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Subject: Shrek Review
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: Jon

Wonderfully Anti-Disney Upon going to see Shrek, I had somewhat limited expectations.

From the trailer, it looked like your typical Disney-produced drivel. To my surprise, the theatre was filled with teenagers and adults, not just children, and I found my optimism for the film growing slightly. Low and behold, within the first 5 minutes of the film I was pleasantly surprised with its adult-oriented humor. Let this be a lesson to everyone (including myself).never judge a film by its trailer. The animation of this film was intense. Not intense in a way to take away from horrible holes in the plot (this movie had an excellent plot, for a animated feature, very surprising) but intense in a way to add to the overall visual experience, as eye candy. The voice of Mike Myers (with a slight accent) is excellent and is well suited to the character of Shrek, as is the voice of Cameron Diaz (the princess), Eddie Murphy (the talking donkey), and John Lithgow (Lord Farquaad). Each individual actor/actress lends their vocal talents, and steps up to the task beautifully. The plot is so anti-Disney I was both shocked and overjoyed at the same time; extensive use of Disney characters throughout the story is simply hilarious, and is clearly not done to cast Disney in a positive light. The ending, well, it goes against everything Disney has done. Think "Beauty and the Beast" without the "Beast" turning into a handsome prince. That's right, true beauty is * gasp * from within. Maybe Disney can wrap their collective heads around that one sometime soon. Overall Shrek is an enjoyable film, with enough humor for both adults and children alike, and enough material to make any anti Disney advocate proud.

Subject: Snatch - Movie Review
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: Dave Sawatsky

The key factors in this movie were Mickey being a Godly figure, and the unknown. Mickey was almost like a Godly figure to Turkish by controlling Turkish's fate, and the unknown was that Turkish never knew what was going on the whole time. He was tossed around with bad luck and circumstances, and Mickey was the administrator of that. Turkish had almost resigned himself, he had hit his low in dealing with the wrong sort of people, but was redeemed by the same man that he had lost trust in. In the end, despite the way things were seeming to go, Mickey saved Turkish from what seemed his inevitable demise. He had brought Turkish into the downward spiral by knocking out a man when he wasnt supposed to, and then continued to make it worse by doing it all over again, with more stakes on it. In the end Turkish sees Mickey knock out a man when he wasnt supposed again (this is the last straw for Turkish according to the men he is dealing with). From his perspective, he cannot see how this can work out for the good in any way possible, he has resigned himself, BUT, Mickey has other plans. Mickey takes care of business, not in the way that Turkish had been expecting, but definitely effective. In a sense Mickey had been in control of Turkish's fate the whole time, almost as a Godly figure watching over his children.

Subject: Crouching Tiger
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: Tracey Bauer

On March 15, I wrote a little something about different cultures and this movie. I believe you misunderstood me. I was writing in response to another message in which the gentleman writes, "the jade fox definitly represents the devil." It was statements like this that I had in mind when I wrote about forcing your own culture's ideas onto another. This movie was in a totally different cultural mindset, one that puts little or no emphasis on Christianity. I wanted others to understand that those who were a part of this movie had no such "Christian" symbolism in mind. Please don't misunderstand, but in a Sunday School environment, one may be able to draw comparison. I believe that, though this can be done, a person cannot assuredly claim that "the jade fox represents the devil" when this was more than likely not the intention of the writers, directors, producers, actors, etc. of the movie.
Tracey Bauer (college student)


Subject: Newsletter_26
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: "Kurt Huber"

Hi David. I came across your web page when a friend sent me a link. I am much impressed. Too often I find reviews of movies too critical and superficial. Having somebody looking at these movies/etc. through the lens of Christianity is very helpful!!!!! It has helped me to engage my youth group around the great questions of the faith...esp. when it comes to its interaction with pop culture.

Some of the best movies have been rated "R" and boy have I gotten bashed by parents for showing movies that are rated "R" and yet, all the kids have seen the shows. Keep up those reviews!

Thank you for filling a void. (And you would be welcome in my church any day!)

