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Subject: Godzilla_98
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001
From: Matthew H. Johnson

I have been watching the old Godzilla movies since I was 3 and when I went to go see the new York Godzilla I thought it was the stupidest movie ever, and it should have been called There is a Giant lizard in New York, and Godzilla being, biblical is the biggest load of croc I ever herd, and I do not think of Godzilla as the devil, in fact I kind of like Godzilla. When I went to go see the newest Godzilla movie (Godzilla 2000) I was so glad that the original Godzilla is back, so in short the New York Godzilla stinks.
Matthew H. Johnson

Subject: Magnolia
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001
From: Neil Powell

There's also a reference to Exodus 8:2 at the very beginning of the movie. When the narrator is telling the story of the boy who committed suicide there is a rope leaning against the side of the roof that is wound up in the shape of an 8 2. Very subtle. Excellent movie. My wife and I still discuss it even though we saw it so long ago.
-Neil Powell

Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001
From: Jim

I just had a peak at hollywood Jesus and love it. A refreshing and accesible approach to God talk. I am a minister and often use movies as illustrations in my sermons. This week I'm preaching on the table grace of Jesus and I was hoping to use the scene in meet the parent's with Ben Stiller when Robert Dinero (wasp) asks Ben (secular Jew ) to say grace. It is an excellent example of Luke 14:1,7-14. If you have that particular piece of dialogue or a review of the film I would greatly appreciate a copy.
Peace, Lucky Rev. Jim

Response: Sorry, I did not do a review of this film. It was funny. -David


Subject: Newsletter_27-Kinkade
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001
From: Greg K

Hi David,
I can understand your critique of Kinkade' s paintings. Being a critic you hash out what some people don't see. The people I know who have bought a Kinkade painting don't see beyond a pretty picture, they simply like the image or bought it to support a fellow Christian. The people buying Kinkade paintings aren't buying Blue Chip pieces. They aren't Savy art collectors, they are a totally different demographic. Which is fine. Every one has different tastes and motivations. As an Artist myself I am real critical of most art. I didn't plan on defending Kinkade, but I don't see his paintings as a big deal. It is his personal expression. If he is a bit wacky in his interpretation of the world he wouldn't be the first artist to express it.

Most of what passes and sells as ART in this day is pretty scary. I will use myself as an example: Before I was born again, I made numerous blasphemous sculptures to fulfill my MFA thesis criteria. I was bent on offending all people of faith, mostly Christians. I was living in the Bible Belt and thought I had something to say. It didn't matter how offensive I tried to make my sculptures because there was always some Christian who saw beauty in the piece, which they backed up with a scripture verse. I thought they must be crazy to get a positive interpretation out of it. Maybe it was an attempt to evangelize me. ( I never found out, because I was to chicken to reply back) But I do think God was working on me! Everyone sees something they can relate to in a piece no matter what the artist's intension was in making it. I guess that is the beauty of it from a viewer stand point. I guess what I am saying is that it wouldn't make a difference if his paintings were the perfect interpretation of Christian life, someone would have something to say about it.

I like the fact that Mr. Kinkade donates some of the $ he makes to charity. I received a print for sponsoring a World Vision child. I would not buy one myself, Christian or not a poster printed on canvas at those prices is a bit wacky. You also have to remember how self absorbed Artist are, the fact that he makes money as an Artist and tithes is rare. If an Artist can live on his art and use that talent to glorify God is alright in my book. That is some thing I am trying to figure out how to do myself. Personally I don't think his work registers on the radar screen in the Fine Art world. I am sure his work touches those who buy it, So who cares if the images are void of people, Art History is rich with famous Artists that painted the same style. After all if Kinkade didn't profess to be a Christian neither of us would be writing about him. I thank you for your thoughts and for web site,
Greg K.

Response: Thank you for your insights. -David

Subject: Newsletter_27-Kinkade
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001
From: Beerta

Thank you for the article on Thomas Kincade. Reading it reminded me of a question I posed to a friend just recently: Does God love 'Little-House-on-the-Prairie' Christians more than 'Punk-Rock' Christians? From many fellow Christians I get the feeling that He must, although in my mind I know it is not so. I do not doubt that Thomas Kincade is a wonderful Christian man, and that people who love his art are also, but I do not believe that it is an art form which is closer to God's heart or more edifying for Christians. Thanks again for an awesome article.

