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Subject: Newsletter 25
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001
From: "T'n'T Family"

I'm probably going to be blasted like what has been done with others that disagree with Hollywood Jesus but here goes.

I read the response to others that viewed films like Atlantis as portraying New Age talk, supposed "demon honouring concepts" and Wiccan language and here is my response whatever it is worth.

I have 3 small children and I'm very protective of them and I will give an account to God some day for what I've taught them. I want to thank those people who wrote in about Atlantis and its seemingly occultic underpinnings. Children are so enamered by films and seem to accept anything on TV as true. That is why I am trying to teach mine that most of what is seen on movies and TV has the tendency to go against what God wants. I try to inform them where the show is wrong and teach them not to accept anything that goes against the teachings of the Word of God. We are to be on the lookout 1 Pet. 5:8. (You are being a good father. This is good)

This is teaching them discernment or to discern what is right and what is wrong based on what God says not the what the world says. The Bible is clear that in these last days there will be false prophets and false teachers in the church. We need the gift of discernment in the last days. I have always believed that if i go to a film or rent a video you are supporting what Hollywood has done. That's why I want to know exactly what the film is about especially if I have my children with me (they haven't been to a movie theatre yet). I value your reviews because they give me some info on what to watch out for personally and for the protection of my little ones' minds who are not ready to discern what is right and wrong. The Bible says that this takes training. (Hebs 5:14). I rarely go to movies because I rely on people like you and others like you who go to bat for those of us that wait around till we have enough respected opinions to make an informed decision about whether we should support Hollywood's efforts or not. If we go to the movie or rent that video are we not supporting Hollywood? (Yes just like you support slave labor in China when you buy your children toys made in China. And you support Harper Collins when you by a Zondervan NIV Bible. And you support causes that you perhaps disagree with when you buy products form corporations that give money to various causes.) I mean if the movie glorifies sex, violence or the occult and we go to it are we not sending a message to Hollywood- This is what we want? (Your grid here is that of a loving father of young children. I can not fault this. My concerns run in a different direction) If they produced decent family movies and these family movies became instant best picks would they not produce more rather than those that have much violence and sex? If people refused to go to movies that had any nudity and sex that would surely decide for the producers in Hollywood that movies with this content DON"T make money, since it is all about money. ("If" This never works. You are being idealistic. The world is won one person at a time. Not by changing Hollywood) Hats off to those of you who go into movies with the motive to inform the Christian community about potentially dangerous content for children and compromising content for us adults. (Hollywood Jesus, as you know, does not do this. I do not see this as Christianity in any way shape or form. Even Mormons, Buddhist, Muslims have such concerns. I see these type of reviews as being moralistic family guides but not spiritual guides).

I agree that we need to build bridges to the world including Hollywood and Wiccans. We are in the world but we are not to be like the world or of the world. (This is by an action of God, and by our action) Love the people, hate the sin? Please, mr. HollywoodJesus when you respond to others that you don't agree with could you use the wisdom of Ephesians 4:29 where Paul says " Let no unwholesome word come out of your mouth (pen) but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, that is may give grace to those who hear (read) [Brackets- mine]. Let's build bridges to our brothers too.- Speak the truth in love Ephs 4:15. That they may be one John 17:21. If we differ can we agree to disagee in love? (absolutely, but I will always side with the outsiders, rejected, loners, and despised. Speaking against any group of people does not work well with me. Too many Christians seem to be finger pointing moralist. Hollywood Jesus is different and will never do this)
Respectfully Yours,
hornblower KECY

Thank you for your kind words. And keep on being the wonderful dad that you are. -David

Subject: Newsletter 24
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001
From: "Wendy"

Hi! I have been briefly reading some of the comments about the recent so called 'gay Jesus film, and not really knowing alot about it, I have decided to share my feelings on homosexuality, rather than on the film itself.

As a Christian I believe God's Word is 100% accurate. And as I read several verses regarding homosexuality, I do believe that it is not part of God's plan and homosexual behaviour is a sin.

