Olson's Hoax and Education

A Eugene, Oregon paper is running a fairly decent article about Carl Olson's book and similar efforts at dealing with the issues raised by Dan Brown's book. Here's a snip:

Olson is by no means the only believer hoping to use the book and movie as a tool for education. At the University of Oregon, for example, Campus Crusade for Christ adviser Mike Alverts and students in the interdenominational group plan to distribute brochures challenging the ssertions found in "The Da Vinci Code." I don't feel threatened by the book or the movie, but this is a good opportunity to talk about this kind of stuff because people have these questions," says Alverts. In an era when fact and fiction are increasingly blurred, a novel can leave "an assumption of validity," Alverts says. He especially worries, he says, "about the person who is interested in but doesn't have any real education about Christianity. They could connect dots that are not really there."
The Register-Guard, 23.04.06


Anonymous said...

A strange comment --

I was offended by the Danish cartoons. NYT and NPR nicely banned them.

Now I am again offended by TDVC in how it refers to the Church.

Any suggestions on how NYT, NPR, etc. will ban the movie and the book.

Reviews by Marcus Pittman said...

I do not think NYT or NPR will ban TDVC because no body is in physical danger because of it...

If anything I belive that some christians are excited about TDVC (Like Me) because it keeps God in the news... When The Passion Came out all we heard about was Jesus This and Jesus That, It was wonderful!...

Mel Gibson did a great Job by taking advantage of all the free publicity, and look at what great things came out of it...

Greg Wright said...

I agree with Marcus. The good news is that Christians in America (by and large) don't get violent when they're offended. The bad news is that a lot of people take advantage of that.

Personally, though, TDVC doesn't offend me in the least -- though I understand why some people are.

Glo said...

I am attending a church that is doing a 4 wek series on Decoding the daVinci coes. I find it very helpful. I know I won't read the book, but I am glad to know what to be prepared to answer, by learning where the book falls apart over and over actually as far as facts related to Christ and His church are concerned. Then there will be an opportunity to see the movie offered at the end. I don't know if I will actually see the movie or not. I haven't really decided.

Greg Wright said...


Wow! Four weeks. It's good to hear that it's being treated that seriously. And I'll bet you learned a lot of things about Christianity that you didn't already know, eh?

I'd say -- go see the movie; but pay attention more to the people around you than to the movie. See how people react to the movie, and think about what they're responding to, and why. Then try using that to connect to fans of the book and movie, open up real conversations about what interests them.

Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Whats the big deal. Everyone I know knows that Christianity has murdered millions in the name of Jesus. Many Christians seem to have their head in the sand when it comes to negativities of Christianity. Personally I think its great that someone debunked many claims of this religion. Personally im glad someone brought to light the possibility that maybe just maybe Christianity was built on many falsities.Im not even going to start about the thoulsands of priests who ruined innocent lives with their molestations of little boys. Imagine the atrocities years ago when nobody was held acccountable.


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