China Gets 2-Day Jump on Code

Go figure. Somehow, China's premiere will be happening on Wednesday, and due to time zone differences between Beijing and Cannes, that means the Chinese will beat the film festival screening by some six hours.

That also means the Chinese public will see the movie before many US film critics, who will be attending press screenings on Wednesday and Thursday. Wow.

Expect early reviews from the Chinese screenings to scoop many official press outlets.

xinhuanet.com, 13.05.06


Ori said...

The premier in Hong Hong is indeed 6 hours before everyone else. This means before any US critic. For more information about the movie ill be posting my full report from my good friend in Hong Kong on Wednesday 17 of May 1:00PM EST

Check out the full review before any US critic does

Be the first one.


Greg Wright said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll be watching, anyway!


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