(The Rev.) Kurt J. Huber
Trinity Episcopal Church (Newtown, CT)

Response: Thank you, and I will coninue to fill the void. Protecting youth from R rated is impossible. We need to teach our youth how to view a film.You are so right. -David


Subject: Newsletter_26
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: Kevin Kriedemann

Hallelujah brother Thank you for making me smile. I am a nineteen-year old Christian from South Africa who intends to make a career out of movies and books. Recently, I've been feeling like I'm the only one - everyone seems to presume the two are mutually exclusive. So it is a relief to find such a sane-minded Christian working good in the world. I work part time at a bookshop and this week a lady came in and started gleefully telling me that Harry Potter and JK Rowlings both deserved to burn in hell. What most disturbed me was the glee with which she expounded this. I can see her point that there might not be such a thing as good magic, but i for one am ecstatic that children are reading, using their imagination and dealing with real life issues in the books. I think God can take care of the rest. So yes, I am sick of pedantic Christianity that sees sin in everything. But God is amazing and the church beautiful when it works as it should, and it's forums like this that give me hope.
Thank you for the sanity
Kevin Kriedemann

Response: I agree. To be gleeful about someone "going to hell" is sick and uncompassionate. JK Rowlings is loved by God, as is everyone. Jesus died for Rowlings, too. Christian need to learn how tho use the culture, instead of publicly bashing it. Our God is bigger than the stupid little things that mean nothing over time. Remeber when the USSR was supposed to take over the world? Remember the supposed coming economic crash? Remember the Pokemon attacks? Remember the Y2K end of the world nonsence? When will Christians get it and stop majoring in the minors? It is time to focus on Jesus -David

Subject: About_R-Rated Newsletter_26
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: MT

Dear David:
Thank you for your Newsletter. I enjoy reading it. I am very passionate about film and as a Christian do not see R-rated movies. Why not?

It is because I believe that when we buy a movie ticket we are sending a message to Hollywood that says, "Hey, make more movies like this one." I think of it kind of like voting.

Let's presuppose that as Christians we care about our culture and want to see filmmakers produce more films that portray truth about life. What if we then go out with our friends and families and buy tickets to movies that take the Lord's name in vain, contain profanity, depict sex outside of marriage without consequences, violence as entertainment, etc.? Millions of other Americans will also pack into the theaters and the films then become hits. Studios conclude that there is a high demand for these types of films and we desire this type of content in order to be entertained and keep coming back to the movies. As a result, more of those films make it to the screen.

For me it is a sacrifice not to see R-rated movies. Most movies that appeal to me are R-rated. However, I do believe that as someone who professes to follow Christ, my life should not be identical to that of someone who does not follow Christ. We are called to be "in the world, but not of the world."

Response: I appreciate your response. But, I find your basic assumptions groundless.

1. Christians can not be mobilized like you imagine. Example: The movie Omega Code was promoted to every church in America, many Christian organizations got behind it. Theater sellouts were expected. This was to be a mega hit that would send a message to Hollywood. However, It failed to impress anyone. Christians are not some puppets on strings that can be governed by some human religious institution that thinks a film is appropriate or inappropriate. As innocent as your words seem, the concept is really scary to me.

2. R-rated movie viewing does NOT equal "being of the world." If I am "in Christ" seeing an R-rated movie does not put me back into the world. That is a works or merit based idea of redemption. I am redeemed "out of the world" by the work of Jesus, and not by something I do or do not do. The Bible simply says, "We are in the world, not of it. (John 17:16)" This is by action of God, and not by anything we do. You are adding something that simply is not there. This verse is inappropriately used to hit people over the head.

3. The assumption that R-rated movies are "wrong" just because they are so rated by some self appointed secular group within the entertainment community is curious to me. Can you image early Christians not doing something because Caesar gave it an R-rating? Let me remind you the MPAA originally gave the Christian film "Tribulation 2" from Cloud Ten Pictures an R rating due to overt religious content. Each film should be evaluated on it's own merit. Your carte blance approach seems Pollyanna to me. How does a film producer correctly portray historical characters like Patton, or Harry S. Truman or the recent Pollock without profanity. Does the "I don't give a damn" in "Gone with the Wind" make it unfit for Christians? In terms of consequences: Lots of evil doers avoid consequences in this life. Do we restrict those stories? On the other hand, however I appreciate films that do NOT take the Lord's name in vain, that limit profanity, that do not depict adulterous sex outside as an ideal, nor present random acts of violence as entertainment. "Remember the Titans" is a wonderful example of how a film can have tough language and themes with out using profanity.

