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Subject: Blade
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001
From: "Gail Cundall"

The music at the beginning of the film was by a group called the Lavender Hill Mob, Find them on mp3.com at http://www.mp3.com/lhm. Their songs are also featured on http://www.newgrounds.com.

Subject: Evolution
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001
From: Meret.

Evolution the theory, is nonsense and so is Evolution the movie. It's a silly movie which is not silly enough to make you laugh, not eccentric enough to surprise you and not original enough to stamp itself on your mind.

The only thing you'll remember are the last 10 seconds of the movie when you realize that you've been watching a two-hours "Head & Shoulders" commercial.

This is Meret from Switzerland.
You can post my private e-mail:

Subject: The Caveman's Valentine
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001
From: Dave

I couldn't find anything on your sight about this 2001 movie starring Samuel L. Jackson. Will there be something on it eventually?
Thanks. Dave

Response: You are right there is nothing yet. -David

Subject: Powder
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001
From: Laura.

I truly enjoy this movie every time that I watch it. I have no idea what it "means", but only what it means to me, or how I perceive it's meaning. I didn't see anyone as a Christ figure, Buddha, or any type of God. I saw what man is, versus what man is could be. I saw the cruelty and uncompassionate nature of people. I saw the insecurity we feel, and the fear that we have of anything different than the "norm". I saw someone's belief that we can overcome these things, and that we eventually will. I saw hope for us yet. I found comfort in this, even though it is only a film. The bottom line is, I saw myself in almost every character. I hope others did too.

Subject: Dracula_2000
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001
From: Ms K

hey i think that this was a very good movie and i dont really care what other people think i thought that it was excellent

Subject: Lose Lefemme Nikita, Lose me as a USA viewer
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001
From: Tracey Gendron

I stay up all night just to watch this show. It is realistic in part, with an edge of intrigue, that keeps me coming back for more. I appreciate a show that has some intelligence behind it. I will not watch USA if I have nothing that interests me, or my intelligence, and guess what, it does not influence me to do wrong things either!!!!!!!!
Tracey Gendron

Subject: AI_Artificial_Intelligence
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: "x"

The part I liked the best was David's persistence in finding the one he loved so much. He would stop at nothing. In a way this mirrors our search for the one who loves us most - God. But in the movie the "real" humans spend so little time in this quest. There is a scene in front of a church, where it is explained that humans go there sometimes, but afterwards go immediately back to seeking after temporary love instead of God's greater love. How true. I want to be like David, ignoring all the counterfeit loves that entice me everyday, and instead not resting until I get to spend even one day with the one who loves me most - Jesus.

Subject: Jurassic_Park_III
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: Kevin

I like the film. And I agree, the films main point is about family


Subject: Planet of the Apes
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: Frank Sherwin

Mark Wahlburg? I read somewhere that he was a Church-goer.

Subject: hey R_Rated_Newsletter#26
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: LA

Hi I go 2 your web site a lot I think its so cool. I read your article about R-rated movies and I think I agree I watch some R-rated movies like "The Patriot". That was a great movie! but I only watch them if my parents approve of it. Like if the language is not 2 bad no nudity and all that junk!

Response: Thank you for being obedient to your parents. -David

Subject: AI_Artificial_Intelligence
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: "Randall J. Hekman"

Just as we are made in the image of God, so robots are made in the image of man. Just as the robot boy David was "wired" to love his mother (and he pursued this relationship despite many impediments), so we are wired to love God and should pursue Him despite the many allurements of life. As Augustine said, "Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee."
Randall J. Hekman
Executive Director CBH Ministries

Comments on Newslettewr #27

Subject: Response
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001
From: Jrausch

Late at night and very tired but I strongly agree with what you have to say about Kinkade. Life is not all pretty lights and rolling hills. I am 60 so I remember the wonderful 50 ties when all the men at the table drank until they couldn't stand and women wore shiners. Oh yes, I have a Masters in English Literature and if you want a a list of books from that period that are listed as "XXX," plan on your printer running for a long time. For the "Good People" of that time turn to Queen Victoria herself. During the Irish Potato Famine this fine lady found it in her heart to donate 50 pounds to the care of the stray dogs of Ireland and on the same day opened her generous heart to give the starving Irish 50 pounds. People have not changed much in the last 1000 years. We should not give up on humanity but this generation certainly should not be playing "Better than Thou."

Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001
From: "Julie Pain"

I received a copy of your piece about Kinkade's Christian artwork.

Firstly, I have to say that your comments: "We need more roaring lambs. Being salt and light is not optional." is clearly unbiblical, and it's hard to understand why a person who is a genuine believer (are you?) would write that.