However, I do feel that our attitude towards people battling this sin, needs to change. I sometimes wonder what goes through our mind when we think of someone who is gay. Do we think of some guy with a feminine voice, wearing leather and hanging around all-male brothels? Or do we think of the guy dress up in a suit, going about the everyday normal activities, but at the same time battling with his sexuality? I think sometimes we see homosexuals as I have first describe, and sadly those who are like the 'everyday man in the suit' gets catorgorise into the latter.

I feel this isn't fair because, for those of us who are hetorsexual, we have no idea what it's like to battle with homosexual feelings. The same as those of us who are clean and sober, have no idea what it's like to battle with an alcohol or drug problem.

You know we can go on and on about the sins of the homosexual lifestyle. But until we know what it's like to really battle that sin, and conquer it, maybe we should start practicing the "love the sinner" part of "God hates the sin, but loves the sinner."

Sometimes I think we've become to focus on the hatred of the sin, rather than the love for the sinner.
God Bless, Wendy

Subject: Hollywood Jesus movie reviews
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001
From: "Webdesign Victory productions"

Just 2 hours ago, I discovered your hollywoodjesus site. At first I though "What´s this, help" A reaction, to quick, to easy. After some scrolling, I changed my opinion quickly This is it! Still searching for words to express my thinking

But to make a long story short: I love to show your reviews on my site cause here in the Netherlands, there are a lot of movies, but none of them has a good review (or colored)

Also I ask your permission to translate some Spiritual Insights in Dutch and of course the reviews
Blessings Hette Visser the Netherlands

Response: Sure, go ahead, and thanks for the good words. -David

Subject: The Film "Requiem for a Dream"
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001
From: Patricia

Dear David,
Thank you so VERY much for your wonderful ministry via this online resource, which in uplifting, positive ways informs us fellow seekers about what is spiritually illuminating in the cinema and on videos/DVDs. Each and every review is so edifying vs. other "Christian" sites which blast films that DO have redeeming merit but do not align with the reviewer's legalistically narrow parameters of Churchianity.

Until becoming terminally ill, our Creator opened doors for me to serve in churches and other arenas as an Assistant Pastor, hospital chaplain, university chaplain, Christian counselor ... plus I was the wife of a pastor in another church, so far too often I saw and heard about the less kind side of judgmental church members. Perhaps being called "of the devil" because I was a woman in ministry was the most stinging verbal assault of all. Therefore, by contrast to judgmentalism in certain church sectors, all the more perhaps you can see why your perspectives are so tremendously refreshing and uplifting to me, for which I thank you greatly. Since I am homebound and no longer go the theaters, your reviews and updates on new and worthy videos are such splendid guidelines for viewing worthwhile films to uplift and educate my soul, as I try to be a good steward of my remaining time on Terra Firma before blessedly being allowed to go HOME. Ah! Such sweet expectations about that event flood my spirit! But in the meantime, much appreciation to you for how you so richly minister to me too, David!

A question please: have you reviewed the amazing film "Requiem for a Dream"? I cannot find it at your site although, with my still preschool level of computer knowledge ~ ; > [that's a Pentecostal smiley face, teehee!!] that movie may indeed be reviewed but I am just missing it. I recorded "Requiem for a Dream" on Pay-per-view last month and was profoundly impacted by its unique and memorable illustration of addictions' wrath. It is no wonder that Ellen Burstyn was nominated for an Academy Award and did receive from IFC, Independent Filmmakers' Channel's, Best Actress Award for her brilliant portrayal of a woman driven mad by a doctor's irresponsibly prescribing addictive RXs to her. Never before have I ever seen such a powerful film, which I hope will also strongly impact you and your readers in constructive ways. Reportedly, it's a much more realistic story line than "Traffic," which I shall nevertheless record on Pay-per-view today vis-a-vis your online input.