Response: You are welcome. -David

Subject: Hollywood Jesus Newsletter #27
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001
From: Ron Robinson

Dear David:
What a well-researched, thoughtful and insightful observation you have made on the state of art from the hands of many evangelical Christians. Certainly many good, moral, and faithful people produce innocuous art that offers little commentary, less insight, and no prophetic vision for our postmodern world. Somenone once told me that they "had rather be told an R-rated truth than a G-rated lie." Your commentary is welcome word to us as struggling Christians in the current culture.
Ron Robinson

Subject: Newsletter 25
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001
From: Chad

Hey there David Bruce.
My name is Chad and I have been a fan of HJ for over a year. I was reading in your Newsletter #25, and you asked this question: Why do Christians have such negative knee jerk reactions to the culture. Why can't we seem to build bridges. Why are we so hesitant to give credit when it is due? Why can't Christians admit to common ground with unbelievers? I understand the point, but I had a question about the common ground with unbelievers? I am thinking of the verse, "Don't team up with those who are unbelievers. How can goodness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness?" (2Cor. 6:14) I might be missing the point of your question totally, but could you please clear this up for me? Thanks, chad ---

Response: Read the Gospels. Read the book of Acts. Jesus always associated with unbelievers, harlots, sinners, tax collectors, lepers, gentiles. And so did Paul (Acts 17 etc). The verse you are quoting has to do with slanders and unbelievers in the church itself (see context, vs 3-11). If you do not see Christianity as salt and light, you are indeed an isolationist Christian -which may not even be Christian in the light of Mat 28:19. -David

Subject: X-Men
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001
From: "Samuel Ewing"

Hello, After seeing the X-Men and reading your observations on the characters, David, I was really interested in your insights concerning Storm. I got the impression that there was more to her than meets the eye. I reaalized that Storm is a character based on some very ancient concepts. First of all I want to mention the factors in the movie that I saw that gave her the markings of a Black Female Christ Figure:

a. The obvious X logo on her uniform. The scene where she levitates in the air and assumes the crucifix position while in a battle to save humanity.

b. Her ability to levitate, fly, ascend into the sky is common with saviours/heroes who have come to earth from a spiritual realm or who are returning to that realm. Of course, Jesus was said to have ascended into the heavenly realm to be with the Father-God.

c. Storm assisted Wolverine in ascending upward to the top of the Statue of Liberty to rescue Rogue. This motif is the same as the deities who rescue a group of people from disaster by taking them from earth to a higher realm of existence; examples being Lord Kalki and Jesus who are prophecized to rescue the faithful in what Christians call a Rapture.

d. One of the evil mutants, a sort of frog-man, was unable to defeat Storm in combat, and he said, "Don't you people ever die!?" ( or something to that effect). This is a clear indication that Storm is no ordinary person. It indicates her ability to come back even in the shadow of death. Storm's powers are a vital key in enabling other team members to do their part. She is not a minor character.

e. It is Storm who teaches the student mutants a history of the Roman Empire's conversion to Christianity. Constantine's alleged vision of the cross is mentioned and how the soldiers were made to put a cross on their shields to bring them victory. *In the other e-mail I sent on the meaning of the X-Men, the X as a type of cross is explained.

f. If eyes are truly the windows of the soul then one can interpret Storm's eyes becoming white with white lightning energy as an indication of : her spiritual purity, that she is filled with the Holy Spirit of God's Wrath as it manifests in nature, and that she is an instrument of the Supreme Being's Wisdom.

I decided to examine Storm's attributes further and what I found out supports her role as a Christ figure.

White Hair: Storm's white hair symbolizes purity and wisdom. The wisdom of the elders. Yahweh as the Ancient of Days is described in Ezekial with the white hair. Wisdom in the Bible texts has been described numerous times as a primordial Female Being who is one in mind and intent with the universe's Creator. Furthermore this idea is common in ancient literature in various cultures. Storm represents that cosmic being called Wisdom.