With most of the text, however, I can see where you are coming from. I think it's true that sometimes as Christians we try to separate ourselves from the world, which is not what God has called us to do. Sometimes in our choices we can appear boring or fake to people who don't believe. However, i think in the Bible it clearly tells us to reflect on Heavenly things, which I take to mean spiritual things about God, & Heaven and things that are pure. I don't think it's helpful for us to saturate ourselves with fleshly evil that is around us. Be aware of it sure, keep an eye on the world to know what is happening (I chose to see Moulin Rouge), to understand where people in the world are heading. We need to do this to know how to pray for, and to help unbelievers and believers in the world. But to surround ourselves & to dwell on evil practices/ideas/arts is not good for our spirit. As we know, we are always close to sin, Satan loves to use things to provoke the embers of sin in our hearts into flames. So we should be drawing closer to God, and allowing him to show us what we should watch/read/experience. As always, look to Jesus - he was always in prayer, surrounding himself with his disciples, and yet, and the same time, willing to associate with a tax collector or a prostitute. Like Jesus, let's be real.

Subject: Re: [newsletter] Hollywood Jesus Newsletter #27
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: KevinKunz

Good Newsletter. Keep them coming.

Kinkade`s paintings lack people. However, that what makes them good!.
Kinkade paint`s light!.
Most painter`s paint dark.

(-.-) SMILE ! JESUS ! LOVES ! US ! . (-.-) . [ ALSO I LOVE JESUS.] ? x ><> + <><)))))~~~~ http://community.webtv.net/KevinKunz/JESUSTHEWAY

Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: Kevin Kunz

First I like , to say that I`m fond of "family films" I enjoyed "Shrek" a lot. But, I think we as christians can't condemn all R rated movies. I`ve seen PG's and PG13's that could have been rated X. I say we should use discernment. For example "Baywatch" I would rate PG13,and "X Files" An R. yet I know underage kids were watching those shows. So I say, that Its possible for christians to make, good Hollywood movies. Including "R"s That promote Christian values. Like "T2" -camoran mitchel is a christians-

We are called to live in the world. NOT! of the world. An " R " rated movie is " of " the world.big time. Seeing an R-rated movie, is like going to a strip club. Both are of the world, And a no from JESUS!.

Keith w. Kunz sent with joy and love! http://community.webtv.net/KeithWK/PSALM45 http://community.webtv.net/KeithWK/Thepottersclay

Subject: Kinkade
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: Keith

Good Point; I agree with most of what you say. we must not isolate, ourselves from the world. and family mustn`t be all there is. sent with joy and love!

Subject: I agree with your newsletter
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: "glorialeeis"

I find Thomas Kincades cottages ect. beautiful and peaceful . It seems like a fantisy to me. I believe if Jesus was here on this earth he would probably be in nightclubs, movies or whereever people truly needed him. Forbidding children to view what their friends are viewing at the local theatre will only case shock later on and I believe an inability to deal with the real world. As far as the language is concerned that is just the way some people communicate and it's better to be used to it rather than sheltered from it. I enjoyed your newsletter and hope the people who should really realize it is truth will do so.

Subject: Disengagement from culture
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: Dubman

DAvid, You speak a lot of truth. There will always be a tension between being in the world and not being of it. Today, though, we have tilted toward the protectionist side of things and that has hurt us in being salt and light. We must restore our missionary call. Just wanted to recommend a book I received in the mail recently that deals with the very issue of Christians in the arts called Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts published by IVP last year. Think you might appreciate it,
Loren Dubberke from Fresno, CA

Subject: Leave the guy alone!
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: Nita Smith

OK.....I read all the so-called insightful opinions and concerns about Thomas Kinkade's art. For pete's sake, leave the guy alone! He's depicting a wonderful peaceful world, and what's wrong with that? This IS a "hard" world, and when hasn't it been! Theorizing all this isolationism, etc., is nonsense. This is the guy's STYLE. Do people criticize and read undercurrent meaning into Picasso's STYLE? Or any other of the so-called classic or modern artists??? Kincade doesn't claim to be any social activist. He's an ARTIST. This is ART, expression and talent........not realism. Is it possible the critic is making himself feel better by attempting to tear down someone else? That's a simple, very old and overused strategy. Give it a rest. I love his beautiful scenes, as do many other Christians and non-Christians alike. There's nothing sinister or "anti-people" about them. Talk about your "conspiracy theories"!!!! Nonsense. Get a life and leave the guy alone.
Nita Smith

Subject: thomas kincade
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: EH

this is my angry mail ..!!........... i can't believe you review Thomas Kincade as an artist. He does bad copies of old hallmark cards!! Any subject is valid, if it is art. Thomas Kincade is good at marketing and further dulling the mind and culture of all ready easily led astray christians, he markets himself different in different markets, not just to christians!!! These ignorant people paying for his signature on a poster !! i have nothing against his paintings, but it can never be called art any more than the painting on the xerox paper box instructions!
--------------EH- christian and artist

Subject: re
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: Foreverjesus

why do we as people always always try to pick apart the beauty of a simple picture, give me a break! IDOLTRY, please. i think you think to much.