I was happy to read your review of "Pay it Forward" and truly hope you are able to read the novel upon which the film is based. Since you were moved by the film, I can guarantee that you will infinitely more be favorably "blown away" by the novel that was not faithfully adhered to onscreen, unfortunately. It's a short work and will be hard to put down once you've entered into its mystique. Plus I can guarantee that you'll find within catalysts for a number of sermons. : )

Again, bless you and yours for how you bring richness into the lives of us fellow followers of our beloved Messiah Yeshua!
Respectfully & with Gratitude,

Thank you Patricia, I really appreciate your kind and encouraging words. I have not reviewed "Requiem for a Dream" -perhaps I should. I will have to pick up a copy of Pay It Forward. As you probably know from some of my comments, I am for women in ministry. May God bless you, Patricia. Again, thank you for your kind words. Warmly yours in Christ, David Bruce

Subject: Blair_Witch_2
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001
From: Benny

hey, can someone tell me what the song at the end of blair witch 2 is? the one in the end credits with the chick singing. its the first song that is played during the end credits.

Subject: Atlantis The Lost_Empire
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001
From: "Lon

The language used in the movie is Wiccan. A real spiritualist language used in incantations, spells and communication with the spirit world by the nature worship religion called Wicca. There isn't time to go into it here but Wicca has its roots in Druid worship and is occult in nature. This has no place in any movie viewed by a Christian.
Pastor Lon

Response: And the moon is made of green cheese. Lon you have now identified yourself as a legalistic horn blower. Christianity is not defined by what you do or do not do. It is defined by who you serve. Even if you were right, Jesus loves Wiccans and died for them, understand? Wiccans are always welcome at Hollywood Jesus, I love them too. May you learn the wisdom of Acts 17:16-34. -David

Subject: Thanks
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001
From: Kit

Thank you for a truly magnificent site. You shed light into a world of confusion and hype.
Blessings from Yorkshire in England

Response: Thanks I appreciate your kind words. -David.

Subject: Blair Witch 2:
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001
From: John

Here is something that some people may have not figured out in the movie. In the scene near the end right before they play their tape in reverse, when Tristen seems to go crazy, (and mentions something about Winnershin or something) she says a sentence in reverse. It sounds like: "erf klaw niaga lee nerdlick ate." It is actually spelled "eerf klaw niaga nerdlich eht." So, she is saying "The children will again walk free." Tell me what you guys think it means or what you think about the sentance!

Subject: Lord of the Rings
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001
From: Greg

I appreciated your essay on LOTR and want to give kudos to your insight that I recieved. I found that your explanation of Tolkien's Middle Earth as a historical/mythical precursor to our own life to be fascinating. For the reason that it confirmed something that had been skating around in the back of my mind, with out solidity or the language to adequately explain it.

I had often the thought that Toklien was in effect trying to imply that Middle Earth was indeed our own Ea. I found especially interesting your thoughts on the 4th age, the revelation that the age of man can lead us to "the conviction that all spirituality is metaphysically barren!" I want to agree wholeheartedly with this thought. "How can we be transformed by the renewing of our mind, when it is our mind that tells us supernatural renewal is beyond our experience?"

Here I my ideas, I hope you don't find them too banal. First, that at the end of the 3rd age, we begin human dominated history. As such there had not been an incarnation, or the giving of the Holy Spirit to man.

Essentially, the 4th age begins in Genesis and more broadly the Old Testament as a whole. It is one of my own little pet thoughts that not only did the OT history function to point us to the incarnation, but also to reveal the futility of humanistic religion as a way to God, or fulfillment in this life.

If we look through the progress of time in the context of the Jewish nation, a few things are revealed. First that the relationship or covenant between man and God, left up to man would have never been established. Second, that if the responsibility of man to be moral and righteous lies in his own hands (by following the Law) it will ultimately result in failure.

I was reminded of the book of Judges (17:6) "In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes." The book of Judges is full of people falling away from God (mostly in the form of idolatry) as they are left to themselves. This seems to correlate to your statement: "What we are left with is an Age in which Man is simply left to master himself."

In the 4th age, man is left to himself, and the (distanced) intimacy with Eru that existed through His unfallen servants had been broken by their departure.