Holy Spirit: Storm is an instrument of what many cultures refer to as the Holy Spirit and this is indicative of her name as well. The most ancient texts on the Holy Spirit incorporated in Bible literature comes from Africa, Asia, and India. Historically speaking these areas had great influence on what is now called the Near East or Middle East, which is still part of the African continent. This Third Aspect of the Supreme Being was known as a Feminine Being who acted as the Destroyer and Regenerator. The Hebrews gave Her the name Ruh, Iune, and Ruah (which is female), Egyptians called Her Amazon, Neith and Auset. In India she was called Devi, Mother-God, Shakti, other names were Sophia, Wisdom, Juno, Venus, Athena etc. etc. The common emblem of this being was the Dove.

This Holy Spirit was said to come as a rushing mighty wind and to visible as tongues of flame. Ruh implies air in motion as in a storm, hurricane, or tornado (pillar of cloud and fire). The Old Testament refers to it as the Angel of the Lord, while older forms of this text, as well as other Hebrew texts call it the Shekhinah (Glory of God, Female). Its fire aspect was said to be galvanic, magnetic, and electric. Another words lightning and thunderbolts. Auset (Isis) is called in the Egyptian Leyden Texts, 'the Goddess of Electricity'. The Greeks called this same Being the Anima Mundi or the World Soul. Athena who is the Greek version of the more ancient Neith (Wisdom) or Auset is called Goddess of the Thunderbolt. Marvel Comics Group and DC Comics did a crossover comic involving Storm in which she was called *Amazon. I have no doubt that they were aware that the first human Amazons were Black women and that Amazon, the feminine aspect of the most ancient Hercules ( an African deity) was an electrical person. This Amazon presided over storms, weather, lightning etc. Other places in Africa honor Her as the goddess Oya, she is the thunderbolt-axe in the hands of the male Yoruba god Shango, she is the club of lightning and fire wielded by the Egyptian Hercules named Shu etc. etc. Storm's bio in comic book lore talks about how she was worshipped as a goddess who protected and helped Africans with good weather. *Storm represents the Holy Spirit.

Fire From Heaven: I continued to research the the symbology of lightning:

1. Lightning, thunderbolts, heaven's fire--- in many cultures is regarded as an expression of divine power which is both terrible and creative. This power is traced back to the Highest God who is the Enlightener and Punisher. Biblically lightning appears in conjunction with the Wrath of God and the Judgement of God. Yahweh is well known as a storm deity who punishes evil with fire, lightning, storm, flood, thunder, and earthquakes. *Storm has the gift of this phenomena and is God's answer to evil men and the demonic forces that empower them. Storm is God's Wrath with a feminine face.

2. Lightning/thunderbolts are represented as the X (Chi-Rho Cross or Sword Cross). The Word is the Sword of God and the imagery is identical to Marduk's thunderbolt. The thunderbolt is in the form of the sword-cross as a vertical bar down the center of an X, while one of the cross bars has a loop on it to show that it is a sword. Storm is the wielder of the Word which is the Sword of God's Wrath.

Storm's character is very intelligent, compassionate, honorable, and regal of bearing. She is extraordinarily beautiful, some would say exotic, but she doesn't give the impression that one should approach her with anything but respect. In this movie she serves as a positive role model to women, and African American girls. She is one of the most powerful of the X-Men. A BLACK FEMALE CHRIST FIGURE.

I'm listing here references which cover the information I mentioned in this transmission which speaks in much greater detail on this subject for those who are interested in further research.
1. Godfrey Higgins, ESQ, Anacalypsis Vol. # 1, 1992, published by A & B Book Publishers, Brooklyn, New York 11201
2. Charles S. Finch III, M.D., Echoes Of The Old Darkland: Themes From The African Eden, 1993, published by Khenti Inc., Decatur, George 30036-1003
3. Ernest Busenbark, Symbols, Sex, And The Stars In Popular Beliefs

Sincerely, Sam Ewing


Subject: Dracula 2000
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001
From: Brian

Awesome Movie one of my favorites of the year and also if Jeri Ryan is in it its has to be good (what a sweet heart). And for all of you Christians stay in your little white churches and keep your TV turned off and be in bed before 9:00pm and you may still get in to heaven once your dead. But just remember God may have liked the movie so you all be careful what you say.

Subject: The_Princess_Diaries
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001
From: Fedcr

I Just think your your title should be The geek PRINCESS.