Subject: Strong Families
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: Merle

David, First of all I want to say that I really love your site. You have an incredible ministry, and your insightful reviews have taught me to watch film in a whole new way. I love your newsletters, I get excited every time I receive one, they challenge me and make me think. I understand and agree with you and your assessment of the "Thomas Kinkeade Dilemma" Although I feel it's a bit judgmental to single out him as a representation of the problem with Christians today. I'm sure there are many examples within the Christian community that demonstrate this disengagement problem. True the representations are there, but just as you would not purchase a film on video strictly for it's violence or sexual content, I would not buy a Thomas Kinkead painting and hang it on my wall strictly to represent that I'm disconnected from the real world. I would buy it because it's a beautiful painting that I enjoy looking at. (Personally I don't have, and probably would never buy any of his paintings). I am a father of five children and I believe that family is the most important foundation of any society, and that strong families (Not TV, movies or video games) are the key to the elimination of youth violence and school shootings. David, where the myth lies is in the question of what makes a strong family. A strong family does not have to have both parents. A strong family does not have to live in a great neighborhood. A strong family is not disconnected from the outside world. A strong family does not even have to be Christian! (oh my gosh, but it sure helps). My recipe for a strong family is allot of love and support. With the right amount of love and support within a family (Whether it's a blood family, a church family or a community family) No individual or youth would ever resort to violence. Let's not leave the entertainment industry completely off the hook though, I believe they should share in the responsibility, as we all should, art is not a license to kill. I respect you allot David so if I'm way off base here, please straighten me out.

Subject: Disengagement
Response Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
From: "J. W. Dudgeon"

Dear Mr. Bruce,
You have struck a nerve. I totally agree with the 'disengagement syndrome' which you have highlighted.

Unfortunately, I'm one of the disengagers.

I'm in the 'fall' of my life span (born in'42). A born again Christian at age 37; a slow learner for sure. Lost my job to NAFTA last year. Now I'm at home so much my kids are worried about me!!! imagine that. I quit going to church seventeen years ago because all I saw was 'disengagers'. About every member was family related. If you even mentioned a show like 'Dallas'...conversation over! When the Sunday service was over everyone went to their respective homes never to be heard from until the next Sunday.

I am a disengager because I'm tired of the 'hassle'. Everybody argues, disagrees, complains, beefs...etc,etc.

I guess what I'm trying to say is its easy to be a disengager. Leave the world out there and be at peace in your own isolationism...yes, a downright lazy attitude! With articles like this the slumbering giant within awakens. Soooooo as my confessional; I am coming out to engage the enemy!
Thanks for the awakening,

Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001
From: cynthia

David, First, I must tell you that I respect you and believe that God is behind your ministry. I admire your boldness. I agree that Mr. Kincaids work is light, but that is O.K. God made everyone with the giftedness that he wants them to have. I am not condeming your opinion, I see where you are coming from. We do not know that his paintings have not reached out to the non-christian world. I think that they have, at least he Is quite bold in letting the world know that his beliefs are what bring him to his canvas to produce the beautiful paintings. I agree that the market is flooded with candy style religion. You yourself must experience daily the rejection and negativity from your brothers and sisters who do not understand what you are doing, so who are we to question God's will in his life? Please be supportive, I am thankful for his art. You have forgotten one of the greatest artists of today, Ron DiCianni. Cheque out his art. And the brave graphic designers who create cutting edge designs that capture peoples eyes on teeshirts, books, CDs and more. I am one of them. I pray for you and the people who you meet and relate to. God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9. Thank you for doing what you are doing. I appreciate it. May we all live in our giftedness. God bless, Cynthia Topaz

Subject: Kinkade style
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001
From: Cyndy

You make some very valid points. How wonderful it would be to encourage Thomas Kincade to paint "light" in more contemporary settings. I am sure he is up to the task and it could really expand the audience that he now reaches.

Subject: An open-minded concern of mine.....
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001
From: No Name

Hello, I know that this letter is a bit long, but please take a moment to read it. I would really love to hear a response from you on this.

I am a Christian AND a huge movie buff. I have been a movie buff longer than a Christian, and over the years, I have struggled with what is appropriate to watch AS a Christian and what isn't.