Now, in going out on a limb and perhaps taking larger steps into Tolkien's mind than perhaps I should, I would like to surface the idea that we are in the 5th age. That Eru became flesh, and He renewed His relationship with us in a more intimate and personal way than T- mythology had revealed prior. This may have been a Tolkien idea (it also could be my delusion). I do think that if we are to follow your idea that Tolkien's mythology is a historical precursor rather than an allegory to our time, we have to recognize that John 1 hadn't yet occured. "The Word became flesh and dwelt amoung us and we saw His glory..." I do believe that no matter what mythology we may find ourselves in, as Christians, the centre of time would be found in the incarnation. When Eru entered the world, His servant John said "I myself have seen, and have testified that this is the Son of God." John 1:34

So, to sum up maybe a confusing mass of thought. The forth age didn't reveal any thought of diluted Christianity, but a pre- Holy Spirit age, recorded in the Old Testament. That time was a proof that man's worth did not lie in "chariots", but in his relationship with Eru. We now live in the 5th age, if you will. The age that began with Eru's condencention into Ea, in the form of Man.
Thank you again,
I hope my thoughts have proven helpful to someone other only myself.
Love in Christ (the Son of Eru)

Subject: O_Brother_Where_Art_Thou
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001
From: Roger B.

In response to Ethan's question about the blind people in the film. Homer the poet was reputed to be blind--which is why I think the elderly sage railroad hand cart operator is blind. The "cyclops" is, of course, only blind in one eye--although he almost gets that one good eye taken out by the sharpened stake of the confederate flag--great parody of the cyclops in the Odyssey. I loved this movie, the music, the photography and the acting. I personally think it is the best thing Clooney has done--he wasn't just playing a "handsome George Clooney-type." Part of the spirituality I think that needs to be recognized is that of the Quest--Everitt has continual faith/hope that things will turn out OK. They will eventually find the "treasure," although it is not the treasure that they thought it was.
Roger B.

Subject: Final_Fantasy
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001
From: Alex

"Gaia" is the Greek goddess of the earth. Director Sakaguchi's Gaia is not original at all; rather, it is clearly based on the Gaia Hypothesis, made popular by James Lovelock in The Ages of Gaia (published 1989).

"What is the hypothesis of Gaia? Stated simply, the idea is that we may have discovered a living being bigger, more ancient, and more complex than anything from our wildest dreams. That being, called Gaia, is the Earth. More precisely: that about one billion years after it's formation, our planet was occupied by a meta-life form which began an ongoing process of transforming this planet into its own substance. All the life forms of the planet are part of Gaia. In a way analogous to the myriad different cell colonies which make up our organs and bodies, the life forms of earth in their diversity coevolve and contribute interactively to produce and sustain the optimal conditions for the growth and prosperity not of themselves, but of the larger whole, Gaia. That the very makeup of the atmosphere, seas, and terrestrial crust is the result of radical interventions carried out by Gaia through the evolving diversity of living creatures."
(Quoted from erg.ucd.ie/arupa/references/gaia.html)

This Gaia Hyposthesis is not Hollywood fiction; there are many people who actually believe that Gaia is the nature of reality on earth. Sakaguchi's account of Gaia is a clever (and entertaining) way of introducing the concept in a more palatable way to the general public.

Read more on the Gaia Hypothesis at: http://www.magna.com.au/~prfbrown/gaia.html or http://www.sprl.umich.edu/GCL/paper_to_html/gaia.html
or find a zillion different references by searching for "Gaia Hypothesis" under any search engine.

Subject: upcoming movie release
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001
From: Lind

i have just recieved an e-mail about a new movie depicting jesus and his disciples as gay. is this true? i have attempted to attached the file to this e-mail with more information. please let me know if this is true. thank you.

Response: No there is no truth to it. Please read this newsletter http://www.hollywoodjesus.com/newsletter024.htm

Subject: Blade
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001
From: M Britton mavbritton@yahoo.com

All people who want then name of the track when dorff is in the library, the track is called ishii ken ryu or something like that and its by a guy called photek. he produces intelligent hardstep drum and bass, if that makes sense to you lot, im form the UK so it does. and the track in the blood party has been remixed by alot of people but the most commonly known version is by Public Domain, and its called Operation Blade, go to www.slinky.co.uk for more details.
mail me on mavbritton@yahoo.com for any questions about these tracks.

