Excellent Insight on Indian Protests

The Hindustan Times is running an excellent editorial about the recent Da Vinci Code protests in India, and, more broadly, on the pyschology of protest in Indian culture. The article really has very little to do with The Da Vinci Code, but it's a terrific and insightful piece.

Hindustan Times, 14.05.06


decodedecoy said...

Its heartening to note that the democratic Indian government has asked Sony to put a disclaimer before the film begins. It truly is great for Sony to have accepted the same. Although we christians are only about 2% of the population it feels good to know that the government and a multinational like Sony has agreed to look after our sentiments.


Greg Wright said...

Thanks for the link! It will be interesting to see how Sony / Columbia actually responds to this request. I'll run the news article, and if I don't follow up on resolution, let me know what you run across!


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