Two Takes on Olson's DV Hoax

Cliff Kincaid at Accuracy in Media is pretty high on Carl Olson's book The Da Vinci Hoax, which uses secluar historians to "debunk" Dan Brown's book. Sounds like a kind of interesting and well-motivated idea.

Perhaps, that is, until you read Steve Kellmeyer's opinion at Renew America. I think Kellmeyer's piece is the best (short) work on The Da Vinci Code that I have read—and he pretty much slices and dices Ignatius Press right along with Olson's book.

Accuracy in Media, 17.04.06 and Renew America, 18.04.06


Carl E. Olson said...

Slices and dices? I think not. Read my response:


Greg Wright said...

Well, I didn't say "conclusively." Kellmeyer wasn't exactly complimentary. That's what I was getting at.

But thanks for the link, Carl! I'm after a balanced perspective.

Seven Star Hand said...

Hello all,

If you want to add more balance to these discussions, please read the articles on my website and download my FREE EBook. These DaVinci Code and Bible discussions are all over versions of a Roman fantasy designed to hide the turth about me and the origial texts I wrote.

Prove me wrong.

Greg Wright said...


No disrespect intended, but I get emails from Jesus, too, who happens to be a man named Ralph who lives in Germany. I've also exchanged emails messages with a follower of the Celestine Light.

The burden is not on anyone to prove you wrong. It's up to you to prove you're right, if anything is to be proven.

Thanks for giving us some options, though. Interesting website.


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