Subject: Enemy_at_the_Gates
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001
From: Marty Haas

I'm amazed that the review doesn't even mention the love story that evolves during the movie. There is a scene in which the Russian hero and his girflfriend engage in the most erotic sexual scene I have ever witnessed in a movie. The scene showed very little skin, but it succeeded in being more erotic than most films that show everything.
Marty Haas

Subject: Newsletter_25
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001
From: Keith W Kunz

I think it`s a fear, that if they don`t over react. They wont be holy or in God`s will. I`ve learned that if it don`t matter,(not a obvious and blatant violation of scripture) don`t get upset.ie I`ve used "Harry Potter" For, 'Loving' discussions on christianity without once getting upset.
Keith W Kunz
Buena Park, CA 90620 sent with joy and love! http://community.webtv.net/KeithWK/PSALM45 http://community.webtv.net/KeithWK/Thepottersclay

Subject: Newsletter 23--Dyan Cannon
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001
From: Carol Webster

Dear Mr. Bruce,
I just read your newsletter regarding Dyan Cannon's outreach program. I also read the comments that had been posted. As a believer, my heart shouts for joy that there are outspoken Christians in the Hollywood set. There are many Christians in LA, and they are becoming more outspoken everyday. There are also many branches of Christianity. We (born again Christians) are many parts of the body and we are diverse as we all have different gifts of the Spirit. I saw that some expressed a concern regarding the lack of Dyan's biblical knowledge, but if she is in the Word at least an hour a day (which is far more than the average Christian), than the greatest teacher is pouring in and throughout her. I would encourage her to spend time in study under some of the best preachers of our day and even read some of the great sermons of pastor of the past. I suspect that she may already be doing that, because once you get the passion for Jesus, then you have a passion to know more about him and be like him. Jesus did not "hang out" with the religious leaders of his day; he walked, talked, ate, and slept among the sinners. Dyan is sharing Jesus in the way that God has decided to use her and she is allowing him to do that. I do believe in healing prayers and I do believe that people are healed, but in God's will. Her desire to perform intercessory prayer for those who are suffering is an act of service for our Lord. By the way, for those who don't understand the Jewish Christian Concept or Messianic Jews, they might wish to check out "Jews for Jesus."
Thank you for your service! Your Sister-in-Christ!
Carol Webster

Subject: AI_Artificial_Intelligence
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001
From: SSB

This modern day Pinocchio retelling could have been a lot better had Kubrick been alive to finish off his ideas. The thought that Speilberg would stay true to the idea is non-sensical because we all bring our own thought and ideas into everything that we do. As a religious person, I see this movie as an affront to God, whereas man tries to become like God by trying to create life. The good doctor keeps trying to create a better robot (man), science won't let a person die (freezing ill patients) and the search for the blue fairy who is supposed to grant life (God). Even the "alien" creatures toward the end of the movie, who can basically bring the dead back to life, if even for just one day.

I especially did not like the morality of this movie. It teaches that we should hate anything not like us, except children. The robots are caged and brutalized for the entertainment of the masses, just like different societies have been since the dawn of man, from Roman times up through slavery of the African peoples. We'll hunt you, enslave you, torture you, all for our joy! What kind of message is this?

Also taught - When you get tired of something, say a family pet, take it into the woods and leave it there, without any notion of how to survive in the wild. Either that or get it euthanized (or disassembled as in the fllick).

Remember, if you pray hard and long enough to a plaster statue of a fairy tale creature (say, 2,000 years), a "Close Encounter" creature will return and reamimate the dead for you...

Subject: Memento
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001
From: SSB

Finally, in the world of movies that offer quick and easy films, comes a picture that makes you take the time to think. I saw this film with two others who were scratching their heads in unison throughout the show, instead of letting it roll and enjoying the outcomes. Nice "Hitchcockian" twists and turns!

Subject: Evolution
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001
From: Dave

This movie was one big rectal joke from the "bug" flying up one character's rear end to the giant "sphincter creature" at the conclusion of the movie. Can hollywood get any worse?