4. Your suggestion that R-rated don't "portray truth about life" is totally erroneous. For example, R-rated "Faithless," which gives a painful and intense look at the consequences following an adulterous affair, runs counter to your main argument. There are many R-rated films that portray truth and there are G-rated films that don't.

5. Your grid for "as Christian we" is very troubling to me. The body of Christian is not as cookie cut as your fancy seems to dictate.

6. The personal choice you have made not to see R-rated is indeed your right. You have that choice and totally understand the concerns of your heart that bring you to this decision. I celebrate your freedom. More power to you.

7. Bottom line. The world is won, one person at a time. Never through boycotts. Hollywood Jesus is about the former and not the latter.

Subject: R_Rated Newsletter 26
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: Tony Funk

I run into this same problem year after year at my college. I continually challenge students: "If Christians can't speak articulately about films, you won't be able to dialogue with people who don't share your world view." Keep review the films you do.
Be brave, be bold, be wise.
Tony Tony Funk
Columbia Bible College
2940 Clearbrook Road
Abbotsford, B.C. V2T 2Z8

Response: I love your thought. Very good. -David

Subject: Newsletter 26
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: Gregg

I just read your newsletter #26 today and your comments regarding narrow minded Christianity rang so true to me! I am a youth pastor!! A part of a mainline church and I am so appalled and quite frankly discouraged by the church! I believe God is too! It certainly was never his intention for the church to be what it has become rather it was his biblically stated desire for the church to reach ALL people. I loved your comments regarding the idea of opening your own church and to whom it would minister, it is certainly the vision Christ cast for the church. I believe the church is dying inside and if we don't start doing some hard evaluation and soul searching we are in serious jeopardy. I believe it is time for those in the church who have a clear concept of what Jesus was really teaching and what his desire for the church really was to stand up and start vocalizing those concerns. However, I have found that comes at great personal risk. I have already jeopardized my job. At times I beg God to remove me from this church and lead me on to another. One that holds the kind of views you penned. But for the moment He has kept me here. It is not my place to question why only to do the work he has called me too whatever the cost!

Anyway I just wanted to say, be encouraged!! There are others within the church who mourn for its failure to grasp the concept of what following Jesus is all about. We may be a minority but so where 12 men 2 millennia ago. Keep on doing what you are doing and pursuing the work that God has called you to! It is not for the praise of the church that we work but for the words of our Lord Jesus "Well done good and faithful servant, well done!"
Impassioned for the Kingdom, Gregg

Response: I live for those words, "Well done" Thank you. -David

Subject: Newsletter 26
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: Pastor Don Ciesielski

Gee, David, your description of the kind of church you would like to be a part of sounds remarkably like the "Way" originated by a Jew from Nazareth two thousand years ago. I thought that was exactly what Jesus had in mind when he came to proclaim "The Kingdom of God" and "The Way, The Truth, and the Life."

I am a retired Lutheran pastor, and still enjoy preaching the Gospel as a liberating message for all who will listen to the words of Jesus and accept Him into their hearts. My favorite saying is, "God loves you just the way you are." Keep up the good work, my Christian Brother. . .
God bless you!
Pastor Don Ciesielski
El Paso, Texas

Response: The Church Jesus had in mind. Yes! And may it be. -David

Subject: Newsletter 26
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: Patrick Jones

