Opus Dei Opens Up

ABC News interviews an Opus Dei spokeswoman, who seems quite genial and levelheaded—for whatever that's worth.

It does seem as if Opus Dei has been getting more positive exposure than negative from the whole thing... But the ABC article does include some details from one of those ex-OD members. It's worth a read.

Oh... Those headlines you may be seeing about Opus Dei "demanding" a disclaimer on the film? Wrong. They're asking for one. That's quite a different thing. Shame on those headline writers.

UPDATE: ABC has added another article about Opus Dei members.

ABC News, 18.04.06 / 20.04.06


Anonymous said...

I see an interview on German TV..
If I translate, a woman from OD said : demanding not asking..

Greg Wright said...

I've no doubt that individuals within OD are demanding, rather than asking, just as individuals within the Catholic Church are calling for boycotts and bans. But so far, the official position from OD is that they are asking for a disclaimer, not demanding one, just as there is no official call for boycott or ban from the Catholic Church.

Thanks for the input from Germany!


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