Subject: Lord_of_Rings
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001
From: Turumarth

Hello: It's so incredible that you could produce such a wonderful analysis of Tolkien's work on certain levels and yet be so ignorant of his faith and how it influenced his work. First of all, you are working in ignorance because you never refer to the volume Morgoth's Ring and you show a similar ignorance of the letters of Tolkien (also published).

Haven't you ever heard of Salvation History? As you very rightly understand, Middle-earth is our Earth. For that reason it was impossible for Tolkien to include Christianity in The Lord of the Rings, because at the time in Salvation History it was not yet revealed how humans were to be saved. Since it is supposed to be a text from before the incarnation death and resurrection it cannot know anything of God's plan for salvation. That is why the "Fate of Man" is always said to be unknown.

You also misunderstand the nature of magic in Middle-earth. Magic is not supernatural. When it is the action of a maia or a vala or an elf it is merely the use of their own more powerful nature. When it is the Darkness, it is a manipulation of forces in the universe. The reason that the Valar loose their importance is not that God or the supernatural loose their importance...It's that with the advent of Man, in whom the Divine One would become incarnate, the "Thrones, principalities, and powers" (the unfallen ones) no longer have a mediatorship because Christ will become the only mediator. The Lord of the Ring sets the stage for the Judaic revelation, which will eventually lead to the Christian Salvation Event. What The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings do is to show what good there may be in pagan mythology that may be reconciled with Christian Revelation. They show a gospel without stating the gospel because they are before the gospel.

Tolkien was very anti-modernist. It is a fact known to all serious students of C. S. Lewis that Tolkien helped convert Lewis to Christianity. Narnia explicitly tells the Gospel in another form because it is about another world. For Tolkien, who was writing about OUR WORLD, to tell the gospel in another form would have been blasphemy.

Again, the valar are angels. Their power disappears to make way for Christ. Read the Letters of Tolkien and The History of Middle-earth Volume X: Morgoth's Ring.

Subject: pale rider
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001
From: Leslie

could you please tell me the name of the wee man who lights clint east woods cigar, in the film palerider. could you please tell me any thing about him if remember correctly he was made a deputy.

Subject: Blair_Witch_2
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001
From: "robyn-christine"

can somebody please tell me what the hidden message is for bw2. i have searched and searched my dvd and the net millions of times & all that i can find is "seek no or further", a boys face and a stickman in the water and on a window. if someone could tell me what the message is it would be greatly appreaciated and it would stop bothering me. thank you,

Subject: Superman
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001
From: "authorNYSE"

I heard through grapevine that a bird has been seen resting upon that the Superman cast is finally seeing a few suggestions that really are becoming undisputed, peep.....

Liev Schreiber as "Superman / Clark Kent"

Angie Harman as "Lois Lane"

Vincent D'Onofrio as "Lex Luthor"

Where can I buy my mutha@#$%^&*in' TICKET !!!

WHAT A CAST !!!!!!


Subject: Last Emperor
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001
From: Krry

The Last Emperor shows a scene of a woman with breast milk squirting out of her breast. Is this unprecedented or has this type of scene been shown in other mainstream films?

Response: Good question. I do not know. -David

Subject: Moulin_Rouge
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001
From: Milena

I have read your review of Moulin Rouge about 4 times and love it every time. I saw the movie and thought it was a beautiful film. I was expecting a so-so story similar to the Titanic romance. Boy and girl meet, have sex, and they're automatically in love. Not so with Moulin Rouge. Christian teaches Satine about love and beauty, and she is changed by him, as you will notice near the ending scene when she appears blue instead of red. I cried in the movie, all my friends that have seen it cried, even my football player boyfriend cried! Wonderful movie, and wonderful review.

Subject: Brooklyn_Babylon
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001
From: "Janet Fisher"

Thought the premise was appealing and set a platform for enough tension and depth to fuel the film's characters and plot. The cinematography was visually rich and captured my eye. Unfortunately the film print at BAM Rose theater was technically flawed and had to be rewound or fast forwarded.
Janet Fisher

Subject: Paul
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001
From: Mark

David any news on PAUL OF TARSUS .is their any chance of November sweeps .Have you heard anything from the producer ? It looks like the MATTHEW people -who were planning to film all the gospels -have run out of money -according to their website .Always enjoy your website. many thanks Mark -the Jesus film freak

Response: I always appreciate your input. Sorry no news on Paul. -David

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