you all be careful what you say.

Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001
From: Ken S.

I know you probbablly forgot about what you wrote or will never see this. But i really got pissed of at your mentallity towards the movie i realize its your opnion but when you said that god forgave judas that i beleave is to be untrue.Granted judas did ask for forgiveness before he died but the manner of his death is a controdiction in its self since he commited suicide he committed a sin right after asking for forgiveness.I beleave this movie had a very interesting theory.
Ken S.

Subject: Dracula_2000
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001
From: Ms K

hey i think that this was a very good movie and i dont really care what other people think i thought that it was excellent

Subject: Dracula 2000
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001
From: "Gemma Mcleod"

My goodness where is your head. Not once did you mention the amount of disgusting swearing one has to put up with in this film. But you also didn't mention that in the end (as most hollywood films) dracula wins. the word G*d*mn is said soooo many more times than the f-word. Yes there may be connections as all these 'spritual' films do. But come on, this is not entertainment for the Christian. Whatching the films hurts. I saw it from start to finish

Response: We saw two different films, I am sure. And, did I ever say "this is entertainment for Christians"? If you are such a good judge of what Christains should be entertained by, why did you view this film? Why would you watch a film from "start to finish" if it "hurts"? Dracula 2000 did a good job of connecting the Dracula story to the life of Jesus Christ. -David

Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001
From: Lisa

Hi, I haven't seen Dracula 2000 but I'm doing a report on Movies and God and I was wondering if you could help me out by telling me how Dracula and Judas are alike in this film because I'm not understanding how they are alike.

Response: see above, or rent the film. -David

Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001
From: Elizabeth R.

Maybe it was just me, but i was SEVERELY offended by the movie Dracula 2000, to the point where i got up and left. In all fairness, i did not see the end of the movie. Maybe there was some big ending that reaffirmed how bad what Judas did was, and how good God is, because he forgave him, i didn't stick around to see. I simply got up, along with my friends, and left the theater, and said the quick prayer for whoever's idea that was. Again, maybe it was just me, but I don't see how connecting Dracula and the disciple that betrayed Jesus is excellent writing.
Elizabeth R.

Subject: Dracula and God
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001
From: "David Einhorn"

I enjoyed Dracula 2000 a great deal. I was surprised by the the plot twist that Dracula was Judas Iscariot who had been rendered "undead" for his betrayal of Jesus. It is reminiscent of the legend of the "wandering jew" who was believed to be roaming around Europe beyond the Middle Ages and was mentioned in the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, among others. He was an Israelite who was condemned to live and age indefinitely because he had mocked Jesus on the cross. The Judas as Dracula theme was interesting and entertaining, but was not developed as fully as I would have liked as a viewer. It would be interesting to know what kind of footage was left on the cutting room floor. One thing in Dracula 2000 was consistent with recent Hollywood vampire movies. The monsters in the film are not fearful of, or repelled by crosses. There is mention of the fact that Dracula "hates" crosses, but none of the vampires cower or flee from them. This is not only inconsistent with classic vampire movies of the past; it is also inconsistent with Bram Stoker's novel and European legends about vampires. This trend in recent vampire films is a clear, and somewhat annoying tip of the hat to political correctness. Dracula 2000 is, however, an interesting and entertaining movie.

Subject: Finally, A Dracula Movie with a Message!
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001
From: A A

I enjoyed this movie much more than I anticipated. Frankly, I usually find Dracula/Vampire movies quite boring most of the time, as Hollywood always goes with standard fare ( garlic, wooden stakes, crucifixes ) yet always manages to keep it very spiritually superficial.

Being a devout Catholic, I was pleased to see my own faith depicted in a meaningful, respectful manner.

Yes, I also found the connection between Judas and Dracula quite impressive, if not downright brilliant. It gives the Stereotype of Evil a meaningful context; and more depth than we usually see from movies that rely on grisly effects.

Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001
From: Jeanie

I am continually fascinated and amazed by the spirituality of current film makers. I went to this movie not having read a single review or preview of it - a rarity for me-and was pleased with the message of good and evil as exemplified by this movie. Did you notice neoproductions in the credits and the Matrix-like effects. A friend I was with compared it to Dark Angel. What a great springboard for a discussion on fate and free-will.

Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001
From: Jason

I find it sad that we are trying to compare the risen savior to a dracula. In no way should our risen Lord be compared to this representation of sin. We desire so much for God to feel as safe and secure with our sin as we do that we are willing to make anything have the qualities of truth. "If I stare at a lie long enough, in my realm it will become truth, but that in no way makes it real truth." "Beware all those who call evil good and good evil" "and to have friendship with this world to become any enemy of God!" I dont make these words an attack on any person; instead I make them a stand against these words of offense, "I was totally taken by surprise with the connection between Jesus Christ and Dracula". End quote by paragraph on page
Sincerly concerned Jason

My response: Please, never respond negatively to a film that you have not seen, Jason. It makes you come off as ignorant and intolerant, which I am sure you are not. There was no comparison of Jesus to Dracula in the film. There is, however, a "connection between Jesus Christ and Dracula" in the film and that connection is Judas. Judas, in this film, becomes Dracula. This is the reason for the fear of silver, the cross and sun-light.

A better way for you to have responded would be to ask a question such as, "Is the 'connection between Jesus Christ and Dracula' one that makes Dracula a Christ figure?" Or, "Are you suggesting that Dracula is Jesus?"

Your comments were premature, uninformed and inappropriate.

May God bless you, Jason

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