Dear David, I know I've sent you notes over the past few years but I'm truly appreciative of the time, work, dedication and sensitivity that you've shown through your ministry. As a pastor, I've had many of the conversations that you've been experiencing as well. Just a couple of weeks ago, I spoke to some graduating seniors at a home school baccalaureate banquet and use a scene from Titanic as an illustration of living passionate life from a redeemed heart (no it wasn't the car scene :-)), but as I concluded folks avoided me like the plague for mixing something like that with the scriptures. Fortunately, our ministry at the church has more testimonies than hecklers but it still exists. At a local bible college (my alma mater, :-)), one of the professors didn't mention my name or the church but proceeded to question the validity of ministers or ministries that embraced the usage of hollywood in their public presentations. He then used examples from my sermons - as vendications for his judgements. He attended our church for about 7 months, Check it outcorrecting and rebuking the entire time. I find it difficult to live from my heart during those times :-( . John Fisher's book on "12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee, like Me" provides me with encouragement to challenge my heart while listening to other's fear. My convictions hold firm however -- the scriptures were primarily written in narrative form, our lives are told out in stories, and we are called and invited to be a part of His Divine Story of redeemption as well. The place that we (as well as society) turns to . . . is the theatre . . . the arts . . . movies . . . and until our worship services and bible studies move hearts and emotions to be challenged deeply as those places do . . . then may your tribe increase :-)
In Heaven's Womb
Pat Jones Pastor
Beacon Community Church
New Port Richey,
Florida www.beaconchurch.org

Subject: Newsletter 26
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: Joe Castillo

David, I am sorry that you had a bad experience with caustic Christianity. Two thoughts that would help you.

1. We were warned by Christ that we as Christians were going to face persecution. It does show up coming from unexpected places but when we are angry and critical of the criticisers we fall into exactly the same type of behavior we accuse them of. We become critical as well.

2. You may not be affected by watching "R" or "X" Rated movies (there is often very little difference) but many are, and many are fearful of the negative inffluence it will have on themselves and their children. The influence of satan is very obvious in any form of media produced by the world. It is not the rating it is the content and as Christians we are admonished to keep our selves unspotted by the world. Some can watch and not be influenced many cannot. Those who cannot often become fearful. Be tolerant of them even as you would want them to be tolerant of you.

PS I have benefited from your web site. Thank You.
Joe Castillo
Pastor of Northridge Church
Richmond KY

Response: Absoluetly. It is always the intent of the heart. Thanks -David

Subject: Newsletter 26
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: "Trone D. Tahran"

David, Thanks for your work. : ) I live in the DC area and have lived in Minnesota, Hawaii, and a few places overseas doing missions work. Some of my Christian friends (who tend to be artists and/or former unbelievers) and I have discussed the difficulty of finding good fellowships. I am thankful to God, however, for being faithful to lead me to some very excellent fellowships in each of the places I have lived. I'll list some of the best here from west to east, with links if available:

MAUI: The best ones I found were part of the Calvary Chapel group of churches. There's a map here with contact info and links: http://www.islandhope.org/ I went to Hope Chapel in Kihei when I lived there and have a friend who pastors one in Lahaina.

OAHU: Calvary Chapel Honolulu 1190 Nuuanu Ave Honolulu, HI 96817 (808) 524-0844 http://calvarychapel.com/honolulu/

HAWAII (the Big Island): Calvary Community Church PO Box 5226 Kailua Kona, HI 96745 (808) 329-1448 The Pastor, David Rees-Thomas, is a godly and spiritually- sensitive man, and the worship here was excellent.

MINNESOTA: NORTHERN/LEECH LAKE AREA: Living Waters Church PO Box 515 Walker, MN 56484 218/547-1919 ...with Pastor "Rick Moe and the R.L.S. (Radical Life Support) Band", which has toured hundreds of high schools giving talks to help kids get their lives together ( http://www.newciv.org/eyes/rescue.htm )

MINNEAPOLIS: Church of the Open Door http://www.thedoor.org/

NEW YORK: The Village Church http://www.villagechurchnyc.com ...in Greenwich Village.

WASHINGTON, DC: Frontline http://frontline.to ...the place to be on Sunday nights in DC; a great place to meet people, worship to great music, and get some consistently-excellent teaching; there are about 1,600 every night between both services.

Hope that helps.