When I first became saved, I had two "RADICAL" friends who condemned me for watching certain Disney films because they had some 'magic' in them. I felt ashamed and watched them in secret. I now realize how wrong these two people were for pushing their convictions on me and trying to be my holy spirit. Their sense of 'holiness' was more of a 'religious' bondage than it was based on a 'relationship' with Christ. I had been set free of the religious bondage and now I allow the Holy Spirit to direct my steps and guide my convictions instead of man.

Over the years, I have grown as a Christian, and there are certain things that I use to enjoy watching just for pleasure, like "GREASE," "FOOTLOOSE," and others.

Now I have two daughters, and I have suddenly seen something that I have never seen before. When I first saw these films years ago, I had no Godly convictions, they were fun films, and they remind me of those wonderful years of fun. But when I watched "GREASE" with my daughter, she started parading around the house pulling her nightgown down off her shoulders and acting 'slutty' just like the characters were in the film. I was SHOCKED and HORRIFIED. I immediately turned it off and had a talk with my daughter about why it was wrong.

Then I thought to myself, how can I expect her to realize why this is wrong, and yet keep this movie in my home which says to her, it's ok to watch and be entertained by it, but it's not Godly to do these things? I thought about the scripture that says we must crucify our flesh, pick up our cross and follow Christ. Being a Christian means denying our fleshly desires for the better of our spirits, so my wife and I went through our video collection and we painfully removed some of our favorite films that would conflict with what we wanted to teach our daughters.

We removed "FOOTLOOSE" because it shows an unsaved boy who talks about sex a lot, and sneaks around to party and drink, who stands up to the man of God (even though he was a bit narrow-minded), and twists the scriptures to convince the minister that dancing before the Lord was OK and approved by God. Then when the minister gives in, they use the opportunity to dance in ways that is NOT 'before the Lord.' It portrays the ministers daughter, who sleeps around and rebels against her father, as a hero and a good person, who sins without consequences.

There were other films we removed for several of the same reasons, 'bad language' (how can we teach these words are offensive to God when we allow them in our home as entertainment?), 'sexual content outside of marriage', (again, how can we teach what's proper when we see our movie hero's enjoying it without consequences?), and other content that conflicts with the teaching of God.

Since we have done this, I have seen a dramatic improvement in our daughters behavior, and I know she will respect us later in life for us sticking to what we teach and not being hypocritical.

Not only has the change happened in her, but it has happen in us as well. We are no longer popping these films in when we are bored and feeding ourselves the same damaging impressions that we did before. We are not feeding our own minds with the foul language that we use to just 'overlook' before, because the movie was just too good or funny. I asked myself, is it OK to listen to the foul language as long as it's a good movie with a good moral? Is it OK to watch people talk about and have casual sex without consequences in a movie even if the movie is a Hollywood hit with good points like 'FORREST GUMP'? Are we really pleasing the Lord when we choose to fill our spare time with these films?

Then I can't help but wonder, what kind of example were we giving when we would introduce these 'innocent' films to our church friends? Or even to our UNSAVED friends? Were we showing them that Christians can have fun too and watch immoral stuff, and that it's OK? Or were we showing them that we were really not the Christians that we were trying to convense them we were?

The choices we made were strictly our own choices based on what we felt the Lord was showing us. We have grown as Christians and have drawn closer to the Lord because of it. I would NEVER attempt to push my convictions on others, then I would have done the same as my other two 'RADICAL' friends who wrongfully condemned me.

I know that some people in the church have wrongfully condemned you for your stance on films. You are so right in several of the films that you recommend. I understand the value of certain films (even some rated R ones) like "Bless The Child" (what a fantastic film that shows the spiritual warfare from BOTH sides) and the educational value from films like "SHENDLER'S LIST" and "SAVING PRIVATE RYAN."

But I am troubled by some of the comments made by some people who support your ministry. Like the one who enjoys "THE EVIL DEAD." Then the others who use your convictions to justify them watching films that are laced with language that is offensive to God and scenes that promote un-marrital sex among the stars and without consequences, and they watch them JUST for entertainment value.

Should Christians be entertained by these things? Were Do we draw the line and say "THAT ISN'T APPROPRIATE TO WATCH"?

May I ask without offending you........were do you draw this line? I know where MY line is drawn, and I pray that MY line doesn't cause anyone to stumble. But someone like you, speaking as an authority on Christianity AND Hollywood films, and someone who is setting the standard for others new Christians to follow, do you ever draw the line?

Please don't take this letter as anything other than an honest concern and question. I have not judged you, nor do I plan to. May the Lord richly bless you and your ministry.

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