Subject: Mission Impossible
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001
From: Mike

My responses are in blue -David

Dear David, It was with great interest that I discovered your website, and i thought 'wow... somebody who would review movies from a Christian perspective.'

I'm a little disappointed though. One of the greatest problems with our culture in North America- a culture where there is hardly any respect for life, traditionnal values, or even the existance of God- is our ability to rationalize. We rationalize about the fact that it's not really a life anyway, and abort millions of God's unique children each year.

I feel that you've rationnalized M:I-2 into some kind of prophetic movie- that through these great symbols, those souls who have no idea who Jesus is or why they need a relationship with him- might see an image of Christ in Tom Cruise? (Even John Woo, the director and a Christian, by the way, said this film had Christian symbolism, Cruise in cross position, the doves etc. So what is your point? Some sort of legalism? Some sort of sinner and saint check list? How boring).

Did you see the same movie I did? I went to M:I-2 on a date, and was embarassed to have brought a young lady I really cared about to that. (Embarrassed? Why?) I have not seen a movie that was so degrading to women (You have not seen many films) -the line where Anthony Hopkins says to Ethan that Nyah is a woman and therefore is completely capable of lying to a man and then sleeping with him without caring- do you think that's an image of God the Father? To degrade women like that? Do you think Jesus is driven to relationships by lust? By envy? (It's a secular film, good grief already. You judge it by a Christian standard. Apples and Oranges. What is going on with you. It you want a Biblically correct story, go to church. If you want a reflection of the culture, go to a movie. Holy cow!).

I find your parallels ...stretched at best. What we need now, in this culture of death, is not rationalization of things which upbuild sin (which is exactly what this movie did,) but for Christians to stand up and say 'there's a better way.' We don't need to sink to another level for entertainment- we need to restore God-given gifts to His glory. (Legalist for Jesus. -Your motto, not mine)

I'm sorry Dave, but I feel as though you're not reviewing movies for Christians- you're rationalizing movies for Christians. (I am not reviewing movies for Christians. I am talking to the world which I love very much. I am a Missionary and you are like a Pharisee do gooder. I am a sinner, you are a saint. I wish not to be a saint like you. I have no righteousness worth anything. I am wicked and evil. Please do not tell me how to be righteous)

One of the great early Christians, Augustine, who died in 430 said "What you contemplate you will become." (Augustine was very anti-woman too. Are you embarassed by some of his statements about women as you were in the movie) Our culture has been contemplating sin for so long, we are a culture of death. We must begin to contemplate LIFE (are you saying films never contemplate life? Hmm. Interesting. You are so wrong) - or else the Lord will return and count us among the goats (I am a goat! and proud of it. My only worth in in JC himself).

I will pray for you. -Mike

Subject: To post Powder
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001

I have been reading all your ideas on the film, and though I don't disagree with any of your postings, I believe the whole thing behind 'Powder' lies in the excerpt from 'Moby Dick' Jeremy read in the beginning of the film. "Where lies the final harbor, whence we unmoor no more? In what rapt ether sails the world, of which the weariest will never weary? Where is the foundling's father hidden? Our souls are like those orphans whose unwedded mothers die in bearing them: the secret of our paternity lies in their grave, and we must there to learn it." The last sentence refers in total to Powder, whose mother died in bearing him; the secret of his origin and life has been buried with her. Look forward to hearing your comments on this.

Subject: never would have thought. Superman
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001
From: "Christ Church Dingley"

l will once again watch the epic film `Superman', and watch it with what l have read as a source for interpreting the actions of Clark and Superman in a different light. The writers of the film have truely captured this most wonderful person of Jesus and introduced, with some depth l might add, the theologies surrounding the placement of the fully divine full human person of God. The most powerful saviour. The only question l have is: like Larry Norman's great seventies song, we do see that the son from Krypton (AKA Clark) was not the only one from heaven; as it is depicted. The question of how many saviours and how many other `worlds'. Remembering that space is space. where to next for the mind of a human being? Should we approach with much care the possibility that Superman was in fact the greatest prophetic moment of modern time.

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