Subject: Newsletter 26
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: Wendy

Hi! David, I'm sorry that the people at that Church treated you like that. Their behaviour and attitute towards you does not set a very good example of Christianity at all. You I was thinking recently how many Christians complain about the way they're portrayed on TV and movies. For example, the Christian characters on the Simpsons....fire and brimstone 'Rev Lovejoy and the nerdy 'Ned Flounders. And even though I don't neccesarily like the fact that Christians are often portrayed that way, because despite your unfortaunte encounter, I know that not all Christians are like the latter. However with the attitude and actions of some Christians, I can help but feel that they bring that negative,unflattering portrayal, on themselves. Maybe if we as Christians were more compassionate, patience, loving, merciful, and understanding, instead of been critical, judgemental and pretty much acting like we're God himself, than I think Christians would be getting a more positive positive and reception in the media. I know that as Christians we will be persecuted, as the Bible says. But the Bible also says to 'love your enemies'. As for 'R" movies. Actually most of the movies that have been mention are rated 'M" here in Australia. Our rating system is a little different. I do watch 'R' (M) movies, and there are some that I like and some I don't like. For example, I don't like movies where Satan is shown as some comical charater in a red suit. I prefer movies like the Exorcist, the Omen or Stephen King's The Stand, where Satan is shown more in his true colors. I know that the above movies are often frowned upon by some Christians, because they believe that they're santanic. But I ask, wouldn't you rather see a 'R' film like the Exorcist, where non-Christians can see who and what the enemy is, than some 'G' or 'PG' film where the enemy is shown has some comical guy in a red suit? R rated truth or G rated lies?
God Bless, Wendy

Response: Thanks, Wendy. -David

Subject: Carronvale Rd Christian Church, in Mooroolbark, Victoria, Australia
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: greg

Maybe like "A good woman is hard to find", a good church is hard to find. But when you do, stick to it! I go to a small 'Christian Brethren' assembly in Victoria, Australia. I'm a post-modern hippy, a hang-over hippy who now celebrates the post-modern freedom for people to publicise their spirituality. I have more opportunity to witness today than back in the 70's. I've accepted the sacrifice Jesus went through to rid me of my sins, and am sealed with his Spirit.

My church, the Carronvale Rd Christian Church, in Mooroolbark, Victoria, Australia, has opened it's doors to all people. We have welcomed the straights, the bent, the old, the young, the hurt (the majority), the searchers, etc.

We do find, however, that all these different types find it a bit hard to hit off together anyway! So the population floats a bit. I have both enjoyed Hollywood Jesus and highly recommended it to the church members.
Catchya up there...... Greg Carrick

My response: Wow, a post modern hippy. I love it. You are right the "hurt" are the majority. Sensitivity, openness, and embrace needs to be absolute realities. -David

Subject: Christ Lutheran Church, Wyoming, Michigan.
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: "David Wheeler"

Just a quick response from Christ Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Wyoming (Grand Rapids area), Michigan. Our recently retired Pastor had a sign over his office door which read "Sinners Welcome." This very aptly describes his ministry and that of our church. He left a legacy of acceptance of all who came to our place of worship. No one was to be turned away. He believed that our job was to love as Christ loved, living the life of a forgiven sinner who is justified by God's grace alone. We had a gay organist and choir director for almost 20 years, however, I must admit that few in our congregation knew it. Having said that, I am confident that had he revealed this he would have been accepted by our members.

We have been blessed with consistent growth over the past 20 years, being able to attract a variety of people across a wide spectrum of faith and life experiences. I believe that is due to the atmosphere of acceptance that people experience when coming to us. So, we are out here. Don't let your encounter with that group of "pseudo-christians" discourage you.
Yours in Christ,
Dave from Christ Lutheran

My response: Pseudo-Christians are bountiful, for sure. May such folk come to understand the compelling compassion of God and then reflect it.

Subject: Thank you
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001
From: JCL

I am a flaming liberal Christian who gets a lot -- A LOT -- out of your insightful comments. I pray for you because you are my brother. I delight in you because God has gifted you with wisdom. Perhaps some conservative someday will see some wisdom in my foolish ramblings, but -- as the sermon went today: It isn't as important to be "right" as it is to be loving. You're loving. God will definitely reward you for that.
JCL (one of your closet cheerleaders) jcl@swcp.com

My response: I believe it was the great saint and martyr John Lennon who said, "Love is all you need." To that and to you, I say "Amen!" -David

Subject: R rated Christians Newsletter_26
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: Paul Arnott

Dear David Thanks for your comments on this topic. Why is it that so many so-called pagans display more honesty and sense than so many so-called Christians? But then didn't Jesus experience the same tensions?
Paul Arnott.

