First "Ban" Not Really Ban

Residents of the Danish-ruled Faroe Islands will not be seeing Ron Howard's movie in their two local theatres. But no religious or government authorities have banned the movie; the theatres owner just decided not to book the movie.

Yes, the decision was reached because of pressure from indignant Christians; but this still does not constitute a ban. It's simply a question of economics and market forces. Why would you book a movie in your theatre that no one will go see? That's financial suicide.

Such booking practices are common. Happens all the time. It just doesn't usually draw press attention.

Monsters and Critics, 12.05.06


juliep123 said...

I seriously doubt that a territory of Denmark would ban "The Da Vinci Code". Denmark is one of the most Atheistic and socially liberal countries in the world (just look at the Jyllands-Posten Mohammed cartoons for more evidence of this). Even if the Farø Islands don't show it mainland Denmark will. The Danes are not Jesus freaks, I assure you.

Greg Wright said...

Well, again, even in the Faroe Islands, it wasn't a government action. The distinction between a "ban" and a simple refusal of individual exhibitors to screen the movie are two different things.

Anonymous said...

Hello! i am from the faroe islands myself, and i live here .. yes the owner of the theater choose not to show the movie, because it is "satire of a religion?" ( dont speak english very well hehe... an other movie was also not shown because of the same thing... it was "monty python´s" Life Of Bryan.

but now in this week, the "house of art" decides to show the movie... bevause they think people should decide theirselves if they see the film or not :)


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