My response: Yes, praise God for the wonderful variety of people. Life would be so dull if everyone was a cookie cutter Chrsitians. That would be hell on earth for me. I would rather die. Life would not be any pleasure at all. I need freedom. I need to keep my mind. Three cheers for honest pagans -they help keep me challenged. -David

Subject: Newsletter_26
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001
From: Mark

Hey, David I really liked your arcticle about "R-rated Christians". Although I do feel that it is dangerous for me to watch a lot of sex and violence, I agree with you about people's attitudes. I go to a Christian college. The library is starting to bring in some R rated movies. Some kids are badmouthing the librarians and judging the school because of the movies. Even though some r-rated movies are dangerous for me watch, like "Whipped", I hate how people say in order to be a Christian you can't watch R-rated movies. If you do, people do what they did to you; they accuse you of not being saved. I know from what you have written that you visit a lot of churches. But don't give up on finding one to get involved in and make friends at. It took me 3-4 years of college to get settled at a church. Part of the problem was transportation. But it was also because of difference of belief. I hope I have been an encouragement.

My response: It is really simple. Viewing or not viewing R-rated films has absolutely nothing to do with being a follower of Jesus. Like, oh my gosh, what are people thinking. God bless the librarian. And, actually I do have a regular church and I am in a weekly one on one accountability session with a Pastor. I also attend a weekly nonjudgmental Christian therapy group. I also know that no church is perfect. In fact if you took me to the perfect church and I joined it, it would no longer be perfect. I have a long way to go in becoming all that God has intended. -David

Subject: Just a comment Newsletter_26
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001
From: Nina

Hi David I have to say that reading about your experience and the behavior from our 'Brothers' and 'Sisters' from the church that you visited has made me feel sad, I can understand their view points and at the same time I see the points that they miss, I Consider myself a 'Christian' by the rights of accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior and at the same time I struggle every day to be more like him....something that I know that I do fall short from, but the fact is I try to do this.

Like you I have for years reflected on spiritual messages from movies and most of my deeps revalations has been from R-rated horrors, these movies have been 'the vessel' in which the Holy Spirit has minister to me through, something that I personally feel is a gift and like you i get a sense of the signs of the times. Your views are your personal revelations of the things that God has shared with you and it is a blessing to have the ability to share this effectively with others.

I haven't been to a 'Church' in a long time and at times I yearn to sit with people of like mind and celebrate freely with them, but am discouraged with the sense of naivete of inward looking individuals that remind me of the characters that walked by the injured man in the story of the good Samaritan.

God is a good God that encourages us to think and not just to accept, in doing this I believe that He knows that we will experience a deeper understanding of His love for us which becomes entwined with our personal Faith and sometimes I know that He would also have me believe with out question unless He reveals to me otherwise.

I suppose what I wanted to say was that some "Brothers and "Sisters" no matter how long they have been christians will always miss the point if they continue to move with God in an head knowledge manner and not with a heart of compassionate for the needing, I don't mean to come across as judgmental of christians as a whole, but the fact remains that there will always be the Pharisees and disciples, which doesn't help our potential 'Brothers' and 'Sisters' who watch and observe.

At the same time David I know that sometimes I'm not always right and that God always has a way of letting me know about this, the difference here is remembering not to react, so to get a point across, because i don't know what God is doing in that other persons life, but to stand back and reflect so that God gives me the understanding and ability to appropriately respond or not. I hope that this encourages you and enforces that at the end of the day it is about the difference He has made in you that really counts.

My response: Thank you for your honesty. And thank you for your encouragement. I appreciate it. You are so sweet. May God bless you on your spiritual journey. Do check out other churches in your area, there must be a Cool Church somewhere near you. -David

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